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  1. You were likely on that run that I and everyone else got kicked off of and went back in service at the next stop completely empty. I was also out there Thursday around 4 PM. The op was about to take it OOS completely as the bus was packed full of people and every time the bus moved, it sounded like the rear brakes were stuck and dragging. After everyone got off 5160 it took off without a problem. At least I got some good photos lol.
  2. Why did 145 (Orion VII CNG originally numbered 7685) stick around for much longer than the rest of those buses and get renumbered, despite the rest of them being retired in near consecutive order? Were the tanks on this unit renewed?
  3. 5659 is on the Bx1 right now. Not scrapped yet
  4. 4676 Jamaica to QV. Spotted on the Q88 last night.
  5. Who's going to the Parade of Trains coming up on Brighton? (June 17 - 18)

  6. As I'm looking at this thread, this happens: Edit: Any 's to Astoria?
  7. That stop is specifically at Sutter Avenue / Cross Bay Blvd going North. Took a picture of it the other day but it appears my phone did not save the image.
  8. It's been a while since I last posted photos here. Decided to break out the camera yesterday after long hiatus to get some photos / footage of this very interesting G.O. Here's some R46 Action along West End and 4th Avenue. [VIDEOS] 1. R46 Arriving at Atlantic - Barclays [PHOTOS] R46 at Union Square - Southbound Express LISTEN FOR ANNOUNCEMENT - 36 Street, 4th Avenue Line, Southbound Express West End Line Photos: 50 Street, Southbound 50 Street, Southbound 55 Street, Southbound 62 Street, Southbound 71 Street, Southbound 79 Street, Southbound 18 Avenue, Southbound 18th Avenue, Southbound, West End Line (Not Culver) More Photos: Two R160 's at 62 Street. Photo taken aboard Northbound Train Atlantic - Barclays, Northbound The G.O. in a Nutshell - Union Square, Northbound Express Southbound Express at Union Square Atlantic - Barclays, Northbound. This was the second time I caught it (same day). For those of you who did not know about this G.O.: Trains were rerouted via the from Lexington Avenue / 63 Street to Atlantic Avenue (Broadway Expresss), then via the (4th Avenue Express / West End Local) to Coney Island. Trains were rerouted via the from 59 Street - Columbus Circle to Jay Street - MetroTech (8th Avenue Express), then via the from Jay Street to Coney Island (Culver Local). This G.O. will take place over the next two weekends, and on the upcoming 3-day President's Day Weekend. --- Hope you guys enjoyed the footage and pictures. A compilation video of footage taken yesterday will be uploaded on YouTube soon. All Photos and videos were taken with a Canon SX150 IS Camera. All Photos and Videos were taken on February 12, 2017.
  9. It seems Corona is getting back some R62A's, This will be interesting as CBTC is scheduled to start next month. (Correct me if there's any new info on this).

  10. It seems the two R62A sets left on the (7) still run at any time during the day. Yesterday I passed 33 Street around 12 AM and one was heading to Manhattan.

  11. How is it June already... .-.

  12. Perhaps that dormant right of way next to Woodhaven Blvd could be turned into a roadway for buses? A few extra roadways connecting Woodhaven Blvd or surrounding streets to the roadway would cost more but the travel time would be greatly reduced as there's no other traffic to obstruct the roadway. Local buses (Q11 and Q21) can remain on Woodhaven Blvd. Just a thought.
  13. Wow, nice catch. The R68A must have been bucking during the trip. Wouldn't be surprised if it had flat wheels afterwards.
  14. I remember reading somewhere about a split service once 2nd Avenue opens, having two North terminals at Ditmars and 96, similar to how the is split between Lefferts and The Rockaways today. service would be doubled; Instead of having trains on the , those sets would run on the instead. Again, that's just an idea that I read about a while back. Most likely service will just return, just like how it was before the 2010 service cuts. Then again, knowing how the MTA changes their mind at the last minute sometimes, the best answer is probably to wait and see how things turn out.
  15. Winter Storm Jonas sure took a hit on NYC. It's as if Mother Nature decided to save up all of the snow we were supposed to get until now... Here's three photos of the neighborhood of Corona from LeFrak City: One a day before the storm (January 22), during the storm (January 23) and after the storm (January 24). Enjoy! January 22 January 23 January 24 Now we'll enjoy a week or two of slushy roads, snow mounds and digging out cars . --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a few bonus shots, one during the night and the other during sunset: January 24 January 24 I hope you guys enjoyed! Thanks for looking!
  16. Interesting how the is still running to Lenox Term as that's an outside station. I do wonder about how they manage turning the at 135. As previously suggested it is probably a Shuttle train that single tracks (Correct me if I'm wrong), but if so then how do people transfer from that Shuttle to the other side? Customers would have no choice but to either take a downtown or uptown and cross over at 110 Street or Grand Concourse. Hopefully someone who's seen the Shuttle in action can give some insight into this.
  17. So what's everyone been up to during this snowstorm? Sure was a lot more snow than I expected.
  18. The conductor probably just forgot to announce the train was being rerouted or wasn't aware that it was and did their best at telling customers where to go when they found out. Mistakes happen.
  19. It's been a while, folks. I don't do transit photography that much anymore, however I occasionally take a photo of a train or bus and just love the way it came out. Here's seven photos from recent months that I've saved. Enjoy. Manhattan bound train approaching Avenue I Inwood bound train via the line at Broadway-Lafayette Brooklyn bound rerouted via the 6th Avenue line, signed up to West 4 Street A Northbound train leaving the Bay Parkway Station, switching onto the express track. Jamaica bound RTS on the Q60 at 64 Avenue in Queens Jamaica Center bound R32 train at 75 Street in Queens. Taken from street level. Queens bound train of R42's on the curve between Hewes Street and Lorimer Street with the sunset in the background. Taken from street view. I hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for looking!
  20. There's an issue I see with the R179's being on the : How will the cars hold up to the salt water in Jamaica Bay, which will cause the cars to rust faster? There will also be computer components on the cars which will also regularly be near salt water. (I believe this is the reason why the R44's were retired prematurely as the salt water corroded the frames of the R44's faster than other fleets causing structural integrity problems).
  21. So much for trying to catch any last pictures of Orion V's at Stengel.
  22. So who's ready for Saturday's snowstorm?

    1. NewFlyer504


      It's upon you now. It seems it will miss me though.

  23. Those are some pretty cool signs there. The timing is a bit off but you're getting the hang of it . (Microsoft GIF animator works best for that as you can adjust the timing on each frame individually). As of now I'm not making any signs. I can pull out my computer and make some but it runs so slow it would take longer to boot up the computer than to actually complete the signs. Hopefully some day I can find time to get back into making them on a regular basis as I loved doing it. I miss being creative. One of these days I'll see if I can dig into my folder on my old computer and play around with any old artwork I saved.

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