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  1. Post the bus numbers here and I can communicate with them directly. In other words, don’t bother e-mailing.
  2. Latest news: - Met with the this morning regarding express bus service and the Bronx express bus proposals. -It has been stressed that these are proposals and that they have received A LOT of feedback about several of them and they are trying to see how they can address some of them. - We made it clear that the spans are not acceptable. The continues to argue that they cannot run empty buses and that the ridership isn’t there to justify the service. -We argued that service is poor during off-peak periods and that discounts should be offered to entice people to ride more. -We will be providing feedback in writing as well. -Other topics covered: -BusTime and Wi-Fi: If you cannot use WiFi, they would like to know the bus# and they will look into it. Same goes with BusTime. -Customers who are being overcharged... The Metrocard is dated technology, and so currently, there is no fix to splitting up payments so that customers are charged no more than $6.75. I hope to have more particulars on this as they continue to investigate, but I can confirm that OMNY will allow such a set up and the plan is to have it fully implemented on express buses by late next year. -Bus stops and bus shelters are still being looked at. -Discussed particular trips that have been problematic. -We have an interview lending with Bronx News 12. Moreto come...
  3. It’s comical that this is called Bee Line Advocacy Group. Is there any actual advocacy going on, or just Bee Line talk?
  4. For any BxM users in the group, you should attend this coming Monday.
  5. Lol... There is no bankrupt of some sort... They are required by law to carry a balanced budget. If they don’t, they continue to have to borrow and run up more debt, which is what they have been doing for years. Eventually the chicken has to come home to roost, and the ability to borrow decreases because of the amount of debt that is held. They become too much of a risk to keep lending money to, which is why their rating dropped not long ago, so the question is, where do they get the money from to address this growing budget problem?
  6. I was in junior high school at the time, so I remember the waits vividly, and today I certainly would not do it. I'd call for an Uber.
  7. No one wants to stay on a bus in that area any longer than they have to. They want to get to the train. Through junior high and high school, I relied on the B4 at some point and part of the problem was it was quite unreliable. A bus was due about every 15 minutes and that would rarely happen. I can definitely remember those bitterly cold days with the wind hurling right off of the bay waiting at Emmons Avenue by Shore Blvd and waiting upwards of 45 minutes for one bus.
  8. Yeah seeing a bus pass by and riding it is two different things. It will never be packed, but there is still a need for it. Heck, there are a lot of lines that have segments where ridership is super heavy, but without it there would be no service.
  9. Just remember that these are proposals. My contact has said that several times. They will present what revisions they are planning in person, so this is far from over. In other words, they are getting so much negative press that they are already looking go see how they can revise this. There was a lot that was on the table to be cut for the local buses that has been put back the way that it was originally.
  10. That’s what I thought... Too far... As someone who lived and grew up there, the entire Eastern part of Sheepshead Bay is far away from the subway, so that bus is a must. It’s the equivalent of not having the B16 serve Shore Road. You need it for coverage, even if the bus isn’t packed.
  11. It should not be terminated at either location. Where it terminates now there is near a residential area with tons of large buildings nearby that would be forced into two buses to reach the train station. There's a nursing home, as well as a movie theater and other businesses so the bus is a must there. I say this as someone that depended on the B4 growing up. Always people on that bus in that area. There's also the entire commercial area of Emmons Avenue for those that do shopping, dining, etc. that would no longer have bus service.
  12. It’s kind of a moot point now because the Metrocard is dated technology. I was talking about it during a conference call yesterday with the . It came out in the 90s, but the planning and all of that started much earlier. One thing I was discussing was if the technology wasn’t so old that the fareboxes could be programmed to simply deduct the correct fare of $6.75 instead of people dipping and paying say $3.00 or whatever is on one card, only to still be charged $6.75 after dipping a second time. We shall see if the technology is too dated to fix that glitch or not, but on the subway end, all of the talk about OMNY. The has invested a lot in this new payment set up and they are looking at other transit agencies globally and their payment systems. The consensus is that it will bring a ton of flexibility to the system that currently doesn’t with the Metrocard. I may ask for an update on where things are in our next meeting. The last time we discussed it, they were very happy with the progress, and it being on-time for implementation.
  13. There isn’t much to cut, but we’ll be involved in the Queens and Brooklyn ones as well. We were talking via conference call the other day about Queens in fact, as you guys are up next, and we have a lot of QM riders in the group. I haven’t had a chance to read the Queens report, but I believe it is out. I’ll give it a skim when I have a chance. I think they are going to cut a lot in Queens though, so it will be another fight. They already scaled back the QM1 to rush hours only.
  14. @QM1to6Ave As you know, QM1 service at night has been MUCH better. The only trips that go missing now have been when they turn a QM1 into a QM5. Those trips are supposed to run via Fresh Meadows. The only issue I’ve seen is some QM1s disappearing from BusTime. We’ll have some planners in the meeting to see if that can be looked into. Will update you after the meeting.
  15. Uhhhhhh.... My advocacy group doesn't cover local buses, hence why the thread is named "Express Bus Advocacy Group" which is the name of the group... What isn't clear about that??
  16. Not denying that, but still. I've used the stop... I've seen the crowds... Doesn't take away from it needing to be desperately rehabbed.
  17. Latest updates: -Next meeting with the is now scheduled. -Topics include the Bronx Express Bus Redesign, payment issues with the fare box, and bus stop/bus shelter requests, and service issues. If you have service issues, please post them in the next few days and we will review them. Be sure to include the route # and roughly a time when you have had issues.
  18. Speaking of 77th Street, the other thing they did was tile over the existing tile... If you look at some areas, you can clearly see that. 68th Street would need a top to bottom renovation, as it has all sorts of water problems.
  19. Oh please. That subway entrance is a separate matter. They could certainly renovate the station and deal with the subway entrance at a later day. There was a switch problem earlier by Parkchester that practically crippled train service. No idea if that's still going on but there are definitely residual delays.
  20. What are you surprised? Kingsbridge keeps their buses in horrible shape, especially those artics. I jumped on the Bx10 yesterday after voting to catch my Metro-North train since I just missed the shuttle bus and was surprised that the bus wasn’t run down. It was one of the new ones though.
  21. I don't ride the subway at all with any regular frequency these days, especially not in the Bronx... Usually Metro-North... Some of those stations are extremely sketchy and desolate. One night I needed to refill for the next day so I go to refill for an express bus pass. I was at the Pelham Parkway stop. There was some sketchy guy just standing around. Gave me a vibe that did not sit well with me. He definitely looked like he was looking for a victim. I just calmly walked out and on to the express bus, but now I make a mental note of when I need to refill so that I'm not stuck using stations that I don't usually use. You also have people putting devices on the machines to skim cards, so I'm super careful these days.
  22. Wow... They do that kind of crap at 125th. I hate that subway station with a passion. The Meth heads hanging out everywhere. They've got the NYPD down there by the turnstiles, and even then people are standing around like vultures trying to see if they can get people to pay for swipes. It's crazy.
  23. Interesting... Why that station? I would’ve thought it would be a station further south just because of how the underground stations are.
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