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  1. See ConnDOT had the same problem and a simple solution. All state buses have standard CT Transit scheme. Therefore no money can be made off of them for charter reasons and it would be easy to spot a state bus on a charter run. Matter-of-fact, if any money from the state goes into purchasing any bus, it will be in CT Transit scheme.
  2. Actually thats not that bad rly. i think your idea takes the cake.
  3. no going thru south windsor for 30 mins on the weekend just to get to buckland hills pisses ppl off. just saying cut fatty south windsor portion. its no use esp on the weekend. go express from buckland to wilson's pizza in windsor would be better. tower av then go down barbour st then over to greenfield st, stop at albany & woodland, race up blue hills avenue back to tower avenue. itll work out well.
  4. Wrong! it is the exact opposite. ct transits crosstowns were always meant to provide a one stop ride for people instead of going all the way downtown for transfer. thus why not loop thru the northend?
  5. Good news 85x mcc flyer is now running all day, though it still needs rush hour service.
  6. True but it should be synchronized with 96 n run through the lower blue hills and northend area to pick up customers and provide a one seat trip to south windsor.
  7. I disagree because many weekend runs go almost unused because it swings all through S. Windsor and only on Tower Avenue in Hartford. Not saying Tower Avenue is not beneficial but it can be modified to serve the greater Northend area with the only loss of service in the Keney Park area where service is dead. And im not sure about the factory service but if it is good then they can run a couple rush hour trips to the factories instead of Buckland Hills. However, all service to S. Windsor center should stop. They aren't. What can we do?
  8. interlining and more service. and get rid of 35 footers. theyre too little for certain trips. hartford can put those on lower ridership routes like 44, 59, 61, 69, 72, 74, 87 and 94/96 runs. too bad new britain doesnt try to get better service. no sunday runs. now thats ridiculous. even no night shift runs waterbury has sunday service.
  9. ct dot has been blind for years. one no sunday service on the 95 in east hartford. two 83 runs past capacity during midday when mcc is open. three park st buses are always late because park st is a two way road that cant fit the traffic it has. four the 92 route is the biggest joke to ct transit. it goes through south windsor for no reason. then it only serve the rural area of hartford instead of the barbour street area and albany avenue area so it can provide a one seat ride for people. five the fuel cells though is cool and everything dont run all day like the last posts said. six late nights bus should serve east of the river. seven cttransit hartford should try to link up or strengthen links with other transit districts like pvta springfield, ct transit waterbury, windham rtd, ct transit meriden, ct transit new haven, and middletown mat by improving service and providing extended routes into these areas. seven get rid of the star shuttle. nine cut the wethersfield avenue routes to rush hour only and send the broad st bus into old wethersfield and a franklin avenue route to middletown. eight more shorturn routes and less extended routes during midday. ten and lastly new britain needs an overhaul on its services.
  10. Funny Indeed. BTW, whats up with the D4500CTs from the state? Did they actally take them back? If so, are they going to order more for you guys?
  11. Yes he does. I'll leave him alone. Even though I might be trying to run to Newington for only a minute or two and don't want to miss the bus back.
  12. 3 things. One, is CT Transit scared to boost runs on the 83? Also, with every other bus line, there's short trips. Is CT Transit scared of doing this too on the 83 and the 95 routes? And lastly, Bx512 turns into 82/84 after the 72A trip. I love riding with Mr. OCD.
  13. Thank you so much. And that is true. BX519, poor guy. At least he doesn't have to return to Hartford on the last run to Buckland.
  14. I hate that driver. He drove the bx520 which runs the 95-Glastonbury route to 2C-Corbins Express. He was always 20 minutes late and he took a cigarette break in the middle of the trip. BTW, this is my first post, so hi everyone.
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