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Transit Enthusiast + Energy Drink Collector + Spirit Science / Social reform & environment


I have held an interest in Transportation for as long as I can remember. It's a part of me and it's something I enjoy, thus why I am a member here. I'm mostly into subways and know some things about buses. 

I don't "fan" the subways as much as I used to however I still enjoy catching a ride on something rare such as a reroute or catching an older train model (example, an R46 instead of an R160). 

Occasionally I will post here and read a few articles. It's nice to have a community focused on a hobby and doesn't go off topic easily like on Facebook.


I currently have an Energy Drink collection consisting of mostly Monster and Rockstar Energy. I collect and sell various cans and designs, some of which hold value to other collectors. Yes, I also drink them. I take notice to the beverage industry and market when new things come out or get discontinued, however I am mostly into energy drinks.


As of late I have experienced what some call a "spiritual awakening", and have taken notice to issues in the world we live in today as well as the environment. I commonly research information and try to have several perspectives on issues and topics. I believe that our current political system and government are in desperate need of reformation and fixing, and believe that we can all live together without the need of a government. I try to stay as open minded as possible and listen to what others have to say as I often learn from others and believe that learning is something we never stop experiencing. 

I also enjoy bike riding, nature and detailed art. For the most part, transit is something I will always enjoy and take notice in. 

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