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  1. Don't you think the S52 does enough as it is? How much more should that line meander? Same thing with the S46, etc. And what sort of ridership numbers do you have to support these extensions? I mean you argued numbers with the S60, S66 and S54 cuts...
  2. Two things... #1. These guys have the money to spend... #2. They have to be at construction sites at crazy hours, so I would think that the times they'd leave Staten Island in the morning, they wouldn't hit any traffic and they'd be better served to drive in. I could remember sometimes I'd catch the first X16 of the morning (06:45) when we had early office closings for summer Fridays and we'd be in the city by about 07:20.
  3. By modifications, GPS was one thing that came to mind, as well as those luggage racks. As far as the battery swaps, I did remember that when the 3900s came out was when they switched from using the lead acid batteries to putting in the lithium ones, so that is why I said I thought that the battery swap came in on some of them, but I couldn't remember which ones, but I stated it poorly...
  4. Off-peak can be faster than peak... Case in point... Late nights, the X1/X10 can beat 4/5 trains from Union Square or the Midtown area (Grand Central). From Union Square, the X1 can get me to Hylan and Clove in 35-40 minutes. The B/Os really move... :cool:
  5. The old company I worked with in Chelsea, we had four Staten Islanders in the office (excluding myself)... One was around my age and the others were middle aged... (Three on the South Shore i.e. Princes Bay and Great Kills) and one in Stapleton (the nice part of Stapleton though). Two of them drove in everyday (South Shore and Stapleton). One took the X7 from Great Kills and one drove (Princes Bay) to the SIR and took the ferry from there, so yes... Some do drive in that can afford it. The two that drove in were principals in the construction company making six figures a year. Of course I took the express bus in... So you have 5 Staten Islanders... Express Bus: 2 (West Brighton & Great Kills) (me and the dude around my age) Car: 2 (South Shore & Stapleton) (middle aged males) Car/SIR/Ferry/subway: 1 (Princes Bay) (middle aged female) It's interesting to note that the female would've taken the express bus, but elected not to due to its high cost. With that said, clearly those that can afford to drive in will. Some like myself hate cars and will elect to take the express bus. I couldn't imagine having to drive after 8+ hours of staring at a computer screen all day. If express buses were eliminated, I would actually either get a car and look into driving in or drive to the ferry. At the moment, since I spend most of my time in the city and hate having to drive, I see no need for a car and thus give myself a budget for car service and the express bus.
  6. Let's just build light rails because we don't have any... Kind of like roads to know where, which we have too many of already on Staten Island. A major problem on Staten Island as it is right now is everything transportation wise is cut so early, so as long as that continues, you won't be able to attract young people. That's one reason why I've argued that the X1 should run 24/7 because the demand is there and it would be a start in the right direction to expand service where there is a clear demand.
  7. But you also have to face reality.... If gas prices continue to go up, people will adjust and buy hybrids. I appreciate you suggesting these things, but I also know that they would involve massive changes at extremely high price tags. Judging on how little we invest in infrastructure as a country, the general attitude of public transportation here on Staten Island and the infrastructure problems we currently have, your ideas would be a real real long shot.
  8. That you can't just make cuts based on numbers. As you stated, "And about the S60, it is sad that the bulk of its riders were students and seniors-two groups that, in general don't have access to cars." That's my point. Of course just looking at the numbers it would be easy to make that cut to the S60, but knowing the population that uses that line and their lack of alternatives, every effort should've been made to not only have the S66 run up Grymes Hill, but also have it on the weekends. What's the story with the S66 anyway? Why was weekend service so poor that it had to be cut?
  9. I was thinking about the West Shore and have been throughout this whole subway/light rail discussion. The West Shore is an area that is supposed to be the new spot to be developed in 20-30 years and so the North Shore rail rebirth is supposed to be included in that plan. However, what was also discussed was beefing up of more buses, not tons of light rails or any sort of subway. The consensus is that buses are the life line of Staten Island and are cheaper to implement than trains.
  10. And apparently it is running out of Yukon, but I thought originally it ran out of Castleton. There was talk however of it being transferred to Castleton.
  11. When we started getting the 3900s and above here on Staten Island, I believe around that time the 3800s underwent some modifications. I would that's when the battery swap came in as well on some of them.
  12. What puzzles me though is why does the S89 run out of Castleton and not Yukon?
  13. Why would they need to add local buses for those lost express buses? My thinking is that most express bus riders do not use local buses and the ones that do are a small portion. The reason being that most of them have cars.
  14. I don't think that everything should be determined my numbers. Sometimes numbers don't always tell the story. Now why couldn't they run the S66 on weekends as well to cover that portion of the S60? Sure it was underutilized, but you and I know that line was used by students and seniors the most. Before the cuts were implemented, I wrote my representatives, as well as Bloomberg arguing that we've been touting the importance of mass transit and getting people out of their cars and using public transportation and how these types of cuts are doing the exact opposite.
  15. And as I asked before... What correlation do you have that shows that express bus riders use local buses that much?
  16. And what correlation do you have that says express bus riders also use local buses?
  17. Well you and I know that's not likely to happen soon... Most transit companies are looking to see how they can actually reinvent the bus to becoming a subway of sorts. Why are you so anti-bus??
  18. I wanted to see what the service would be like for Christmas Eve and went to look at the schedules of the express buses I use, but it isn't updated, but it is shown on the "Holiday Schedule". What I don't get is why do they show all service as "Good Service" even when that actual service isn't running? Like today, there is no service on the BM1 - BM5 routes, yet they have "Good Service". It can quite confusing because there is no service today due to the holiday, but usually there is service on Saturdays on these lines.
  19. There has been comments from others about express bus service needing to be cut, so I'm curious about the reality of it happening. I think by now everyone should know that I am pro-express bus and am against any cuts in service. :cool:
  20. checkmate is pro subway/train. I understand him and Roadcruiser looking into the future, but I'm just being realistic. I think we may have some sort of light rail here, but quite frankly that will only be a reality if it doesn't involve major infrastructure changes and doesn't destroy the way of life here.
  21. I find Knight Rider to be hilarious... I mean you can't honestly take any of this stuff seriously. I think he just likes to **** around.
  22. The way I see it, express buses in the outer boroughs are interlinked.
  23. I don't know how to reply since I can't understand what you're trying to say. I know you have issues w/me (lol), but what did checkmate do to get you so irritated? Or are you always excited like this?
  24. I believe I answered all of your questions/comments in previous posts...
  25. I am also curious as to when that contract with the city and MTA Bus will end? Bloomberg has said that he is committed to providing transportation services to everyone.
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