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  1. lol... Cost savings... I've had the same problem on the Uptown platform...
  2. Well historically speaking, areas like Co-op City as well as Riverdale were developed with the promise of good bus service in part because the subway was never finished. In both neighborhoods they have no problems starting petitions to get the service that is needed. The local buses esp. in my area have been horrendous for years, but it would be even worse if we didn’t keep up the pressure. Morning service esp. along Henry Hudson Parkway is good. In the evening, the waits can be 20-25 minutes with train load after train load of riders dumped at 231st, leading to packed buses. That is one reason I started the advocacy group because we had no one really fighting for express bus service and we’ve been an easy target. I am not letting them come in and cut service without push back. The other thing that they’ve been getting away with is not filling trips and before they could come up with an excuse. Now we have over a thousand people Citywide reporting on service issues with elected officials and the media all watching. Having eyes on them certainly helps, and service in some cases has been better compared to where it was before. They also have a hiring freeze, so this complicates things as well on the management side. What they are doing is promoting people and giving them more work and lines to oversee. If Craig Cipriano is the new guy to replace Irick, he knows I’m going to be a bulldog. We met in the last meeting. He sat right across from me and I didn’t hold back about missing buses, the Staten Island Redesign and the like. I would say that most drivers would be wise to join the most recent advocacy groups. Most of them are focusing on issuse that pertain to fighting for better service, cleaner buses, etc., all things that benefit the B/Os. For example, yesterday I spoke before the board calling for that depending order of express buses to be finalized to allow for service to be expanded. The money is actually there for more express bus service.... $50 million for the Outerborough Transit Fund specifically for things like better bus service in transportation deserts...
  3. People that I know in the know say exactly the same thing, and they’re trying to sell it to the public as “better service”. Some people while skeptical say “oh well that’s nice, they’re trying to do something “. I said to myself, the only thing they’re trying to do is cut down on operational costs. We’re going to see very soon. The redesign for the Bronx is supposed to be out at the end of the month, and the amount of information collected thus far has been a joke.
  4. Seems like a lot of speculation... Hell the doesn’t even know what it’s doing. This is all trial-and-error.
  5. And who told you that lie? It will only be available at SELECT subway stations on the line and on Staten Island on buses.
  6. These buses came out when I was teenager and I remember when the last batch was delivered, so they have been around a VERY long time and they desperately needed to go. I am now a grown MAN and it is amazing that they are just now retiring these buses. I rarely give the compliments, but on this one they get them. The local bus fleet is now ALL low floor. That is something that will speed up commutes, especially for the disabled and wheelchair bound people, and it makes the buses more accessible for them. With the RTS buses, wheelchairs were sadly a huge challenge, and sometimes the lifts would break. Now with the local buses all having ramps, boarding is a breeze. I also enjoy the automated stops and the better climate control. I was on an M42 the other day. Very nice to ride it compared to the old RTS buses. Only was on it for one stop but enjoyable and mind you I was standing. lol
  7. Likely someone from within... I have two guesses as to who. I can deal with either of them quite frankly, as I have met both of them in my meetings.
  8. All of this bitching about buses... They needed to go and I'm glad they're gone. From a passenger comfort standpoint having NO AC during the dead of summer SUCKS, and all riders should be able to expect some level of comfort when riding. The new buses offer better amenities (MUCH better signage) and are environmentally friendly. Even if a depot is short, it's temporary, and we're also entering into the period where there is generally less demand for service anyway. This is all a big to do over nothing. I remember those RTS buses well. The seats were worn out and FILTHY, not to mention that when it rained, often times the buses leaked.
  9. Between this and that stupid no coins policy... Getting more complaints in my group about irate passengers angry that they can't pay with coins. Poor communication by the as usual...
  10. He might get one last big hoorah from me this month, as I have a few words for him and the board about express bus service.
  11. MTA BOARD MEETING THIS MONDAY FOLKS!! My two minute speech (if I can attend will cover the following): 1. NEW EXPRESS BUSES - Will call for AT LEAST 500 NEW EXPRESS BUSES TO EXPAND PEAK, OFF-PEAK AND WEEKEND SERVICE. We need service in the 21st Century!! 2. MONTHLY EXPRESS BUS METROCARD - We are the ONLY commuter group that does not have a monthly pass and we live in transportation deserts! This discriminatory practice MUST END!! 3. NO-COINS POLICY: Unfairly targets seniors on fixed incomes and other occasional riders that should not have to pay $30.00 for an Easy Pay Metrocard!! This from an agency that complains about fare beating costing them $225 million annually, yet they make it harder for their riders to pay!! Unacceptable!!
  12. Shocking.... *Sarcasm*... HORRENDOUS service that's why... So many missing buses...
  13. He should be arriving just before rush hour and then out around rush hour tomorrow morning. You should expect delays in Downtown and Midtown. Midtown - POTUS, Downtown - AHA HEART WALK. Downtown DATE(S) OF DIVERSION:Thursday May 16th, 2019 DURATION: 6pm to 7:30pm -ALL DETOURS WILL BE ON AS NEEDED BASIS, so if they aren't needed, they will NOT happen. Your best bet is to check the website for updates. There is saying what traffic will be like tonight in Midtown or Downtown. There will be rolling freezing zones so again it is best that people check the website frequently and try to plan as best as possible.
  14. Yes we don't have particulars yet, but we were alerted a few days ago about the possibility of these detours. I agree... Not good...
  15. That's true but some ghost buses generally showed up. There are some buses that simply weren't trackable, for one reason or another.
  16. I'm especially annoyed because we have had two meetings now at 2 Broadway about metrics for express bus service, missing buses and on-time performance for the 50+ express bus lines and I was promised at the last meeting that they would be releasing a dashboard to show how they're performing. BusTrek provided some good insight overall... As it stands now, at the last Transit Round Table that I was in with my Senator, we've been calling on the Comptroller's Office to perform another audit. So far they've just been reviewing our information but they haven't acted on it yet. It's getting around the 4 year mark though so if they don't get it together they may be very well willing to do perform another one to see what changes they have made since the last audit. The agreed to the following per the 2015 audit: -Better align run times with more realistic arrival times -Develop a metric system to track on-time performance (they had no such system prior to the 2015 audit, so basically it was ok if express buses showed up whenever) The only thing they've done so far is push back the run times. BusTrek did have some glitches. For example, if a bus was off-route it would pop up as being a "Non-Revenue" bus which wasn't true. It would also display inaccurate paddles at times depending on where a bus was.
  17. They are governed yes... The mph will vary, but that's the idea.
  18. Southbound there are several transfer points. 35th and 5th is and 27th and 5th is drop-off and pick-up. I wouldn't try using any others to transfer, as they are strictly enforced. Same deal Northbound... Madison and 29th, Madison and 44th and Madison and 56th are the drop-off/transfer points. Depending on the driver he likely will not let you off elsewhere. No point in even mentioning that you can only transfer with a Metrocard since we have the no-coin policy. However, if you don't have a transfer on your card, you WILL be charged another $6.75 so keep that in mind.

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