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  1. Hey, Admin here from BDC Projects. Right now the site is down because it's going through a revamp. I've been in communication with the other guys and we're going to be having the site up soon, or at least somewhere you guys can download our content. Thanks for your patience and sorry it's been such a clusterf*ck. -A
  2. I know it's been a few years, but I'm back! I never really left, but NYCTF fell by the wayside unfortunately when it came to places to upload my progress. Here is the latest from Urban Transit Developers for our IRT Route. Feel free to check out the other videos associated with our work on the same YT channel. Thank you and feel free to ask questions or comment below! -A
  3. More love from the Bay! MacArthur Station K35 Interlocking K25 New Shell stations (until I get accurate textures for them all). The LED signs are changeable! DC Yard Freeways & Scenery on the K-line a few days ago: Enjoy! -A
  4. After lots of consideration, I've decided that until the broad gauge content is finished and to my liking (crisp looking, not clunky), the BART route will be using standard gauge track and items. This is being done due to the availability of better looking content since Standard is....well Standard Gauge, and the LOD meshes on these newer items perform better than the current BART models because I haven't quite learned how to make an LOD mesh, so the FPS suffers. Daly City Yard was barely visible because of rendering issues, but now after the conversion, everything is running smoothly. The normal BART gauge will be used, but not until further notice. This also gives me flexibility in making the route look more realistic, using items from several amazing developers (including the NYCTA/EL SubKit by Austin316Hockey. I will be retaining the signals, and other non-track items. I assure you, you will not be disappointed, and I'll be putting out a video very soon of the newly looking route. As always, thank you so very much for your patience and continued support of this endeavor! The line has been completed across the bay to West Oakland! West Oakland station Transbay Tube Y05 Interlocking near SFO W33 G W25 A Daly City Yard Turntable Oakland Viaduct Millbrae M97 Interlocking Overhead of the Daly City Yard, and the Throat -A
  5. Line is now built through San Francisco, currently terminating at Embarcadero. There are two routes in operation: Embarcadero-SFO/Millbrae, and Montgomery-Daly City. -A 8)
  6. Route is built from Millbrae & SFO stations to the M97 interlocking that controls the entrances to the Daly City yard. It's coming along slowly but surely. Thanks again guys for your help and support (and patience too!) If anyone has any questions or would like to contribute, please leave a reply. I'm currently searching for photographers willing to trek to several places on the system for pictures and video. You will be compensated for this. Serious inquiries only. Southern end of Colma platform New gate signs and temporary tunnel unilens W07 interlocking Portal after Colma, leading to the SFO extension Daly City Yard carwash Daly City yard will be situated on the right Overhead of the DC yard leads M97 interlocking Progress Map Enjoy! -A
  7. Take the discussion to your PM inboxes please gentlemen, thank you. -A
  8. If I can learn TS, and coding for OpenBVE, rest assured this is going in there! I have considered both of those simulators. Right now, I need to learn my way around the UI of TS2015, and also how to import my content into the game, since I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) it imports .3ds files. For OpenBVE, I'd start with a two-station shuttle route. I have the DEM map built to Berryessa---Open Street Map actually has the placements of Warm Springs, Milpitas, and Berryessa stations, but no track lines. It runs along the UP line, so it isn't a stretch. My contact within BART says there are no available track maps for the WS extension, but hopefully some goodies pop up soon! -A
  9. Resurrected and better than before! -A
  10. Something that another Admin from BDC Projects posted on, and something I am fully aware of, and support. I know this issue has been addressed before, but: A) It has gotten worse, and B) This admin has a better way with words than I did the first time around. Maybe I was too forward and aggressive, but I share this admin's concerns and I think this is the right step. This is NOT meant as a knock to those of you guys who are dedicated members/fans. I looked at each of the member names personally, and though some of you fell outside the 30 day rule, your support kept you in. I really want BDC Projects to become a place where we can all convene, and while I have my role in this situation (not being around as often because of work), I will work to make the site better and more enjoyable for everyone. New pics will be posted there and on this thread in the coming days! http://www.bdcprojects.com/index.php?topic=288.0 -A
  11. I do the tubes as well, Peacemaker. And thank you for the well wishes! I may already have a buyer for a classic 1985 map. -A
  12. Bump, since it's the holiday season again. -A Either contact me here, or through Auran or N3V
  13. ^^ That's basically what ST signals do--they allow trains to close in on each other. To see these in action, go to any express station in Midtown or other busy areas during rush hour---trust me. You'll see a lot! -A
  14. Oh, yeah. I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough---I did mean that the testing on the Dyre express track could be for a future CBTC-capable IRT line (Like if they gave it to the West Side IRT or something). -A P.S. I didn't know they were testing on the Culver express. Perhaps they should utilize the West End express too?
  15. Then they'd probably be more creative than I. I didn't think my title through---apologies? I could do that. It would be a few pages/requests, but not something like "Hey can you please show us 8 Av from 207 to 59". Also, www.nycsubway.org has several pages on there already, so I'm not going to post duplicates of what's already there. Start a separate topic, and I'll see what I can do. -A
  16. The signal script library has been added to the misc section of the Trainz Downloads on BDC Projects---this is absolutely required for the timer signals to work. I have already received numerous messages about the missing dependency---this is it. -A
  17. This is outside of 81 St on the upper level local track, and there are no switches going northbound in the vicinity until past 125 St, as normal traffic on the upper level of the CPW subway is north. The pocket track exists on both levels between 72 and 81, but the approaches to each station are not bidirectionally signaled. I also have looked at other pages in my book, and this is a different marking than "AK", so I'm still stumped. -A
  18. You have to use the arrows to manuever the camera down inside the train car. 1 is the motorman view, 3 is for a camera that you've placed on the route and 4 is a free roam view. PM me here what your user name is. We weed out spambots on a daily basis, so if your name is not easily recognizable, it gets trashed. IRT Mega Route is still the same one from 2013 but heavily updated. The which is nearing release will be a stand-alone route "clipped" from the mega route. The release of the entire IRT is months and months away as the entire system needs to be signaled, signed, and all subway, surface and el stations need their scenery (outdoor EL lines in Brooklyn & the Bronx will require the most extensive work). Hope that's answered all of your questions! P.S. BDC Projects downloads are back online. If there are any issues or if you have any questions, please post in the BDC Forums! -A
  19. It is said in Peter Dougherty's "Tracks of the NYC Subway", that the Dyre express tracks are being used for CBTC testing. This could possibly be for a future IRT line. Maybe the initial testing for the is going to be here before working on the middle express track? -A
  20. Sounds like they're installing ST signals. A red-over-lunar is a 1-shot GT signal; the ST signals mid-platform are really common.
  21. It's UK on the pages, lookie here: -A
  22. Nothing besides Jeff's route currently exists for 09 or 12. BDC Projects is only releasing routes for TS12 and up. So your best bet is to use his route or create your own until we release one of ours.

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