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  1. Why in the world did they swap the B64 and B1???? The B64 was a connecting bus to the Coney Island train station. Now it goes basically nowhere. I was asking because I was thinking of the old B1 route which went up to Bay Ridge Ave as the bus that could service the entire Shore Road, since it starts in Manhattan Beach.
  2. I knew that the X17C didn't fully run, during certain parts of the rush hour, BUT it does run with the X17J during the later parts of the rush hour. You see I don't need to look at the schedule because I work in Midtown and I see the X17Cs running with the X17Js around 06:20 - 06:30 which is still rush hour... Besides, there is no need to have the X17C during certain parts of the rush hour since you have the X17J in Midtown and X17A Downtown.
  3. I totally agree. All I am saying is that B/Os should always try to diffuse things. I witnessed a passenger being rude w/a driver the other night because she requested to be let out at the corner late at night where it was well lit and he apparently didn't hear her and instead let her out at the normal bus stop that was poorly lit. What did the driver do? He de-escalated the situation and apologized. Granted the passenger was still pissed off, however the situation could've become worse.
  4. If not SBS, then eliminate some of the local stops along the line. There are far too many stops on the S53.
  5. But B/Os also should always try to defuse those types of situations. Telling passengers that they'll drive slower only enrages the passengers, which obviously is not to their benefit.
  6. When passengers complain about B/Os driving too slow they will tell them that they'll drive even slower, so clearly they sometimes do it for spite. I'm not saying that gives passengers the right to attack B/Os, but if you play with fire enough you're likely to get burned. Now I do know that some B/Os will start their runs a bit later to avoid arriving early thus allowing them to keep a decent pace speed wise, but some of them will just drive slow the entire time.
  7. I heard about this on NY1 this morning as I was getting ready for work. Apparently a passenger (female) became frustrated that the B/O was driving too slow and began to beat up the driver. She was asked later if she was apologetic and she said no because the B/O was driving slowly on purpose. Thoughts on this?
  8. Ulmer Park had some of the new 9000s and back then they had them. I agree that they looked cool.
  9. It's possible. People that take the X18 for example would have to either drive to another express bus or would be forced to take the ferry. The obnoxious slow moving tourists along with the new boats constantly breaking down certainly have not been helping the situation any.
  10. Here's my question... Apparently there were a few people saying that passengers have boarded the M15 SBS oblivious to all of the signs, etc. stating that payment must be made BEFORE boarding and have asked the driver where to put their Metrocard. The driver doesn't answer them and just closes the door and continues driving to the next stop. Is the driver required to state the fare or where to pay on the SBS or does he/she just supposed to worry about driving?
  11. Interesting... So if Ulmer Park had them then why not Castleton and Yukon? The X27/X28 routes don't any areas with hills really, but Staten Island has hills all over.
  12. LOL... Here's what was funny... I did call them. In fact I was down the street literally from Clove Lakes Car Service and they couldn't send any cars to Victory and Clove to get me! They were snowed in.
  13. You need to look at the schedule for the X17C more closely because it does run during rush hours. I see them running during the evening with the X17J. As far as the X14 goes, it's always been that way. Those who need service up to 23rd street usualy get off at Hylan Blvd and transfer there for the X1. As for the transfers go, the commute is already long enough as it is. With the cuts that the MTA has implemented, making a transfer isn't as "quick" as it used to be because it can be difficult to even get a bus since there is so much overcrowding.
  14. I was just wondering because when it snows, you have to literally pray that an express bus will ever show up and with all of the hills on Staten Island, I would imagine a few express buses breaking down with all of the hills. A few years back I literally got stranded in a snow storm. I took an X12 to get in and got off at Manor and Victory. I waited at least an hour for a S54 for a short ride to get me home. Nothing. There were no taxis either, so then I took a Victory Blvd bus to Clove for an S53 that never showed up. I then took another Victory Blvd bus down to the ferry to catch a S48. I got home at midnight after all of that. lol Now the minute I even see a snowflake I leave the office early.
  15. What's your take on express bus service in Queens overall? I used the QM1A a few times and the X68. Seems like service is scarce on the weekends with just one bus an hour on many lines.
  16. I notice that they put snow tire chains on the local buses, but not on the express buses when it snows. Last year I remember an X16 almost got stuck on Victory Blvd going up the hill. Why don't they use snow tire chains on the express buses?
  17. Thanks for posting this. I was planning on taking the X30 tonight too via NJ. I may have to re-think that one.
  18. There are a few "transfer express bus points" on Staten Island, particularly at the Hylan Blvd stop going and coming from the Verrazano along the service road, as well the first and last stop on Staten Island. In Manhattan, some express bus riders will also transfer to other express buses at the first stops, although these are not official transfer points to my knowledge.
  19. Correct, and I'm simply stating that the idea is already in use, which I see with my own eyes every day, so what is your point????
  20. He doesn't know how things work on Staten Island. Plenty of express bus riders already do transfer to other buses at unofficial "hubs" so that idea is already happening.
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