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  1. I was watching the TV show,' Person of Interest' and noticed the 'hideout' of Harold and group is located in a subway car at an abandoned subway Station. The background of the set has the appearance of the City Hall subway station. Does anyone know if it's just a stage set constructed to look like the station or is it actually the location of the real station used as a 'hideout' for the actors.
  2. These 1300's series cars I remember riding on them from the Myrtle Ave BMT line. They had hand operated entry gates operated by a conductor. These gates were located at both the front and end of a car. During the summer, some portions of the windows would be removed so there was open 'Air Conditioning', compliments of Mother Nature and the NYC Transit Authority. I'd love to see if there are any of these types of cars in model form . Anyone ever see any around??
  3. The short little gal with the mouth going , actually hit the guy behind the counter first. He then returned the hit. Then the jerk jumped the counter and the guy terminated the encounter as she continued looking to fight. He probably should have stopped swinging the club after 2 or 3 swings and she went down, but once he perfected his smooth swing, he just couldn't help himself.
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    Welcome aboard~~Watch the doors.:cool:
  5. "Step in - Watch, the doors are closing! Next stop, is entertainment." You've found a very interestng forum on NYC Elevated,subways & Buses.
  6. Hello folks. I need some help in starting my train setup. It's been a longgggg time since I've set up a board for my trains. I'm seriously thinking again, about making a small layout on plywood board, to run my NYC Redbird Proto series HO's. I've had them in the boxes since I bought them a few years ago and now have the space to put them into action. I'm just starting simple for now. I probably will attempt to set them around the 'old Xmas tree for now..My question is, what type of rail track should I use. I have a batch of rails from a previous train set from the early 70's when I bought a Campbell's Soup edition of HO's . (Still got the trains). But they were basic tracks. I've seen newer styles of tracks like LIFE LIKE Power Loc's or Bachmann EZ TRACK. Is Silver Nickle a decent type ? I like the idea of just snapping them together instead of fighting 'separating tracks' , causing derailments. I do plan, if successful, to extend tackage in the near future as more space becomes available. Any sugestions as to a quality track, but nothing to put me in hock?? Thanks in advance to my question.
  7. Hello all, I'm a new member. My history with NYC Transit was riding the OLD 1300 series wooden cars on the Myrtle Ave line from Fresh Pond Road to Bridge & Jay Streets, to go shopping at Christmas time on Fulton Street. (You could do that in the early 50's without getting mugged! LOL) My brother would take me (I was around 10 yrs old, he was 14 yrs old.) The cars had a conductor in between cars to open the gates on the ends of the cars to let you off. In the summer months , the sides could be removed to expose the bars on the open side of the windows for 'air conditioning' 1800's style. Boy!! Am I dating myself or what!:cry: Once I got into HS , I went to the Big Apple. The 'Steel Train')as we called them took us to Broadway Junction and then went down onto the Broadway Line into the city. That's 'bout it. Oh yeah, I also rode the 14th st subway from Halsey Street to the city, when I got myself a job. This site should bring back some memories, I hope. On with the show!:tup:

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