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  1. It’s really not a big deal. Believe me. For starters the SIM3C is only making a few more stops on the island. In Manhattan the time savings is negligible at best. Look at the run times to see what I’m talking about. When you don’t have traffic, you save on run time considerably. People will head out later too since tomorrow is a light day traffic wise. Ridership patterns are different. A lot of people drive to that line and will be off, so there’s that to consider as well.
  2. No need for the SIM3 because traffic should be light tomorrow.
  3. Yes... I posted it in my group earlier. Someone I know on the inside reminded me... lol BM, BxM and QM riders will have REGULAR SERVICE. X27, X37, X28, X38, X63, X64, X68 and ALL SIM lines will run on a MODIFIED weekday schedule: http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/bus/spcl_goodFriday.htm#Brooklyn
  4. No 6:30 or 7pm, but 3033 was sent via Fresh Meadows...
  5. Express bus service is horrible tonight. The 6:30 and 7pm QM1 may not come. @QM1to6Ave Heading out now to see if the QM5s will be sent via Fresh Meadows.
  6. I've had meetings near to Houston... Better off walking or taking an Uber... The M9 is a rarity, but at least all of the construction along Houston seems to be done. What I will say though is I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to run even less service in Tribeca and Battery Park City citing "changing demographics". Outside of that Downtown Connection bus, lots of people just hop in Ubers or other black car services or whatever, and as you know, TriBeCa over the years has been the new "it" place.
  7. Here's the problem with the M9... I can't think of too many other "crosstown" streets that you can use for it in TriBeCa. Then you also have the Whole Foods, the Target and other shoppers that use the M9 by Murray to reach Battery Park City - I do it myself when I'm visiting people over there that live in BPC and go shopping afterwards. As for the M22, I usually find myself walking more times than not. The buses in general just don't show up very frequently down there, and the waits are too long. If that shuttle bus (the Downtown Connection) didn't run, I'd be spending a fortune in Ubers or having to walk long distances. I've done the walk when the weather is nice, but it's not fun if it's very hot out.
  8. I agree about the traffic, but leaving Battery Park City with no M9 service isn't the answer either. It's a real PITA to reach that area from the nearest subways and the current M20 meanders far too much. As far as the M9 and the M22, they both run pretty poorly.
  9. That should be the idea, but this NYC isn't like most other places...
  10. High frequency is fine, but you'd better be able to meet that metric, otherwise it quickly becomes a mess. The put the cart before the horse. Not enough bus lanes to keep buses coming. They're still working on that but that should've been obvious in the first place.
  11. Yeah Queens does deserve better, but ultimately the goal of these redesigns is to cut costs and "engage" the public so that the can say "see, we gave people what they wanted".
  12. We are happy to announce that the Riverdale Press has agreed to interview us regarding the ‘s decision to eliminate coins on express buses. We will keep you posted.
  13. I'm posting this in my group for all to see...

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