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  1. We had a nice meeting last Wednesday (the third one we've had since I started the advocacy group). Had a few people come over and shake my hand, which also happened last night, but I think as time goes on, there is a respect that they didn't have for me before. They saw a young guy like me and thought, lol this is just a phase. Now they realize I know my **it and we're not going away.
  2. Absolutely. There are some that believe that the local buses will be left alone. They are sadly mistaken. They are not taking any money from cuts to express bus service to add more local buses (believe me). They don't care how overcrowded the local buses are. They care about costs and screw the riding public.
  3. It's clear from speaking with two of the senior planners last week at the offices that they have positions about each and every bus line. Whatever they wrote for the Bx46 about the routing in their proposals is what they want for the line, mainly based off of the costs associated with it. If the line is going to run every 30 minutes, then they don't care a thing about extending it further. They are content with the ridership it'll get at 30 minute head ways because they won't have to spend more money to run more service, and that's what it comes down to. Not saying it's right or wrong, but that's how they think.
  4. It was at least for the express buses... One of the drivers that I know is also a union rep. and he was talking to the Riverdale Press after the Town Hall meeting about what they are doing and plan on doing. They are speaking with the elected officials as well about this. Overall, the drivers need to be aware. Can't just sit around and drive a bus and be completely oblivious that your livelihood may be on the line. People have to start waking up and stopping the madness that is the . They are acting like they're a private entity when they serve the public with taxpayer dollars. It's absurd. We are definitely going to start looking at lawsuits on ADA grounds if they don't remove these proposed cuts from the table. This is just the beginning.
  5. Aside from that, bus picks may be held up because of these proposed service cuts. We had TWU 100 at our Town Hall meeting last night and they were talking about how they are refusing to pick because the wants to have fewer drivers for the same amount of runs.
  6. It was a dreary, cold night, but our outreach was fantastic! I am extremely proud of everyone who spread the word from the Express Bus Advocacy Group and beyond... This was the Riverdale Temple tonight...
  7. That’s supposed to be the procedure, but there is no way in hell some depots clean their buses that often. By cleaning, that usually means “sweeping” and perhaps “mopping”, but in terms of the inside being cleaned down for dust or whatever... That’s another matter. My uncle used to tell me that the inside of the buses were rarely cleaned and he was a driver out of 100th Street for years. Some things never change...
  8. There have been undercover cops in the subways for as long as I can remember.
  9. Cops have always been in the subway. Stop talking foolishness. The only issue here is how many are being used.
  10. That’s not the only way. They can go back to having plain clothes officers do operations and busts on the subways and buses. God forbid they go back to tried and true tactics...
  11. Spending $250 million dollars to save $200 million is questionable for sure when you are cutting service. I don’t see why they can’t address the fare beating problem with a lower price tag...
  12. I don't think anything should be cut. I thought the was supposed to alleviate crowding on the Lex line, but that has been short lived. Wednesday was the first time in a while that I have used the subway, and I don't regret it. I have heard of nothing but endless problems, especially on the and line.
  13. How in the hell are they cutting the and ? Wednesday morning I was LATE getting to my meeting with the because the was so packed that I had to wait a good FOUR trains because I could squeeze on one. Sadly my BxM18 was so late getting to 42nd and 5th that I had to get off and run over to the subway, which was not my plan. Either way, this is ridiculous. After finally squeezing on a train, we then CRAWLED down to Bowling Green. Started the meeting 10 minutes late and I was not happy considering that I got on the 7:15 bus from Riverdale, so basically almost two hours to get Downtown. Ridiculous.
  14. I am happy to follow-up to see what the story is. Also keep me posted on the evening QM1s. The last few nights now they have been running a QM1 on the QM5, so they must be short or short drivers or both. Either way, we keep track of it daily. I was promised that if they did that, the QM5s would run via Fresh Meadows, and on bus time you can’t tell, but the sign on the bus will often say “Glen Oaks via Fresh Meadows” when you see it in person. If we need to reach out to elected officials again to remedy that situation, we will, but supposedly part of the issue is the run times that they have in place have not changed in DECADES, and they can’t change them! I almost fell out of the chair in the conference room when I heard that one. They inherited the run times from the private companies, and due to a series of issues (one being budgetary constrains) they’ve got things like buses having 10 minutes to go from 34th to 57th Street at all times. I mention this because we were talking about that express bus audit from 2015 and them having realistic schedules and runtimes.
  15. If we had better transportation throughout the ENTIRE city, I could understand having bus lanes 24/7, but with the way the is going trying to justify cutting service at every turn, they are essentially forcing people to drive, and so those people should be able to get around as well.
  16. Making bus lanes 24/7 in some cases make no sense. If traffic is flowing then you don't need them 24/7.
  17. Post the bus numbers here and I can communicate with them directly. In other words, don’t bother e-mailing.
  18. Latest news: - Met with the this morning regarding express bus service and the Bronx express bus proposals. -It has been stressed that these are proposals and that they have received A LOT of feedback about several of them and they are trying to see how they can address some of them. - We made it clear that the spans are not acceptable. The continues to argue that they cannot run empty buses and that the ridership isn’t there to justify the service. -We argued that service is poor during off-peak periods and that discounts should be offered to entice people to ride more. -We will be providing feedback in writing as well. -Other topics covered: -BusTime and Wi-Fi: If you cannot use WiFi, they would like to know the bus# and they will look into it. Same goes with BusTime. -Customers who are being overcharged... The Metrocard is dated technology, and so currently, there is no fix to splitting up payments so that customers are charged no more than $6.75. I hope to have more particulars on this as they continue to investigate, but I can confirm that OMNY will allow such a set up and the plan is to have it fully implemented on express buses by late next year. -Bus stops and bus shelters are still being looked at. -Discussed particular trips that have been problematic. -We have an interview lending with Bronx News 12. Moreto come...
  19. It’s comical that this is called Bee Line Advocacy Group. Is there any actual advocacy going on, or just Bee Line talk?
  20. For any BxM users in the group, you should attend this coming Monday.
  21. Lol... There is no bankrupt of some sort... They are required by law to carry a balanced budget. If they don’t, they continue to have to borrow and run up more debt, which is what they have been doing for years. Eventually the chicken has to come home to roost, and the ability to borrow decreases because of the amount of debt that is held. They become too much of a risk to keep lending money to, which is why their rating dropped not long ago, so the question is, where do they get the money from to address this growing budget problem?
  22. I was in junior high school at the time, so I remember the waits vividly, and today I certainly would not do it. I'd call for an Uber.
  23. No one wants to stay on a bus in that area any longer than they have to. They want to get to the train. Through junior high and high school, I relied on the B4 at some point and part of the problem was it was quite unreliable. A bus was due about every 15 minutes and that would rarely happen. I can definitely remember those bitterly cold days with the wind hurling right off of the bay waiting at Emmons Avenue by Shore Blvd and waiting upwards of 45 minutes for one bus.

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