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  1. Because most of the low income areas you're referring to are on the North Shore and most of that is due to the housing projects that were forced down our throats and depressed areas like Port Richmond which has a large poor illegal immigrant population. Inspite of all of that, we still the highest median income out of all of the boroughs. You are right about the transportation too in that the poor areas of Staten Island are served decently by the local buses.
  2. And still we have the lowest crime rate out of all of the boroughs, so yes it still works because the crime is in isolated areas of Staten Island, and mainly in the areas where housing projects are.
  3. Most Staten Islanders feel this way, as well as local representatives. When we say we want better transportation, what we really want more than anything is more frequent service and more importantly consistent service, because even with frequent service a line like the X1 still suffers from overcrowding mainly due to inconsistency of buses. Now some may argue that we need a subway, but even with a subway you would still need to make 2-3 transfers and you eliminate that with the express bus. To be honest the commute isn't really that bad. It's the 3 or more connections that are the problem because you will lose at least 10 minutes making each connection. No way around that. Some politicians have argued that the express bus should be cheaper because we don't have subways, but in reality the majority of us see the express bus as the best subway service on the island and really don't mind paying more for it because it eliminates the riff raff that is found on the subway.
  4. And do you know why it was killed off? It's nice to know that were at least considering something. I mean it just makes sense.
  5. Believe me I know how slow they are, I used to work for them, so I can confirm that... Now back to my original thread... I wouldn't see anything being built for at least 20 - 30 years. However, the MTA has to be thinking about future population growth and in 20 - 30 years time if the city continues to expand as it is now, even during a recession, a crosstown shuttle or something that eleviates the overcrowding and congestion on buses would have to be considered. That was basically my point.
  6. So do they have any other unfinished tracks anywhere aside on the second avenue line?
  7. I just merely stated an idea out of curiosity... And as far as your other comment, you must have stock in the MTA to be able to know what will ever be built here.
  8. So what would you suggest then? I'm sure you have 2 cents for this conversation.
  9. If you wanted to head crosstown via the subway, you would still have to go up to Grand Central or down to 14th street for the L.
  10. That idea crossed my mind too (making streetcar routes)... I was thinking about the whole subway shuttle because of the shuttle at 42nd street. Just wondering if they have any other tunnels that they haven't completed? If they don't then why did they build a shuttle just at 42nd street? Regarding crosstown service, what I have noticed noticed with this whole "enforcement" procedure is that buses are still being blocked on 34th street. The funny thing is it is police cars that are parking in the lanes now, so how would streetcar trolleys be any better, even with Select-Bus-Service?
  11. I was traveling a bit yesterday and had to go crosstown. The thought crossed my mind as I crawled on the M34 about if the MTA ever considered or is considering building subway shuttles on the main crosstown streets (i.e. 23rd st, 34th st., etc)? I know many will argue that it would be too expensive and take too long, but seeing how the population is growing here and the congestion problems, I would think it would be something to consider in the future. Thoughts?
  12. If they had those other options do you think they'd want to be bothered with the subway?? That's why I said you should re-think what you're saying because you're forgetting that many bus lines were either partially or completely eliminated, as well as Access-A-Ride for many disabled people, so their only option may be the subway.
  13. That if these people have their Access-A-Ride eliminated and don't have other alternatives aside from the subway then there is the problem...
  14. So here is what I've heard... The only express buses that will be running out of Castleton is the X10 and X14, with a few X11 runs. Meredith Depot will take the X12, X15, X30 and the remaining X11 runs. Yukon Depot will keep the X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X7, X8 and X9. Charleston Depot will take the X17, X22, and X31 which makes perfect sense, seeing where those buses end. I would assume there would be some local lines moving about too. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything else.
  15. Hey dude,


    Hey, how can I get a signature like that? I want one for an express bus line. Thanks in advance.



  16. Since most SI residents are middle class suburban types, many argue that the subway will increase the borough's very low crime rates, so the more pricier express bus is preferred.
  17. We could use a fourth depot and Meredith doesn't count as a real depot...
  18. I notice that in my neighborhood we have two Subways within walking distance from each other, which would be considered a bit healthier than say a KFC... Seems like the KFCs and those places are usually in the more urban areas and I think it's clear why. There is a correlation between eating habits and income. Usually those who earn more eat healthier and vice versa.
  19. The Charleston Depot logo does have a bit of character... The Flatbush Depot logo... Now that's a logo with no imagination...
  20. Mike is just showing you an example of the sort of thinking that was out there towards disabled people back in the day and your comments about excluding disabled people from the subway were the types of things that people would have no problem with during that time period. In spite of the strides that disabled people have made, there is still a stigma that they are somehow not equal to us non-disabled people and so when you make statements about them being too much of hazard to themselves and to those around them you should really think about what you are saying. Disabled people are human beings, many of whom you wouldn't even know were disabled by just looking at them. I just think you need to re-think your selfish thought process.
  21. Whether he realizes it or not, he is indirectly saying that disabled people shouldn't be riding the subway. I understand his reasoning for it, but listen, whatever mode of transportation they use would be "risky" for them and those around them. I used the example in my previous statement not because he's racist, but just to show how wrong his comment is because his statement is a form of segregation. You may not see that way, but that's what it is and it doesn't just apply in terms of the color of someone's skin. Perhaps it doesn't seem so bad because we're talking about disabled people, but if you think about it, it's not too far fetched.
  22. They're at risk regardless to what form of transportation they use, be it the bus, Access-A-Ride, etc. so that argument really doesn't fly with me. Years ago, the buses weren't accessible for them either because many of the wheelchair lifts were broken and people complained that Oh, they shouldn't ride the bus because it takes too long, etc. etc. and today with some changes, boarding buses for disabled people on buses is much quicker and reliable. The point is that with changes to the system, the subway could be made more accessible and in some cases it doesn't require massive overhauls of the stations. As far as the Brighton Line goes, I grew up in Sheepshead Bay, so I've very familiar with the line. If you notice that with several of the stations final being rehabed in Brooklyn, that line may finally be worth riding for wheelchair folks. That is the way we need to be going, especially as the population grows and people live through various disabilities, etc.
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