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  1. 1 minute ago, paulrivera said:

    If this (and/or any of the other reported incidents) is found to be intentional, the person(s) responsible should face terrorism charges. Might be an unpopular opinion, but that's how I honestly feel; just throw the book at 'em.

    As for what the surviving consist is.... Does it matter? Between the investigation and the repairs we won't see whatever ends up being salvageable in service for about a year anyways.

    Definitely arson based on how many fires were set and how quickly they burned.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, engineerboy6561 said:

    I figured that the 242 St connection would let you make a direct connection between the mid-Bronx and lower Yonkers (though the W4 already does that) and is a faster connection to the (1) from Montefiore than the Bx10 would be, and 231 St/Riverdale Avenue would be about providing access to Target and Kennedy HS for people in the mid-Bronx.

    I have never heard the term “Mid-Bronx” used. Northwest Bronx, West Bronx, East Bronx, Northeast Bronx, and the South Bronx is usually what people say...

  3. 38 minutes ago, engineerboy6561 said:

    @Via Garibaldi 8 That's about what I figured; I grew up right off Van Cortlandt Park and used to get haircuts and bagels off Johnson Av. There's no good place to lay over, and as near as I can tell most of  upstairs Riverdale tends to go into Midtown or downtown for everything you can't get in the neighborhood on 231 St (except Bronx Science and Montefiore). 

    @Jova42R That means that you're better cutting both the Gun Hill and Allerton Av buses short below the hill, because the connection at 242 St/Broadway improves connection options for people going up to Yonkers from the mid-Bronx, and that keeps runtime down (and hopefully reliability up). For the Allerton Av line I brought up I'd just turn it at 231 St to connect the mid-Bronx with Target and the Kennedy school complex.

    Right. 246th and Henry Hudson Parkway is one spot, or Independence and 239th Southbound is another spot, only because Independence at that point is wide, allowing for the layover of multiple buses, etc.

    Additionally, I’m not sure who would be riding a bus that runs on Allerton or Gun Hill, even having it stop short of upstairs Riverdale. I just don’t see any demographic using it like that. Now with the Bx10, we have the home attendants and healthcare workers that take that bus from parts of the Bronx like Norwood. I am pretty sure that with the amount of senior homes here in Riverdale, a lot of the people working there likely live in the Northeast part of the Bronx, but with the street configurations, etc., they just drive. I see them often going to their car. They don’t live in Riverdale or anywhere nearby.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Jova42R said:

    Well, then maybe the X98 could have 2 branches: one to the Cloisters, and one via the HH Pkwy to Inwood/Riverdale.

    The best option... Leaving the BxM1 as is! It would be great to have a bus down Fort Washington Av that helped the (A) train though. That train is so bad that I avoid it at all costs. There needs to be another transit option up there near the Cloisters. I have had to bail and get an Uber more times than I can count because the (A) is such a mess.

  5. 11 hours ago, Jova42R said:


    I came up with that proposal: the X98 (new name) would run via Fort Washington to Overlook, then down Overlook to 187, down 187 to Bway, and up Bway.

    Have you been to that area to see how hilly it and how the streets meander to get over to Fort Washington Av? Having a rout on Fort Washington Av... Ok fine. That’s a main corridor. A bus on Overlook Av makes a lot less sense though. It’s all residential and a side street at that. Too much meandering involved, given the hilly terrain.

  6. 3 hours ago, engineerboy6561 said:

    That's marginally better, but you should add a stop at 239 St for transfers to the Bx7. Doing that gets you a runtime of 15mins from 246 to 230 St, another 5 mins to Target, 8 mins to Lehman College, 7 mins to Montefiore, and then 35 mins to Bartow and Edson and 10-12 minutes to Pelham Bay Park via Section 5. That brings your total rush hour runtime to about 80-90 minutes peak rush-hour runtime (maybe less if I'm wrong and things move faster than I expect). To make that work at a ten-minute headway would take about twenty buses (180 mins round trip + 20 mins layover/10 mins between buses).

    Also, during rush would you just run buses from Lehman College via Sedgwick Av/Van Cortlandt Pk W/Broadway to 242 St (because if you do that you'll drop like 20 minutes of runtime, but also give up access to Kennedy HS and Target). That would actually be a pretty nice route on its own, and an Allerton Av LTD could serve Target and Kennedy HS, and terminate at 246 St (and just ditch like 8-10 mins of runtime by running along Riverdale Av instead of Henry Hudson/Kappock). That combo might be more efficient; see my map below for what I'm thinking of:


    Basically the Gun Hill LTD needs about 16 buses to run on a ten-minute headway; the Allerton Av one would need 14 (40 minute runtime from Paul Av to Pelham Bay Park plus 8 min to Target plus 5 min to Kennedy HS/231 St plus 7 more min to 246 St via Riverdale Av gives a total runtime of 60 mins each way, so 120 min round trip+20 mins layover/10 minute headway gives 14 buses required peak.

    @Via Garibaldi 8 Do you think it would make more sense for upstairs Riverdale to have a one-seat ride to the East Bronx via Allerton or Gun Hill, and if you think both are necessary (or that Gun Hill is necessary), would bringing the Gun Hill limited up to 246 St via Manhattan College Parkway with stops at the college gate and 239 St (SB) be reasonable? (mostly because there isn't anywhere good to lay over in southwest Riverdale unless you either run a one-way loop via Independence, Palisade and Kappock and then lay over at Edsall and Johnson (which might work but might also piss a lot of people off), or make a loop via 236 St, Independence Av, 232 St and Henry Hudson Pkwy, take away about a third of the parking along Independence there, and lay over in front of Seton Park (which will likely piss off a lot of the people living in the Whitehall Club building).


    If you have been here in upstairs Riverdale, you know that there are only a few ways out, all via hills. Running a bus along Palisade Av is not happening. First off, very little of Palisade Avenue has sidewalks. Second, you have very expensive real estate there and people like it quiet. They would raise hell for any sort of bus running along there, not to mention that parts of Palisade Avenue is narrow. The same is true of Edsall Avenue. Narrow... Now, Metro-North runs shuttle buses along parts of Palisade Avenue, but that is for only a few hours Monday - Friday, and those buses are small. Running the buses via Henry Hudson Parkway or via Riverdale Av are the most viable options because either the street is wide enough (Riverdale Av is wide and a commercial corridor in Central Riverdale), or in the case of Henry Hudson Parkway, while narrow (the service road), it’s really the only option. It cuts through the core of the neighborhood, and the large co-ops, condos and other buildings usually sit back far enough for any noise to not be so bad. I live steps from the Henry Hudson Parkway and can see the buses from my block, so I have first hand experience with all of this. People up here fight fiercely to preserve the quietness and quaintness of the area and green space, and that includes limiting pollution from traffic. We even had people at a Metro-North meeting complaining about the shuttle buses which are much smaller than (MTA) buses. They wanted Metro-North to provide quieter, smaller, more eco-friendly buses. It is tough to use buses up here because Riverdale unlike most of the Bronx was not created with a street grid, which means that streets start and suddenly stop at random places. It was not originally created with density in mind, hence the narrow, winding streets that we have when we had a smaller population and fewer apartment buildings. Much of Riverdale consisted of large estates, many of which still exists, so it definitely was not planned with buses in mind. lol

    Regarding the route, I honestly do not see a need for service on either line. People in Riverdale do not travel that far east, at least not by bus with tons of regularity. The main spots are the schools and hospitals (Lehman College, Montefiore Medical Center, etc.). If you notice, the Bx7, Bx10 and Bx20 pretty much were left as is, and there’s a reason for that. You can’t do much to change the routes that travel East-West like Bx10. They meander, but that’s because of how the streets are laid out and the hilly topography. Can’t do much about it, and people would go crazy if they lost access to Montefiore. If people are going to places like Orchard Beach from Riverdale, it would likely be by car. Too far east by bus to be worthwhile. We have people here that usually will just drive to Westchester, which is a lot faster and easier than heading to say Co-Op City.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Jova42R said:

    @Via Garibaldi 8 I changed the Bx14 to run from 246th. During rush hours, buses would run to 242nd (with a stop there), then straight to Lehman College.

    Is this routing better? 

    Where is it?  In any case, I don’t see the point in having it end at 242nd when lots of people would need the bus north of that? Creating routes isn’t just about routing, but also understanding demographics. You have to see where people are going and need access to, not let’s draw a route and see if this works. lol Doesn’t work that way. In my neighborhood, anyone going west of 231st and Broadway need access to Montefiore Medical Center, and Lehman College or the Bronx School of Science. Those are just some examples, but a lot of people just take the bus down to the (1) train to get into Manhattan. Another segment of people need it for NewYork-Presbyterian’s hospitals or medical centers, and some use it to go shopping along Broadway.The rest use the express buses and Metro-North for work in Manhattan or pleasure. We have a lot of people that move to my area from the zUpper West Side and Upper East Side, that still need access to those areas. That is why we have an East Side and a West Side express bus because there is enough ridership to sustain both lines. We also have no East Side subway line nearby. The (4) line is a long bus ride away.

  8. 2 hours ago, engineerboy6561 said:

    It's better, but I could see Fieldston and Spuyten Duyvil throwing a bloody fit at having buses roll through their neighborhoods. Also the streets you're looking to serve there are really narrow and winding; I'm unsure if a full 40' bus would fit on that little loop down Palisade Av. @Via Garibaldi 8 would probably know better than me how that one would go, but I suspect not well. Also, I'm not sure why you split the limited-stop service between Gun Hill Av and Burke Av the way you did; you'd be better off having a Gun Hill LTD serving Montefiore Hospital and Norwood, an Allerton Av LTD serving Bronx Science/Clinton/Lehman and Broadway, and then if Burke Av is in need of bus service maybe a local line from Dreiser Loop to Fordham Plaza via Co-op City Bl, Hammersley Av, Gun Hill Rd (5) station, Burke Av, White Plains Rd, Kazmiroff Blvd and Webster Av running every 20 mins as a trial.

    This Bx14 wouldn’t go near Fieldston, so they wouldn’t care. @Jova42R Having any bus end at 232nd makes no sense. There is no where to layover, and any bus having to turn there would have a very hard time because of the narrow service roads along Henry Hudson Parkway. The best place to short turn buses is up by 246th and Henry Hudson Parkway because there is space to layover and enough room to turn without issues. Anytime a part of Henry Hudson Parkway is closed off, it creates major issues because the alternatives are mainly narrow side streets with the exception of parts of Independence Avenue. Some areas also have no sidewalks, so that’s another problem. Parts of the area are also very hilly, so looking at a map does not tell the entire story.

    There are shuttle buses that start over by 232nd and Henry Hudson Parkway, but they are a lot smaller. They also start over by Independence, which is wider, but again, turning there isn’t a problem, because those shuttle buses are smaller.

  9. 7 hours ago, lupojohn said:

    Regarding the M98/BxM1, still trying to wrap my head around how you would extend the 98 into Inwood when it operates on Fort Washington Avenue.

    The person coming up with such ideas is apparently just looking at a map. Fort Washington Av is located up in the hills of Fort George, Hudson Heights and Washington Heights and is not easy to reach.  Any sort of BxM1/M98 merger would make no sense at all. You would have to eliminate part of the BxM1 route and it still would be too long and involve too much meandering.

  10. 1 hour ago, paulrivera said:

    Supposedly a ban of non-essential ridership is being floated around, is that true? Channel 4 was reporting on it citing some Cuomo order but I haven’t seen any order from Cuomo about it.

    No ban as of now. I spoke with someone about this earlier today. 

  11. 5 hours ago, MHV9218 said:

    Sounds fairly anecdotal to me. The 'inmates' are coming from jails, not prisons, which means they are awaiting trial, not convicts. Probably not all nurses and librarians, but not murderers, either. We won't have numbers on this sort of thing for a week or two. However, if you view the NYPD's Compstat portal, you'll see that Transit crime is up from last year. There are been five more incidents through last week, the start of diminished travel, than over that week last year. Citywide, however, crime is up in almost every measurable respect. And transit crime has been up all year. That both implies we have a larger problem on our hands, and that the subways are not specifically more dangerous (due to the shutdown) than the rest of the city right now. We'll have a better idea when next week's numbers come in, as well as the weeks after that. This data doesn't yet reflect the major shutdowns, but if you consider the daily view, there does appear to be a downward trend in recent days. That might reflect the beginning of the isolation. Personally, I would not be surprised if we do see a modest increase in crime: the streets are empty, which is never a good thing.

    Data: https://compstat.nypdonline.org/2e5c3f4b-85c1-4635-83c6-22b27fe7c75c/view/89

    I am still going to my office, though I have been using a mix of Uber, Metro-North the express buses. Today I took an Uber to Metro-North into Grand Central. The station was filled with people that clearly are homeless or have mental illnesses, and yesterday after refilling my Metrocard at the subway, I saw the same thing by Bryant Park and elsewhere.

    The rest of what you state is all debatable. 

  12. 5 minutes ago, Jova42R said:

    Ah yes, right. But those are not Academy buses. Any thoughts on the rest of the plan?

    No they are just vans or Access-A-Ride style buses... As far as the plan, those shuttles are fairly tailored to the needs of the students and perhaps faculty.

  13. 5 hours ago, Jova42R said:

    Their routes need to be changed because they regularly run 30 minutes late. I’ve heard about the Riverdale Shuttle, but its not on their website. Do you know which buses they run or where to find the schedule?

    They own a few buildings that I live near in Riverdale. The first one is "The Arbor".  That is a condo development that they took over years ago and made into student housing for their graduate students, so they are apartments with a doorman down stairs.  Their shuttle buses are basically like mini vans and are waiting right outside of the building.   They run pretty frequently. I would say about every 20 - 30 minutes most of the day.  I believe they run to the 1 train station and perhaps another location, but I'm not sure if any of them go directly to Columbia.

    They used to not run as frequently, but they expanded the service recently. In any event, some of the Columbia students take the express buses to and from Riverdale when the shuttles don't run or aren't available, and the Metro-North Hudson Raillink shuttle buses also stop there right in front of the building. I don't think their shuttle service runs on weekends. The second building that they own a few blocks away I believe is mainly for Columbia University staff. There is no shuttle service for that building. The shuttle service that does exist does some sort of loop. They start at 3260 Henry Hudson Parkway, then loop around from there.

  14. 10 minutes ago, Jova42R said:

    Hello all,

    I have made a redesign of Columbia Transportation. 


    The routes would be as follows:

    • Red Line
      • Morningside to CUMC via Broadway.
      • Regular, current route
      • runs 1 XE40 (same as current)
    • Green Line
      • 96th to CUMC via HH Pkwy
      • rerouted via West End and HH Pkwy
      • runs 2 XE40 (one XE40 added)
    • Blue Line
      • Morningside to CUMC via 125th and Harlem Hospital
      • now runs fulltime via 125th
      • runs 1 XE40 and 1 LFS (currently it alternates between a LFS and XE40, now with the route elongated, it would run both)
    • Manhattanville Shuttle
      • NOT a loop, 96 to 116 via 125th
      • completely overhauled route
      • runs 1 LFS (same as current)
    • Lamont Shuttle (NOT SHOWN ON MAP)
      • unchanged in all aspects
    • Fort Lee Shuttle (NOT SHOWN ON MAP)
      • runs 1 LFS instead of 1 XE40

    So, the proposed fleet roster would be:

    New Flyer Xcelsior XE40: 2991, 2992, 2993^, 2994, 2995*, 2996

    Nova Bus LFS: 2114, 2115, 2116, 2117**, 2143**

    *Transfered from Fort Lee Shuttle

    ^Transfered from Lamont Shuttle

    **Spare Buses

    Why would they need their routes changed? They also have shuttle buses here in Riverdale near me. They run frequently now for the a Columbia graduate students that live in their luxury dorms.

  15. 9 hours ago, Kamen Rider said:

    I think his argument is to eliminate the in city zones and just have them with a general fare.

    but at the same time, by that logic, shouldn’t we also be dropping express bus fairs? Let everyone ride wherever they want.

    (that sound you just heard was every express bus rider having an aneurism... forget being possessive of their system, they get possessive of particular seats.)   


    44 minutes ago, LTA1992 said:

    Express buses are a waste anyway.

    Aside from the SIM routes, the rest don't save that much time and aren't worth the price of admission.

    You two can speak for yourselves. For people without subways, they are a necessity. 

  16. 59 minutes ago, Interested Rider said:

    I am in agreement with you as I do not use a credit card to add money to my metro card as i prefer to pay in cash. My credit cards are for purchases of items that I want to purchase and where I can pay it off as soon as the bill arrives, not for a subway or bus ride.

    Pardon me, but I am old fashioned when it comes using technology and with the exception of the Metro Card which produced a trememdous cost saving for me when I was working (the total cost of going from where I live to where I work was $1.75 each way. and I rode 5-6 different lines),I am one of the skeptics.


    I always use a credit card for my Metrocard purchases just to cover myself. Easier to get a refund. With cash, if the card is lost you are SOL.

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  17. Just now, Kamen Rider said:

    You never heard of EZ-Pay Express?

    Many people have heard of it, but that does not work for everyone. It comes with certain caveats.  There is no option for express bus riders that use a pass for starters, and I also don't like that it automatically refills. I refill my pass when I ready to because I want control over that.  If for some reason your card can't be refilled using the credit or debit card on file, it will block your Metrocard from being used, even if there's enough on the Metrocard to cover your fares, which is absurd. 

  18. 12 minutes ago, Deucey said:

    Another year of not being able to top up my fare unless I go to the ferry or a subway station.

    How’d (MTA) end up being so far behind the technological curve? Even small systems that hope to get 3 million riders a year have online fare purchasing.

    I discussed OMNY with the (MTA) when I started my advocacy group. The plan has always been to roll out everything in stages, in part to ensure that the new system is reliable and secure. They didn't have anything really set in stone because of the aforementioned concerns. I think as they see how the system responds and holds up to daily usage, then they can focus on the other details

  19. 5 hours ago, Jova42R said:

    It's supposed to be an easier way to get to east Midtown from the UWS, but it could be truncated to 96th or 106th. If that happened, could it be feasible?

    That's what the crosstown routes are for.  I'm on the Upper West Side a lot. When I need to get to the Upper East Side, I just grab an Uber or take a crosstown bus if it is coming. Going North-South, most people will just use the subway unless a bus is coming or they can't take the subway or don't want to.

  20. 1 hour ago, B35 via Church said:

    Never mind the lack of demand to actually have a route like this come to fruition, Manhattan traffic isn't conducive for a route like this to work....

    Your proposals tend have a central theme to them, and that is the fact that they don't cohesively gel in with the rest of the network....

    Speaking of the M11, what are they supposed to be fixing up over there around 9th av/30th st? It's to the point where you got those a**hole bicyclists walking their bikes on the  sidewalk....

    I have no idea. The only reason I took it along 9th Avenue was because I saw one coming, otherwise, I would've been in an Uber, which is usually what I do over there. 

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