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  1. Must be kinda neat to be a voice of the MTA.


    I live in San Antonio and would love to use my voice for something like what you do.


    Any suggestions?

  2. Your remembrance brought back memories to me for a different reason. We recorded those announcements at Bloomberg (WBBR-AM) when the cars being readied for service. I was the audio recording engineer on them. I can't remember all of the announcers involved, but I do remember that Charlie Pellet did the "Please stand clear of the closing doors" annoucement; Diane Thompson and Jessica Ettinger were involved. If memory serves me correctly, Diane did the IRT east side annnoucements and Jessica did the IRT west side. I can't remember off the top of my head who did the Flushing line and Times Square Shuttle. (Charlie??) We recorded them as WAV files and delivered them to the MTA on CDs. Somewhere in my audio collection I have copies of them. After the audio was installed on the cars, the MTA had all of us who were involved go up to the East 180th Shops to hear them before the cars went into service. That was a treat as it was the first time I had ever visited any of the city's subway yards. Ah, memories....

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