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  1. For those of you who are curious; 6412 M5 6418 M4 6423 M3 All in service right now. Seems to be the last three running for now.
  2. That and they still don't fully trust the R179s to hold down service, which is why nothing has been retired yet.
  3. On 6418 right now and this thing is shot. Engine keeps revving up fully while barely taking off, then once moving it doesn't stop revving until the bus completely stops even when braking. We're going not even 5MPH and the engine is screaming. I'm really going to miss these things. This the only Green sign at MV doing a run in service right now.
  4. Don't know why but this was also at ECH on the other side by itself.
  5. This personally rips my heart out. Such a sad sight to see. 6365 and 6489 are here too but this wouldn't cooperate adding the photos. For some reason 8971 and 9006 are still there. A D60 appears to have been reserved too (117 or 127) all the way in the back. That red Triboro Fishbowl I didn't see back there anymore... The amount of 6300s - 6400s there kills me though lol
  6. Just spotted 3258-3262 being towed by diesels at Chambers Street going south at 1:45 AM. Looking fresh...
  7. Goddamn I'm out right now trying to catch this one bus...
  8. What's the status on 3591? It was involved in an accident crashing into a bagel shop a few months ago. I'd guess it would be scrap considering it would be retired in the next two years.
  9. What about Orion V CNGs 8568-8582? / Yesterday I spotted 217 freshly repainted working the Q38 with a sign inside the bus towards the back reading "217 8-year engine change" Along with NYCT stickers even though it's at MTA Bus. I was once told all the C40s with NYCT stickers were capped at a lower speed despite some of those operating out of Bus co.
  10. Just spotted 6234 turning off the BQE onto Broadway / 69 Street with LGA stickers. Not in SBS wrap.
  11. So that's what I saw yesterday while passing on the M60. I couldn't snap a pic in time.
  12. Those C40s may not last as long as we thought. Apparently New Flyer stopped making parts for that model. The only remaining buses in NYC that have Series 50 engines are a few D40s running at LGA Airport for their shuttle bus routes under Port Authority. 714, 715 and 716 specifically. They sound quite similar to our older and now retired C40s, same axles and engines.
  13. Itching to know what will happen with the remaining Orion CNGs as the Xcelsiors units with their numbers are expected to arrive in the next week or so. Maybe for the time being they'll be skipped or renumbered like 145.
  14. You were likely on that run that I and everyone else got kicked off of and went back in service at the next stop completely empty. I was also out there Thursday around 4 PM. The op was about to take it OOS completely as the bus was packed full of people and every time the bus moved, it sounded like the rear brakes were stuck and dragging. After everyone got off 5160 it took off without a problem. At least I got some good photos lol.
  15. Why did 145 (Orion VII CNG originally numbered 7685) stick around for much longer than the rest of those buses and get renumbered, despite the rest of them being retired in near consecutive order? Were the tanks on this unit renewed?
  16. 5659 is on the Bx1 right now. Not scrapped yet
  17. 4676 Jamaica to QV. Spotted on the Q88 last night.
  18. Who's going to the Parade of Trains coming up on Brighton? (June 17 - 18)

  19. As I'm looking at this thread, this happens: Edit: Any 's to Astoria?
  20. That stop is specifically at Sutter Avenue / Cross Bay Blvd going North. Took a picture of it the other day but it appears my phone did not save the image.
  21. It's been a while since I last posted photos here. Decided to break out the camera yesterday after long hiatus to get some photos / footage of this very interesting G.O. Here's some R46 Action along West End and 4th Avenue. [VIDEOS] 1. R46 Arriving at Atlantic - Barclays [PHOTOS] R46 at Union Square - Southbound Express LISTEN FOR ANNOUNCEMENT - 36 Street, 4th Avenue Line, Southbound Express West End Line Photos: 50 Street, Southbound 50 Street, Southbound 55 Street, Southbound 62 Street, Southbound 71 Street, Southbound 79 Street, Southbound 18 Avenue, Southbound 18th Avenue, Southbound, West End Line (Not Culver) More Photos: Two R160 's at 62 Street. Photo taken aboard Northbound Train Atlantic - Barclays, Northbound The G.O. in a Nutshell - Union Square, Northbound Express Southbound Express at Union Square Atlantic - Barclays, Northbound. This was the second time I caught it (same day). For those of you who did not know about this G.O.: Trains were rerouted via the from Lexington Avenue / 63 Street to Atlantic Avenue (Broadway Expresss), then via the (4th Avenue Express / West End Local) to Coney Island. Trains were rerouted via the from 59 Street - Columbus Circle to Jay Street - MetroTech (8th Avenue Express), then via the from Jay Street to Coney Island (Culver Local). This G.O. will take place over the next two weekends, and on the upcoming 3-day President's Day Weekend. --- Hope you guys enjoyed the footage and pictures. A compilation video of footage taken yesterday will be uploaded on YouTube soon. All Photos and videos were taken with a Canon SX150 IS Camera. All Photos and Videos were taken on February 12, 2017.
  22. It seems Corona is getting back some R62A's, This will be interesting as CBTC is scheduled to start next month. (Correct me if there's any new info on this).

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