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  1. Thanks for the many years of great music. Chris, you will be missed. RIP

  2. I want some peta bread... Is that your speciality? lol

  3. ugh... what a mess! :mad:

  4. Of course I've heard of it silly... It's just that I always eat it for Thanksgiving, not year around? :confused:


    As for checkmate... ---> LOL... That should take care of that answer for ya.

  5. You had stuffing?? :confused:

  6. yeah it's hit or miss.... I'm using Google chrome and was wondering how folks were getting on because I couldn't... Had to try several times... Cleared out my cache, etc.

  7. Good question... I'm just glad it wasn't my laptop. I just bought this one and I need to replace the other one soon, so the last thing I need is to be hit with a virus or trojan horse.

  8. Yeah well that's what The Random Thoughts Thread was for remember? *sarcasm* :mad: ;) The key word being "was"... :(

  9. Ah, that's right... Totally forgot that you guys switch later... :(

  10. orion 4 life... aka scemo 4 life is copying knightrider so two can play that game ;)

  11. Okay here we go... Found that destination page I was looking for... I want the two BxM1 signs that don't have "via INWOOD" in them... These are the BxM1 Super Expresses... Here is the link below... I've also listed the sign requests below. :cool:


    MTA Regional Bus Destination Sign Codes - TTMG's Transitwiki


    YO 5010 BxM1 RIVERDALE • 263 ST, via H. HUDSON PKY


  12. In the meantime I would like to request new BxM1 signs since I wasn't aware that there was different signage for the BxM1s that bypass Inwood going to and from Riverdale...


    Here is one sign below



    I'll send the request for the Riverdale one once I find it.

  13. Wow... You're charging SAKS prices... lol... The "via KAPPOCK ST" is still a bit funky. I think I'm going to stick with the old one you made. It looks somewhat closer to the image below... How come your VIA KAPPOCK ST is so much different from the one below??




  14. lol... Well it's not like your "job" or anything... Take your time... Whenever you feel like doing them... :cool:

  15. lol... Well yeah, he's extremely stubborn and set in his ways. If you're not pro-Democratic, you're selfish, stupid, unpatriotic and so on. Talk about narrow mindedness... :(

  16. Why thank you kind sir! I'll do my usual greeting... Buon Natale!/¡Feliz Navidad! :cool:

  17. Why thank you kind sir. :smile:

  18. lol... At that point I stumbled out of the bar I was in in disgust and hailed down an off duty taxi to the express bus. Yeah... shitty way to end indeed...

  19. All I remember seeing was the cheapshot by the Latino guy and then in between being in a half stuper, I saw the knockout cheapsot by Mayweather... I guess it was payback ;)

  20. Got my earbuds last night in the mail... The Weston ones are MADE IN USA and sound way better than the Bose earbuds, so of course I'm returning the Bose earbuds today and getting a refund. :cool:

  21. Well, I went to the Bose store today by Columbus Circle and picked up a pair of Bose earbuds... It seems as if they make all of them in Mexico now... :( I got a pair for $141.00 or so with tax, BUT I think I'm going to return them once I find a Made in USA pair. There's a brand called Weston that makes earbuds here in the US, and it seems as if the sound quality is superior to Bose. For almost $150.00, I was expecting a bit more in terms of the build of these and the sound quality. The Weston's cost about $200.00, but I'm sure they'll be worth it and they're MADE in USA. Shure is also supposedly good, but I believe just about most if not all of their headphones are also Made in Mexico. :(

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