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  1. They are so 70s looking and slow, swaying back and forth and such. It's interesting that two of the lines that use them (R & G lines) have what seems like the longest wait times.
  2. I mean Staten Islanders were told, yeah you'll be inconvenienced for a while but you'll have a beautiful new South Ferry station. Now the station is up and running and they still can't use the station on the weekends. Mind you completion of the station was delayed by about a year. And even if they're doing work related to Cortlandt St. and the towers, etc. why can't they continue to run the trains normally WITH the normal express service on the weekends up to Chambers Street? So you have local service for the most part and then a shuttle buses at Chambers St, which of course cannot run in sink at all with the ferry... It's stuff like this that makes me avoid the subways at all costs during the weekends. I think 4 -5 years of this nonsense is enough. I'm just wondering how long this is going to continue before they're finally finished with the 7th Ave line? P.S. I thought they finished that area near the WTC site originally when the MTA claimed that they finished it ahead of schedule? So what exactly is there left to do??? Insanity...
  3. There are plenty of disabled people here in NYC. We just tend to overlook them, but they're here and they should have access to the transportation system as well because some of them like many other New Yorkers don't have cars or family members that can transport them around.
  4. The MTA has cut back on Access-A-Ride dramatically, some of it rightfully due to those who abused the system, but they have also cut back on bus service, which means that for some the only choice left is the subway and if that isn't accessible, that means these people are stranded. You talk about these people as if they're not supposed to live. I mean just because they're in wheelchairs or are disabled doesn't mean their lives aren't valuable. They have jobs, families and responsiblities just like we do and they need to get around too. The only difference is that they have disabilites that impede them from doing certain things. If you were in their situation you'd see things very differently.
  5. And what about all of the other routes that were rerouted? I just think passengers have suffered enough with this never ending construction down there every weekend. I mean this has been ongoing for at least 4 or 5 years now.
  6. Charleston Depot is already accounted for. You guys have to remember that Yukon & Castleton have been operating over capacity for many years...
  7. The 7th Avenue line is pathetic in terms of how long weekend service has been rerouted with no subway service to South Ferry. I thought all of that rerouting was for the new South Ferry station, but that station has been open for sometime now. Back in September I used the 7th Avenue line and saw that they still had the trains rerouted and I don't see any good reason for it. Looks like they're doing a station rehab on a few stations, but such little has been done from the last time I rode that it's very hard to justify that as a reason.
  8. It's similar in Staten Island. The politicans if they do care about mass transit usually will push for more express bus service or HOV lanes because they know that its us express bus riders that are more likely to be voting in their favor.
  9. I don't believe they provide shuttle service on every line that they shut down, so theoretically they could save some money that way, particularly lines with duplicate service.
  10. If they don't build them then the groups representing disabled people will continue to file lawsuits. It's not even about trying to help this "small minority" of people as you put it (which I beg to differ on) out of pity or anything. It's a legal matter, which they would win in court. You have what's supposed to be a system for the "public", yet it's not accessible for certain segments of the public. That in and of itself is a problem and that's exactly what they'd argue in court. Here is a link to back what I am saying, so you see either way the MTA will have a problem. http://bayridgejournal.blogspot.com/2010/08/disabled-riders-sue-mta.html
  11. I don't even think there is any place there to wash or maintain buses. Buses are rotated between Meredith, Yukon and Castleton Depots.
  12. I don't Yukon taking those buses. Residents in New Springville have been complaining for years about all of the buses parked outside on resident streets. They also try to use the ETC to park buses on occasion.
  13. There is this one camera on 5th Ave near 41st street near the X1/X7/X9 stop. It seems to snap shots at random and kind of goes haywire and is extremely annoying since it blinds you for a bit. I actually thought it was tourists just snapping photos at random until I saw it last Sat. night upon waiting for an X1. I wonder if the other cameras will be the same.
  14. Charleston is already accounted for in terms of buses so it'll be full. Quite frankly we need a second Charleston to really expand service on Staten Island, so keeping Meredith open is a must because Charleston will be the work horse since it's new and has much more modern facilites than Yukon and especially Castleton. Quite frankly Castleton should be rehabed and really soon. It is really in bad shape and like Yukon since it's in a residential area, parking the buses there is a big problem since there is really no room.
  15. Meredith Depot isn't a real depot. It's more of a overflow place to park MCIs when there isn't space at Yukon or Castleton. Those Castleton lines you listed aren't truly "Meredith's" nor are the Yukon lines it takes on. Since I live near Clove Rd, I always see express buses and local buses heading back to Castleton Depot and I see plent of "Meredith Depot" buses heading back to Castleton with their Meredith logos on them. Here is some info I found out about Meredith Depot... "This depot is located at 336 Meredith Avenue at Chelsea Avenue in Chelsea. It houses 75 express buses. Buses are rotated from the Yukon and Castleton Depots" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_depots_of_the_New_York_City_Transit_Authority#Meredith_Avenue_Depot
  16. Apparently that's not the case but who knows... Has anyone seen any non MCIs at Charleston yet?
  17. Rather plain... And what exactly is the logo supposed to be referring to with the stars and the bridge?? I feel like a bus should be in there some where.
  18. I'm a soccer nut and FIFA has always been corrupt. In fact you can make that argument about soccer in general, going back to the days when the Argentines won the World Cup, especially when they won it at home.
  19. All of the history with the Islanders and those Stanley Cup teams and they can't a new arena out there? Really crazy... Not to mention terrible management.
  20. I thought he was one because he was so adamant about me being off topic. lol
  21. Express buses are fine. What we need is more frequent service. That would get more people out of their cars, which would inturn decrease congestion on Staten Island. To be honest with no traffic I can be in my office in an hour on the X30 on a good day. When there's traffic that can increase to an hour and twenty minutes or more, so it's no such much that we're so far out as it is the congestion.
  22. Queens is big and some of the areas like Queens Village are quite far out. I also had a co-worker who commuted on the BXM10 from Morris Park.
  23. Some of you guys have titles and I'm wondering how they come about... (i.e. Senior Moderator) Can you just name yourself whatever? Hopefully I'm not opening up a can of worms... :eek:
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