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  1. Here's some videos of what would turn out to be the very final R32 run as many of us know a memo was sent out mentioning that the R32 car class has been retired as of April 27. This R32 was put into service around 9 AM on March 23, 2020 to / from Far Rockaway then ran to / from Lefferts for the rest of the day. This set was put into service on the line to help out as the line was suspended that morning due to someone in the crew room having covid-19. Here's a few videos of that R32 including Interior Footage, and it leaving Jay Street after being taken out of service due to an "unsanitary condition". Enjoy! Bonus:
  2. The R42s were pulled from retirement after they "officially" made their last run. The same is always possible with the 32s in the future if needed although not likely (much less due to the politicians and those in management who wanted them gone by "Q1 2020"). This is unless the individuals who are in control of what happens to them change. It's just going to be a wait and see game as things progress over the next few months. There seems to be way much more speculation as to what could happen meanwhile we haven't had a pandemic scenario like this in our lifetimes so the outcome of how this will effect transit is something we'll just have to observe. Although is it thought provoking to imagine what the possible outcomes of all this might be it doesn't solve anything to become heated over. 2020 has been a very different year to us. Maybe they'll be smart and keep more than a few pairs of R32s as a movie / charter train. As of now a total of 0 R32s (and R42s) are going anywhere off property until there's any word about a scrap contract - of which both that and the R211 production are obviously on hold and delayed at this point. Don't forget an R32 garbage train still runs almost every day somewhere in the system. It's not the same as riding one in service but at least it's a sight... Personally I'm a little more alarmed that some still believe that a vaccine will "eliminate" and be a fix-all for the virus and that Bill Gates surely has our best interests in mind. But that's something to look into for another discussion in another place. P.S.: although this is considerably random, I'm hoping to make an R32 tribute pin for anyone who wants (similar to the R42 retirement pin but much more detailed). Long live those 32s, and The Budd Company for really building things to last ! 🇺🇲
  3. Apologies if this was already noted but it seems all of the Electric buses are out of service for now. (0011-20 and 4950 and up)
  4. There is still a single R46 along the . It just passed me at Steinway going to 71st. Guessing the swap is on "pause" as well for now.
  5. To even spot a full 10-car "Cuomo" set is considered a rarity. I'm quite sure those sets were just a publicity move by Cuomo('s team) (and also a test for more sets to get the retrofit) - they were on the for maybe about a month before they started popping up on the . They then gave up on any intention to keep the sets running in a specific order. At 2 in the morning one will show up on the - surely to handle those large rush hour crowds at that time. What is the official word on why Siemens and Alstom (onyx?) sets don't normally run together? - As in what are the actual running differences of a solid train of either vs. them mixed? Perhaps acceleration, running or software differences?
  6. They're still running today. It seems every time word gets out that they're all done, they still go out the next day. Only two sets though, the only car #s I remember: 3841 (lead) 3736-7, 3805 (N lead) 3647 (S lead. I'll have to check my camera to see what other consists are out there; expect an edit on this post soon.
  7. Two R32 trainsets were in service today on the C. From what I was told, today was very likely the last day. If so, the actual last scheded R32 trip was around 9:30 going uptown.
  8. There are two R32 trainsets in service on the today as of around 3PM. Everyone being told to stay home does make a great opportunity for mostly empty interior footage.
  9. Funny as you posted this as I'm standing in the station here. Today is likely the final day for the R46 R, I hope everyone has gotten or gets their shots.
  10. Wondering if I should get a picture of it from the rocks at Hamilton Beach or just ride it like everyone else... 🤔 A lot of individuals aren't going to be happy about them not retiring on the .
  11. That tape has been there for many years. If someone else knows why I'd love an explanation though.
  12. I just rode on 3819 earlier!! I had no idea this was a retired set, it ran so smooth! Still has builders plates too. All those units were still together in that consist order.
  13. Damn, this unit ran almost every day on the Q52 before. Caught it many times.
  14. I've been wondering about this too and have observed the one (seemingly random) articulated running along the line as I take the line frequently. Ridership surely does demand for a longer bus most of the time and I've had to let a bus pass before getting on. What I'd love to know: are those 6000s that are supposedly staying at LGA still being loaned to MTA Bus? As these buses still have "New York City Transit" stickers on the side and I've heard before that MTA Bus has to pay for these buses until they're finished being loaned. Would love to have a clarification on this and definitely looking forward to the relief of longer buses!!
  15. Interesting to note, 4512 (from LGA) has a horn salvaged from an RTS.
  16. Yes, unless another R179 problem occurs that requires them to be pulled OOS.
  17. Just got word the R179s returned to service. Anyone have an idea how many sets?
  18. ^definetly agree with you on that last one, there is some sort of agenda to intentionally let the system fall apart to the point people demand a fix and thats when a politician comes in to "solve things". Bryford stepping down will seriously injure Cuomo's reputation (not like he has much right now anyways lol).
  19. A bunch of the A's R46 have gone thru SMS recently with a repainted bonnet. I've been noticing the SMS'ed cars since a few weeks before all of the R179s were pulled. Even caught a set passing Smith-9 on the express just fresh out of SMS from CI a few weeks ago. Seems they coincidentally chose the right time to do this.
  20. Are all cars operational or aren't some also out of service for issues such as dead motors? The ones that are able to run could see service today with this R179 bomb-out though we'll see on that.
  21. The Red Route does stop at Ditmars / 102 right before crossing the bridge to C/D. I don't understand why it doesn't stop along 23 Avenue at 94 Street. The Purple route is unreliable especially when there's heavy airport traffic. Going to be dealing with this Q72 cut tomorrow morning. I'll post what happens here.
  22. The majority of Q72 buses I've witnessed have no more than 10 people on the bus riding into the airport and maybe about 15 max on busy days. Ridership is quite low compared to the other routes stopping there but the majority of people who use it going into the airport are going to work and rely on it to get in on time. Having the Q72 at least terminate by 102 / Ditmars provides easier access to all the shuttle bus routes and the Red Route directly into the airport from there.
  23. I take the Q72 to the Airport to work daily from Rego Park. Usually I make the same interval every day so I could just figure out which one will end at 94th / 23rd and take the one that goes all the way in, but this will majorly affect my and many other's commute trying to get to work. The Purple route can be a pain showing up (have had to wait up to a half hour for one to show during the afternoon). Especially if I miss my bus and am forced to take the next one ending at 94/23 would put me into jeopardy being late. Swissport needs to interline their shuttle buses and time them to arrive with MTA buses if they're going to cut runs into the airport. EDIT: As well as let the Red Route stop at 94/23 already. That seems to run more frequently than the purple route and people like me do need to go directly to Terminal C / D from there!
  24. Just waiting to see how many 2005 Orions remaining at ENY and FP are about to be sent to scrap in the next few days / weeks. I still didn't get a ride on 6490, and unfortunately don't think I'll be able to make time for a ride before it's gone.
  25. (Credits to whoever took the vid, not mine)

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