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  1. here's that picture you wanted... :P
    1. ttcsubwayfan


      This is neat. I saved some files from the site, including a screencap of the service statuses including the V and W, and the March 2010 subway map.

    2. Metro CSW

      Metro CSW

      I almost miss the V looking at the pre-2010 maps.

    3. Daniel The Cool
  2. sign is ready. How do you make a single post appear? sorry you have to scroll down the page.
    1. Harry


      Yeah I noticed it when I posted it. Pretty cool!

  3. (4) to Flatbush next weekend... This is gonna be really interesting.
  4. btw I can railfan this weekend. Ive decided not to be always available to Michelle :P

  5. !!! !!!!!! !!!

    (MTA) is going to cut L.I. bus! :eek:

  6. ???

    you apparently have not seen your own profile picture...

  7. requestready-1.jpg

    (Sorry for being so late, explained on thread)

  8. requestready-1.jpg

    (Sorry for being so late, explained on thread)

  9. requestready-1.jpg

    (Sorry for being so late, explained on thread)

  10. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29660


    ^^There is no font name for the R142 / R142A. Though I created the fonts online, I'm currently working on the Resize version but here is the regular fonts for now:

    R142A interior

    R160 interior

    R142 interior

    Note theres a difference between the R142 & R142A fonts.

  11. "Why can't I thank people?"

    I can't thank your posts either :confused:.

  12. "You And Gordon get along just fine. lol"


  13. :drool::drool::drool::drool:


    I just rode 3614 a few weeks ago, this cant be happening! :drool::cry:

    hopefully they wont touch 3607 :P

  14. Michelle...




  15. uugh... -_- Michelle is going to be with her Family on Vacation someplace until Next Weekend... She lied to me, she says that she wasn't going anywhere. uugh! terrible lonelyness depression for a week :cry:. hahaha when I see her again ill just get her back with a suprise hug :P

    blaa! need AIM!!

  16. aahhh... I see :tup: vid.

    btw I had forgotten to turn my sound off so I almost leaped out of my chair when Stone cold Steve Austin popped on full blast :P.


    btw is it possible to get on a New haven train from Fordham to GCT? because every NH train that stops there going GCT bound the conductors say "No Passengers board!".

    I wanted to ride an M8 :(.


  17. because I know alot of the things I say you don't like...

    you say they make no sense or are bad (I don't mean always).


    btw I did drop my bowl of pasta on the floor when I saw u listed as "mod". :P

  18. How do you know?!?! :eek:

    I used to until my computer got stolen... I used that backpack for my computer.

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