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  1. Tprashad no disrespect but this may sound disrespectful. Stop crying. Pull your skirt down and put on your big boy draws. The training is not a joke. Of course there can always be a better way to train. Thousands of other train operators have made it through the program and are operating safely and efficiently. The bottom line is You have to study period and you have to want it. TSS,s will not hold your hand and spoon feed you. Everything you need to know is in the induction manual and bulletins thAt are distributed. School car TSS's are experts in train operation and trouble shooting. They present all the information you need. You can not think your just going to go to class and not study at home and the weekends. You have to want it. The reality is unlike a lot of training programs, everyone does not make it through school car. Everyone does not make it through probation. You will get exposed real quick if you don't know what your doing down here. That's why probation is only like 3 months more after you get out of school car. They stress the signal test because it's game over if you don't get 100% on the first attempt on 2 signal exams. Nothing else matters because if you fail that your automatically gone. The practicals are subjective and you get a second crack at it if you mess up. You might even have a TSS who cuts you some slack if you screw it up with a minor mistake. The midterms and quizzes are not that difficult and you only need an 80% and you have 2 shots at it. If you think this training is horrendous you need more life experience. Transit takes a civilian with no experience in operating a train and makes them a proficient Train Operator. If you think the TSS's are stressful wait till you have to deal with the dispatchers. You have to toughen up because this job is serious business. You have people's lives in your hand. Plus you can be easily seriously hurt or killed here if you did not realize. If you thinking about quitting then you should quit now and early so you don't suffer so much. Maybe you can get your old job back. You have to be a serious bad ass to be a Train Operator. See the below link. https://www.thrillist.com/lifestyle/new-york/why-nyc-subway-operators-are-serious-badasses
  2. http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/wage_rates_final.pdf http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/finalmemorandumofunderstanding_0.pdf
  3. Yeah, same with my my pal Trainman. I called him after reading about MTA Mat's good news, because their both in the 3700's. However as Mat stated he is in the lower 3700's. My pals in the 377X. He checked his mail and no golden ticket to the big show yet.
  4. Thanks just MTA Mat now. Hopeful no more.
  5. Hey congratulations MTA Hopeful Mat. I've seen you post on the forum and You've been waiting forever, dude. You already know school car ain't no joke. Your going to be stressed out worrying about the do or die signal tests, as my whole class was. Unfortunately you got to take it twice. Also, the quizzes, and practicals you get 2 shots at the practicals. Quizzes you have to pass most of them. Midterm and final you must pass or you have to take the retest, No multiple choice. This is not a program where everyone makes it. Trust me, they are serious about 100% on the signal test and the practicals. You will be shown the door. You can do it . You have to study. Good luck, Your gonna love the job though. By the way MTA Hopeful Mat,I have a friend waiting to be called and he is 377X. could you please tell me are you I the high -mid - low 37XX.
  6. Loydmike, sorry took so,long to reply. Anyway the first week on the "Road" by myself was great. Road is the slang used for when your operating on the main line down here, if you did not know. The scariest part is just making sure you stay on the right route. There are points of no return here and if you go the wrong track route you can not get back on your train line. You have to learn the different routes. There are " houligans"the station that you have to be aware of. A houligans is the slang for an automatic signal in the station that might be on grade time that has to be approached at the right speed to clear. If you are going to fast then "CHOW" brakes in emergency because you hit the stop arm. Then platform duty for you my friend. That's how they punish train operators is making them do platform duty until their write up gets adjudicated.
  7. Lol. Glad I can help. I've been where you were. Thirsty for any bit of information about the journey. You can do it. They prepare you well. You got to put the work in and study. Helps if you have a good memory because there is a lot of things you have to memorize. If your doing it right, you will have no life until you go to yard post which is about 8 weeks in. Yard posting is three month. You will be on your own while you yard post. This is not the average training that everyone will pass and they are making idle threats about the requirements to pass. Good luck to you.
  8. On the midterm and final you need an 80% to pass. As far as testing on signals it depends on the Train Service Supervisor aka TSS who are the instructors. They will drill you in class verbally. They will give you everything you need to study. You will get quizzes that you have to pass with an average of 80 also. The qizzes were 10-20 questions. As for managing the stress of the signal test, there is no managing it. The whole class was stressed out. We all got gray hairs about that test. Just prepare yourself. Don't take it lightly. While studying Don't just look at the signals and read it. Write them out also. You will have to explain the signals in writing on the test. Get used to that. Also, as far as stress just be prepared that it is a possibility so you are mentally prepared if the worst happens. One stupid mistake could cost your career. The hardest part about operating a train is you have to be focused 100% while operating. 99% is not good enough. You have to make a perfect station stop every time. You have to navigate through the signals perfect. You have to take the right route perfect.
  9. First of all you have several hurdles that you have to pass all of which if you fail they will fire you. You have two shots on everything but the signal test. On the midterm and final if you fail the first test which is multiple choice, they give you another shot but it is all write ins. 1. Signal test 2. Yard practical (cuts and adds, preparation for yard movement 3. Mid term exam 4 practical exam (preparation for customer service, brake pipe rupture, reading the iron) 5. Final exam 6. Road Practical (station stops at 10 car marker with superintendent)
  10. No problem. When you get there if you do nothing else study those signals, you need 100% on the test or your fired. It's a one shot deal. No exceptions. Secondly, memorize procedures for preparation for yard moves and cuts and adds (separating the train cars) which is your first practical exam. You have a second shot on the practical with the superintendent if you fail the first, but you don't want that. Again, if you fail that your fired. No to scare you, but the truth is that this is a journey and it's not that easy to make it through school car. You have to put the work in. You might live in Brooklyn and have to report to the tip of the Bronx or vice versa. You are outside at times getting rained on and in the cold. You have a heavy backpack with all your tools and books that you have to carry everyday. At times when you yard or road post you might have 10-12 hour days. Anyway just for your information. Not trying to discourage. Just a heads up what to expect so your not surprised.
  11. No problem. Good luck. This is a great job. I love it so far. After 8 months of training Today was my last day of school car. I am assigned as a full fledged train operated starting Monday. I spoke with the director of school car today and said she anticipates a couple of hundred more hires next year.
  12. Personnel Rules and Regulations of the City of New York RULE IV - EXAMINATION PROCEDURES, VETERANS PREFERENCE, ELIGIBLE LISTS AND CERTIFICATION http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcas/html/employees/prr_rule4.shtml 4.4.11. Candidates With Same Final Examination Rating. Whenever two or more candidates in an examination receive the same final examination ratings, their respective place on the resulting eligible list shall be determined for administrative reasons only by a sequence of the number derived from the last five and then the first four positions of their social security numbers.
  13. Hey Mard, What's up. That's absolutely correct. You are so busy when you start school car your life is pretty much working, studying, sleeping, and traveling. Almost 5 hours of my day is spent traveling because I'm in the A division and live in Brooklyn having to go to the last stop in the Bronx is no joke. But I don't mind because I love it already. School car is rough. The TSS's will sometimes put brake your chops if you get an answer wrong, or operate incorrectly. Good luck to all hopefuls.

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