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  1. Thanks for the heads up. This just says July for the meetings, so I have no idea about specific dates, but I'll inquire, as I'm curious myself.
  2. Not really. It's not as if all of those buses will be retired. The only thing being retired are the 2002 models and some of the 2005 and perhaps some others here and there. Some of the express buses are still fine. No need to retire those. Most of this order is for Bus. The previous order saw about 505 express buses, but they were desperately needed. This time around, I'd say the number is fine. Out of 307 buses, 50 goes to Staten Island. The rest are for Bus.
  3. Calm down. Your comments are inaccurate. Some express bus lines are seeing more ridership than others. Additionally, express bus riders have made it clear that we do NOT want to be packed together like sardines. I spoke with higher ups about this and made it clear that we needed our full express bus service back, as did other advocates, and we won't accept anything less than that. Overnight service is what it is. They are struggling to run the regular service, so they are focusing on that over overnight service, which is free.
  4. I explained the overnight situation before. All of that was done on OT. If drivers didn't want it or couldn't do it, they were constantly short drivers. With the gaps in service, they were better off eliminating it.
  5. There's only two lines running from Manhattan to Brooklyn now overnight, and now they're curtailing the BM2 service too. Pathetic... https://mobile.twitter.com/NYCTBus/status/1278930865561755649
  6. Correct. Some of the Bx10 reliefs are by Kingsbridge and 231st, which is a very weird spot. You have all of the people that just boarded at 231st and Broadway PACKED on the bus from the subway, and then the bus has to sit and wait at the very next stop. Another reason I can't deal with that set up and take the express bus. Too much aggravation.
  7. Most if not all of those short turned buses like the ones that end at Isham or at 231st (Bx10) only run because they're going back to the depot anyway, so the thinking was, run them in service and pick up a few passengers that may need the service to or from the subway or whatever.
  8. The truth of the matter is the has struggled terribly to run these express buses overnight. Some lines like the QM6, QM17, X68 and a few others they ran well. The BxM1, BxM2, BxM4 and BxM11 were run very poorly. I spoke with bus operators and dispatchers about it on the side. I was not pleased. I attempted to use the express bus four times overnight. Three out of the four times I had a wait of almost an hour or more despite the repeating the same BS about service being every 30 minutes or better. The BM3 was cancelled haphazardly for almost a few weeks. I think they yanked the service on some lines because we started complaining to elected officials about how poor they were running them, so yeahz ridership would be low if the service is unreliable. The reality is they over promised and under delivered. When this originally started, I received an email here and there about changes from reps, which I appreciated, as they were trying to keep me in the know. However, as time went on, the wheels fell off. Some drivers were really turned off by the amount of homeless people that were riding and smelling up the bus and they let me know about it. There are no windows in the express buses, so obviously that was a challenge to say the least. Eventually that was addressed, but as drivers returned to their regular work, they either didn't want to pick the OT or couldn't, given that they can only work but so many hours at once. As much as I would prefer to see the lines running, I would rather they not run if they are going to leave people scrambling and standing around waiting for extended periods of time. I know numerous people either switched to Uber or started driving to get to and from that were essential workers because the service wasn't reliable on lines like the X28. Overall, i'd rate the service an F.
  9. @B35 via Church My understanding is it will be similar to the 14th Street busway. Cars will be allowed but will have to turn off at the next available right turn, so essentially just for pick-ups or drop-offs and then off of 5th Avenue. There are some particulars that need to be discussed. When I have more info from the DOT, I'll be sure to share.
  10. I'm not paying for the local bus. I've only used local buses about four or so times since this pandemic hit. I opted for the M15 local one day after getting the BxM1 down, as one was coming when I reached 2nd Avenue, so I didn't bother getting an Uber. Moved quickly for the short ride, and coming back, I got an Uber to the express bus. Think about it... SBS is basically pre-paying for the service, so you just get on. Now what do you do on the non SBS lines? You just get on, so why pay for the same service? The only difference is you may make a few more stops. Big deal.
  11. Yeah, this project seems to be on target to be completed this summer from what I was told by the DOT.
  12. I was invited to be part of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for the upcoming 5th Avenue busway project, to be completed this summer, as 5th Avenue is a major express bus corridor. Of course I will be strongly advocating for express bus commuters. We will be having meetings very soon. I created this thread to keep everyone abreast of the developments as discussed with the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  13. Yeah, folks value their privacy. People do not want to be filmed while driving, myself included.
  14. I gave them an earful last Sunday after they claimed that the BxM2 would be running regularly. I waited about an HOUR. Then after I complained, they send TWO local buses at once to me with "SUBWAY SHUTTLE" on them. Driver pulls up, opens his front door and asks where I was going. I said you're not the bus I need, not realizing that he was indeed the BxM2. Then he explained that he was the BxM2 and he was just covering the trip. None of those buses of course were trackable, and there was no sign showing what these buses were. Passengers running from bus to bus before they took off asking what they were. Driver literally had a sheet in his hand with the stops, etc. I spoke with some people about it privately and was promised they would at least get signs up on the buses. Unreal that they are scrambling like this weeks into the service. The problem now is that they have gone back to regular service during the day, so more drivers don't want the overnight work because they have their regular work. Either that or you can't work but so many hours in one day, so obviously the regular work gets done before any OT overnight work.
  15. They're getting an earful on social media. They have more of the service not running than running. Just bring back the damn subway if they can't do any better. Ridiculous. They created these unrealistic schedules that have been a disaster.
  16. I know, which I'm not doing. We discussed some possible vendors, but I'm not going into that. I'm letting them do their thing. If and when they are ready, they'll let me know. With the pandemic, this is a very risky time to start anything. As I said before, not my company and not my money on the line.
  17. The is a public agency, not a private company. Big difference. The idea would be to use various private carriers that already run bus service or commuter service.
  18. No. Contractual agreements are being considered for some of the private carriers.
  19. Don't bank on it. I've discussed the plan with the potential operator. From a cost standpoint it's easier to have existing carriers use their equipment. Less overhead and liability.
  20. I'm sorry, but it was the that came up with these unrealistic schedules. It's not like they didn't know that the service would be based off of how many drivers were available. This is another example of poor planning. I've attempted to take a few of these express buses overnight, and the service has been horrendous. In one instance, the run sheet was wrong, leading to me having to wait 40 minutes for a bus. Another time I had to wait almost 40 minutes again because there was a bus missing. The MTA tweeted that the driver was a bit late. The bus showed up when the next bus was due, so he wasn't late. There was no bus and they lied. No reason for a bus to be 30+ minutes late at that hour, and if it was late, then two buses would've come instead of one. The communication has been poor going back for weeks and the service has been very spotty, so anyone that truly needed the service would be SOL. In some cases, the waits have been so long that people have opted for Ubers or Lyfts. Can't really blame them. The schedules created were unrealistic from the start, and the communication has been poor. If they couldn't run BM3 service, they had the option not to from the start.
  21. Happy to hear that. We have returned to tracking lines again and will resume logging in the coming weeks.
  22. Ironically, some drivers in the advocacy group complained at first that the had no masks or gloves for them and we advocated for them to get them. Now they have them and don't want to wear them
  23. Don't know what's going on, but we've had five reports in the last three days of express bus drvers in service not wearing face coverings. Decided against reporting these drivers, but Christ. Incredibly reckless. You're dealing with the public, the majority of whom are wearing face coverings, but you aren't, and going back to your family at night, as we are... Smh...
  24. I asked this very question in a meeting with Cipriano and other senior planners. Room went quiet. LOL I told them the detour info is always a mess and wanted to know who was responsible for them. Lol
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