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  1. What I think is cute is apparently every articulated bus is supposedly an “SBS bus”. Today I waited for the BxM1 at 86th and 3rd with my Whole Foods bags. A part of me didn’t want to because I knew what to expect but I said just wait here. Like clockwork, I saw people boarding through any door and not paying, some people with their Metrocards out as if they couldn’t bother to wait and pay at the front, so just get on and take a seat. This is what happens when you create a sense of entitlement. It’s disgusting.
  2. I wish I was lying. So you can’t pay with coins anymore and if you can’t get a Metrocard, how else are you supposed to pay? That’s the whole point of OMNY, and if it’s broken and that’s how the person planned to pay, then the ride should be free. The needs to train their bus operators better.
  3. Consider yourself lucky. On the express end, lots of OMNY readers have been broken or off and drivers have not been letting riders on. Myself and another leader of a Staten Island Express Bus Advocacy Group have been discussing this. I’ve been trying to inform folks and she has been dealing directly with the and reps for the new payment system to answer rider questions about what to do when OMNY is down. Drivers that aren’t allowing riders in are being identified accordingly.
  4. Shocker... lol Staten Island’s fare beating problems are almost as bad as areas of the Bronx. The local buses esp. have always been bad, and the lines hat run through PJ areas. lol
  5. Latest developments: -Continue to monitor service Citywide. Contacted Senator Biaggi's office regarding the BxM1, BxM2, BxM8 and BxM9. Extremely poor service of late. -Continue to monitor QM1 service which has improved, but the 7pm trip was missing Monday and Tuesday. All other trips have generally been provided, and Wednesday the 7pm trip was provided. -We will be attending the Open House in Pelham Bay next Wednesday to gather information regarding the Bronx Express Bus Redesign -We are looking to partner with the Riders Alliance to continue our push for an new audit on express bus service, as well as other improvements such as a return of the monthly express bus pass, new express buses, and a return of the senior discount. We will discuss these matters via conference hopefully next week, with a specific date to be determined since I have been sick this week.
  6. No, the plan is to have a 96th and 5th (only to replace the BxM2 Mount Sinai stop) and keep the 96th and Lex stop. 96th and Lex is a big transfer stop for the train and the knows this, as is 86th and Lex.
  7. No point in taking 106th across to 5th when the bus would have to come back across on 96th to Lex. From HRD southbound, you come off right at 5th and 143rd, continue right on 5th and on down to 96th. Left on 96th, right on Lex and done. All of the other proposals have been done and experienced by myself for years and I have protested just about all of them but the current one. 2nd is a nightmare and Lex has become progressively worse north of 96th street, so while 5th has its problems it is still better than the alternatives.
  8. @Lance or perhaps @IRT Bronx Express may be able to help you.
  9. And how do you propose it getting to 5th at 110th??
  10. I had it made a while ago. I have others as well. You have to store it on some place like Flickr and then you can insert it in your signature in your settings.
  11. I’ve been talking to the Comptroller’s Office for a while now. I’m sure they’re informing the and I’m going to keep emailing my contact until they’re forced to do another one. They have plenty of info to use too.
  12. Forget about the lifts for a second. Maintenance/cleanliness has been APPALLING, and it is something that we are tired of hearing excuses about. The buses are FILTHY and falling apart. There is NO maintenance to speak of on Staten Island, and for what this service costs, it is unacceptable!! We are not asking bus operators to do more. We are demanding that monies be allocated for cleaning and maintaining the buses to operate safely. These buses aren't even mopped once a month, let alone cleaned. It's ridiculous. The buses should be mopped out once or twice a week and a thorough cleaning should occur once a month. Instead we get nothing... No cleaning. Sweeping if we're lucky, and roach bait put on the floor.
  13. Service is back to normal now. They were running via Madison before then up to 57th or 59th for the QM2 and regular. Had a QM15 rider confirm this earlier...
  14. Some QM express buses were running via Madison. The Super Expresses ran on 6th and then took 36th as they normally do.
  15. To be honest most of the express buses I ride are fine because the depot does a really good job. Yonkers Depot is one of the best around. Excellent maintenance overall and the buses are generally clean. That said, if everything was perfect, I wouldn't have started an advocacy group. The amenities that we have are fine. Comfortable... I have been riding the express buses for over 10 years and am very happy with the buses I ride. Wouldn't change a thing to be honest. The main focus is on express bus service Citywide and improving maintenance, cleanliness, safety and reliability. Yes the service is $6.75 but if all of the above is met it's worth it. Not expecting the Ritz Carlton...
  16. Beginning to question... lol I only ride the Bx10 and Bx1 with any regularity and that’s once in a blue moon. With me moving to another place in Riverdale, the Bx1 will be less used, but the times that I have used it just to get to 231st to refill, the buses were so run down and filthy.
  17. I don’t think it’s a snootiness factor. There should be better amenities for a premium service.
  18. We had RTS buses as express buses before with cushioned seats. Eventually the went with coach buses, as they are more suitable for express bus service. The considers express bus service to be a premium service and they want all express bus lines to use coach buses.There are a number of reasons... Supposedly RTS buses didn't perform that well on the expressways. Regardless the coach buses are governed at higher speeds and move better. I had a conversation with them about this when they were using those old Orions on the QM4. My understanding is when that occurred, passengers were not charged for the trip. In any event, we immediately asked that coach buses be used for ALL QM4 trips. A transfer was made to address the problem. For $6.75 or $13.50 round trip, we should have coach buses and not have to stand. They also posted signage on the lines that were using the old Orions years ago letting customers know that they were getting new MCI coach buses which were roomier.
  19. Yeah they run their buses into the ground, and always get the newest and latest.
  20. Lack of maintenance... I've heard that sound on artics along 3rd Avenue too. Was crossing the street one night at 86th and 3rd and that sound came about. It was so quiet out so it was a surprise to hear it.
  21. Yeah I believe the QM8 one is, but as you said, sometimes they replace broken seats with old ones from older buses.
  22. One may be. The rest are from 2005 - 2007 or later...
  23. If it's a lack of service issue should be addressed by complaining directly to the about it.

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