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  1. I've had meetings near to Houston... Better off walking or taking an Uber... The M9 is a rarity, but at least all of the construction along Houston seems to be done. What I will say though is I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to run even less service in Tribeca and Battery Park City citing "changing demographics". Outside of that Downtown Connection bus, lots of people just hop in Ubers or other black car services or whatever, and as you know, TriBeCa over the years has been the new "it" place.
  2. Here's the problem with the M9... I can't think of too many other "crosstown" streets that you can use for it in TriBeCa. Then you also have the Whole Foods, the Target and other shoppers that use the M9 by Murray to reach Battery Park City - I do it myself when I'm visiting people over there that live in BPC and go shopping afterwards. As for the M22, I usually find myself walking more times than not. The buses in general just don't show up very frequently down there, and the waits are too long. If that shuttle bus (the Downtown Connection) didn't run, I'd be spending a fortune in Ubers or having to walk long distances. I've done the walk when the weather is nice, but it's not fun if it's very hot out.
  3. I agree about the traffic, but leaving Battery Park City with no M9 service isn't the answer either. It's a real PITA to reach that area from the nearest subways and the current M20 meanders far too much. As far as the M9 and the M22, they both run pretty poorly.
  4. That should be the idea, but this NYC isn't like most other places...
  5. High frequency is fine, but you'd better be able to meet that metric, otherwise it quickly becomes a mess. The put the cart before the horse. Not enough bus lanes to keep buses coming. They're still working on that but that should've been obvious in the first place.
  6. Yeah Queens does deserve better, but ultimately the goal of these redesigns is to cut costs and "engage" the public so that the can say "see, we gave people what they wanted".
  7. We are happy to announce that the Riverdale Press has agreed to interview us regarding the ‘s decision to eliminate coins on express buses. We will keep you posted.
  8. I'm posting this in my group for all to see...
  9. The still plans on not allowing coins to be used for payment on express buses, BUT coins will still be allowed on local buses. We are VEHEMENTLY opposed to this and wrote to the earlier to request again that they reconsider this policy until the new OMNY payment system is fairly implemented. This policy unfairly targets riders in transportation deserts where the stores are usually out of Metrocards, and the few places with Metrocard vending machines are broken. We have a conference call scheduled for tomorrow to discuss this further. We will keep you posted.
  10. There won’t be any hybrids. I was assured of this when it was happening before. It was me who mentioned the problem in the first place months ago. The issue was addressed with a transfer of MCIs. BP has very few express buses, and they see heavy usage. Some of those MCIs are also quite old and so they run into shortages as a result. 2848 is an older MCI compared to 3118. Likely just a mileage swap.
  11. Busted fareboxes on express buses happen, but usally they will pull those buses unless they absolutely need them for service. Out of Yonkers Depot, I can count the times on one hand that I have encountered them. When there is an issue, they pull those from service.
  12. I had a feeling that happened... The 19:00 was MIA tonight.... Oh and that 18:00 bus is the guy that likes to play games...
  13. There are plenty of neighborhoods like that. It's just a question of not having a need for it or people prefer to drive.
  14. Our sequel to the world's slowest express bus driver...
  15. Some people that live in Manhattan Beach just walk across the bridge or over to Shore Blvd and get the BM3 express bus from there along Emmons and that segment of people isn't that large to be honest, but they are there generally on the border in the condos or co-ops where Manhattan Beach begins. The walk from Emmons into parts of Manhattan Beach is not very far depending on where in Manhattan Beach you live. When I take the BM3 some people get on right at Shore Blvd and Emmons. Manhattan Beach basically uses the services that Sheepshead Bay uses. I grew up down there right on the Manhattan Beach/Sheepshead Bay border with friends in both neighborhoods. When I had to go deep into Manhattan Beach, I crossed over the bridge to and from which is what people from Manhattan Beach do for things like grocery shopping. They come into Sheepshead Bay since there is really no real commerce there save a few things along Oriental Blvd like the pizzeria. Quite frankly a lot of people in Manhattan Beach are the types that will drive. They are doctors or other professional types that have made it and most won't be caught dead on any form on public transportation. Now some of them do use public transportation and take the B1 over to the subway or the B49, but for the most part if you live in Manhattan Beach you are generally trying to keep up appearances. You are not living in a multi million dollar home and taking the local bus to the subway. Just isn't happening. If you notice all of the high-end European cars up and down Emmons Avenue, a lot of them come from Manhattan Beach.... Porsches, Mercedez Benz, BMW's etc. When I lived down there, the area was more of an old school ethnic area but it's always been a more upper middle class kind of place. Now you have the Russians that come over from Brighton Beach that have "made it" and they like to keep up appearances. Fancy car, big house... That type of thing. As @BM5 via Woodhaven said, parts of Brighton Beach would do better because there's that large co-op near to where the X29 used to end. Anytime express bus service comes up, it's usually them complaining because they used to have it and would use it. That's one reason why areas with co-ops and condos do well with express buses because you have areas with sizable populations and people that have $$ but they aren't too proud not to use public transportation, so they don't mind taking the express bus because it's acceptable enough. The KCC students are pretty much taking the bus to the subway. They simply aren't taking the express bus like that since most of them come from Brooklyn anyway. The people that actually live in Manhattan Beach... As I said, those people generally drive depending on where in the area they live. The rest take the bus to the subway and a small segment right on the Sheepshead Bay/Manhattan Beach border take the BM3.
  16. Yes, I think the demographics have changed considerably and that's really the issue here.
  17. This article provides some background: The End of the Line for the 'Family' on the B51 Published by WNYC News Video: http://www.wnyc.org/story/71376-the-end-of-the-line-for-the-family-on-the-b51/ Jun 23, 2010 · by Andrea Bernstein New York, NY — It's 6:30 in the morning, and most New Yorkers are still in their pajamas. But it's a party on the B51 bus in downtown Brooklyn. I take a seat. Someone else's it seems. "Miss, I don’t mean to be rude," a rider named Della tells me, "but people on this bus do have OCD. If you're sitting in a seat that somebody is sitting in, I’m serious! I’m being honest! We are family on this bus!" The B51 goes from Downtown Brooklyn, over the Manhattan Bridge, to Chinatown, the courthouses, and City Hall. There are people on this very bus who have been riding it since 1985. After this week, the B51 dies. The passengers here tick off the names of their fellow riders. People with disabilities, knee injuries, asthma, anxiety, the elderly. Cheryl, a court worker, explains the bus carries lots of senior citizens. "Except for me. Oh my God, Why did I include myself?" Nine hundred people ride the B51 bus every day, compared to a system average of about 13,000. The cost to the MTA per rider is about three times the fare paid. Still, the passengers don’t want to see the line die. A lot of them went to a meeting with the MTA. An MTA representative told them trains also serve this route, and in a time of huge budget gaps, priorities need to be set. "He was like, 'We already came to the conclusion,'" Della and Cheryl told me together. "Did he not look at his watch and say at 6:14 on 6/14, at 6:30 pm, 'We’ve already used all of the allocations.'" Those calculations don’t take into effect the social unit that’s formed on many of these buses. "Hi, Family!" is the standard greeting as passengers embark. Also heard: "Good morning, sweetie! You okay, Pookie?" There’s a lot of anxiety about what will happen. As I ride the B51, Anna, a city worker, clutches her chest as she thinks about what she’ll do next week. Sixty-year old Maryse Pascal isn’t sure. "I love the ride. In the afternoon you feel like you’re on a mini vacation. I love the view. I can’t go underground, after September 11 I just feel so panicky." Rider "Anna" on the B51 is anxious about taking an alternate route when the service is cut next week. Pascal says she hasn’t been able to go into a tunnel since that day, where she watched "the whole thing" from the nearby Verizon building. In 1993, she was working in the Twin Towers when a van-bomb detonated. Pascal says she thinks she’ll walk some days over the Manhattan Bridge, though she doesn’t think she can manage both directions. Other days she considers retiring. But, she says, "I need to work. I have a mortgage. Things are slow for my husband, work is very slow -- he hardly works because he does carpet, and who wants carpet in this economy?" As the line pulls into one of it’s final stops near City Hall, a woman called TJ tells me Friday, the last weekday run of the B51, there will be a real party, with fried chicken. "I’m going to do a prayer, sing a little gospel song, ride on. We going to bring some food and go out right." Source: https://www.wnyc.org/story/71376-the-end-of-the-line-for-the-family-on-the-b51/ This was also discussed before here:
  18. They weren't suckers. They were people that primarily had ADA issues and couldn't access the subway. That's why I asked who would use it because there has been drastic demographic changes in some cases. It would probably make more sense to provide Access-A-Ride or a e-hail program for those people if ADA accessibility is still a problem in the interim as more stations are worked on.
  19. Good luck with that. Canal Street is a parking lot now and there's no bus on it. Then there's the enforcement factor, but most of all who is going to use the bus?
  20. I don't know where to begin with this one. A lot has changed when the B51 was eliminated to now. Demographic shifts for starters. It mainly served people with ADA issues. The question is who would be the ridership for any sort of resurrection of a B51? Regarding any Bergen Beach comments, if any bus were to run with the B3 and B41, it would be terminated where they currently terminate at. There is no need to run the service into Bergen Beach since residents there can simply walk to the bus. From my understanding, they don't want a bus running into Bergen Beach proper. The neighborhood isn't that big anyway and it's all residential. There's no commercial strip, save Avenue U, and you have the buses there already.
  21. How about no? Who is the ridership base? Another fantastic idea... That's just what we need... A bus running down Canal Street which has tons of congestion as it is. You can walk down Canal Street faster. Clearly you don't use bus service in the areas you are proposing these routes and it shows.
  22. All I know is I saw this guy years ago at a Town Hall Meeting that @BrooklynBus and I spoke at... I'm not going to say what I thought....
  23. I seriously wonder if the people that come up with these ideas actually EVER use these buses outside of for fanning or joy rides. The M100 already has enough reliability problems as it is. To extend it would make that even worse. Seems like what I don't ever see is any thought given to the operational costs to run the service, the reliability of the service, or who would benefit or be negatively impacted by these changes. They're basically fantasy routes.

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