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  1. That legislation for private NYC businesses. The is a public entity controlled by the state. My advocacy group tried to reverse that no coins policy on the express buses, and the only way it could be done is if either Governor Cuomo got involved, or the Board voted to change the policy. Sucks, but that's the deal. I'm not shocked by this. Metro-North and LIRR customers are well represented on the Board, which makes a big difference, and as you know, Metro-North has some of the best customer service out of all of the services.
  2. Well flights in Europe are dirt cheap (I recommend them if you are traveling around Europe - I was talking with a couple I'm friends with the other day about this in fact - they are flying to Paris for their honeymoon later this year, then going around to Belgium, the Netherlands and perhaps Germany since the guy has family from there - the female has friends scattered throughout Italy and elsewhere, so they will be hopping around a bit and asked for my advice, as they have not been before), and quite frankly faster in most cases, but the train ride can be quite competitive and the scenery is great. I did the majority of my travels within Italy by train after a few plane rides that were a disaster. I knew a guy who would take weekly train rides from Florence all the way to Copenhagen. Don't ask me why, but he loved it (the City) and I assume the 12 hour train rides as well. lol I did mainly Intercity trips, but I also did an overnight trip from Rome to Palermo which was fun (about 12 hours). Those trains have areas for you to sleep. I preferred the train just because it's easier. Often times with the plane rides, you have to take the train to reach the airport anyway, which I had to do when I would fly out of Rome, and that's a whole process, so that's why I just said screw it. Just take the train. One thing I did regret at the time since I was technically still a "student", even though I stayed there and traveled after I was done with my studies is to try to get any deals in US dollars. I did a lot of unplanned trips since I was living there, but I also paid for everything in Euros, which at the time was highly disadvantageous seeing as I was paying in US$. The exchange rate is a lot better these days given the turmoil in Europe, but it wasn't so hot when I was living there, so I ran through money as a result. In total I traveled to about 50+ cities throughout Italy mainly via train, with a few places done by car or by bus. I had planned to go to Spain, Greece, France and elsewhere, but because I didn't plan anything beforehand, I didn't go, as I basically stayed until I ran out of money. lol I figured there would be a next time eventually when I go back either to travel extensively, or split my time between NYC and there living. P.S. I spoke with a colleague of mine who uses the Frecciarossa when he goes back to Italy. He's from there. I think the travel time would be pretty close to be honest. I believe when I took a flight from Rome to Florence, the duration was maybe an hour, so direct, it would likely be a bit longer from Rome to Milan. Now with the Frecciarossa, I'm certain that a three hour train ride would be cut down to maybe 2 1/2 or 2 hours, which is pretty good. My co-workers says the trains from Rome stop in Florence, then Bologna and then Milan, so just four stops.
  3. @MHV9218 I remember when they were starting up with Frecciarossa, which replaced the then EuroStar brand in Italy. For anyone who isn't familiar with it, it's basically Italy's high speed rail "premium service". I used to use the old EuroStar (not to be confused with the other EuroStar that serves Brussels, Paris and London), and it was a great service. Milan to Rome in three hours. This Frecciarossa was created to cut down travel times even more though. This is the first incident I have heard of since it debuted a while ago. I can see that the line that the train derailed along (the Milano-Bologna line) is an important one. Whenever you travel by train to Northern parts of Italy, Bologna is basically like a huge hub. The "binari" or tracks at "Bologna Centrale" seem endless. Very unfortunate incident though.... Two dead and 31 injured... I read some more of it. Because of the high speed that the Frecciarossa trains travel at, people were literally thrown hundreds of meters from the train, and one track was completely deformed after the incident. I don't know why, but in Italy, a lot of these train lines are built right next to the edge of cliffs, often times around curves. This could've been a lot worse if this train derailed along an area like La Spezia or Genova up in Liguria. Here are what some of the train lines look like up there. Beautiful scenery, but I used to always freak out at the speeds that we'd get to while traveling. The area where this train derailed tends to be flat, as you can see as I recall when traveling back from Milan to Florence:
  4. Yeah, I'm sure I'll hear about it once they start the next batch. So far they've been on-time and on budget with the discussions I've had with the rollout, so no delays as of now.
  5. If it's any help, all of the express buses are supposed to have OMNY by the end of this year. I will let you know if I hear of any other date.
  6. The Bx20 is only there to provide service to Spuyten Duyvil. It runs to the train. It doesn't need to go past 246th and Henry Hudson Parkway because the Bx7 provides that service already. The Bx20 is already unreliable as it is, so it makes sense to keep it where it is. The Bx10 to 231st Street are buses to serve the train. Those buses usually go back to the depot afterwards, so better to run them and get passengers than have them run empty. There's already shuttle buses that serve the Riverdale and Spuyten Duyvil MNR Station - The Hudson Raillink
  7. I understand the sentiment. I use both Metro-North and the LIRR, and I have never had my e-Tix scanned on the LIRR. I have only had it once or twice on Metro-North, and quite frankly, I was annoyed with the conductor in both instances. If you need to scan it, then go and scan it. On one train, the conductor kept telling me to hold my iPad this way and that way because she couldn't get the damn scanner to work. The tablet is big enough for the scanner to scan it, and yes, there can be discrimination when certain conductors are involved, especially if you are young or thought of as one that should not be riding, so I can understand why XcelsiorBoii felt the way that he did. I find that 99% of the conductors I interact with are fine, but there is always the 1% that are a-holes. It's not what you do, but how you do it. If you come across as respectful, then the passenger won't feel any kind of way. Her attitude was very condescending. There are also the conductors that don't think that customers should be using Metro-North or the LIRR at certain stations. Too bad. My money. If I want to board in the City and not take the subway, it's my money, and it is as good as some guy from the suburbs. I notice that if I am boarding at the Riverdale or Spuyten Duyvil station versus say getting on in Harlem, the attitude from the conductor seems to vary considerably, and yes, if I am in Harlem and want to use Metro-North, I am going to use it. Get over it. The second time, the conductor had a problem scanning the ticket, and again kept telling me to hold my iPad a certain way. The bar code is there. Not my problem if the scanner can't take it. He eventually realized that it was the scanner and not my iPad. Part of the issue I see is the scanners are not that good to begin with. If they want the conductors to use them, then they should ensure that they work properly. I have meetings all over the City, and some of them aren't always in the nicest areas. @Union Tpke when you saw me at the Second Avenue Subway meeting that I had to attend for work with the , I took Metro-North to 125th for the meeting up in Harlem and an Uber back to my office in Midtown. I remember a few years ago. I was getting off at the Melrose station. The conductor smirked and said, are you really getting off here? I guess he thought I was lost. I laughed and said, yes, I am. I didn't take offense to it because I got the joke, but it just proves my point. I don't necessarily fit the profile of riding at certain stations I guess.
  8. Both. lol Thursday AND Saturday, I get in the subway station and had to walk out. Thursday, the 6th Av line was essentially shut down south of 57th Street I believe on down because of some guy on the tracks and some other issues. Bryant Park station was PACKED. I said screw this... Walked back up stairs and got on the express bus and went home and cancelled my plans. Saturday, walk down to 72nd and Central Park West. Countdown clock said 8 minutes for a train. Waited and waited (and this was before 9am) so no delays or anything (supposedly). No train and the clock had barely changed. Walked out, got an Uber and got to my destination on-time. The weeks prior to that, I have had to cancel my plans as well. I keep getting discounts from Uber and Lyft, so I take them. Far less aggravation when traveling in Manhattan as a result, but sometimes I like to try the subway for short rides. I would say most of the time, I have had to cancel my plans. Now when you can get a train they move. It’s getting a train that’s been the issue.
  9. I don’t know about all of that. My subway rides of late have been a disaster. The last two times I have had to leave the station because the trains were a mess, including yesterday.
  10. Please. The ‘s material of late is RIDDLED with errors. Becoming ridiculous already.
  11. Depends on what you mean by "nothing major"... Enough has already happened...
  12. -Latest news: 1. Queens Rally To Fight Service Cuts: 2. Staten Island tweaks to address overcrowding: -SIM2 & SIM11 AM service changes based on overcrowding for the 2 below buses: a. SIM2 at 7:28am has been moved to 7:26am b. SIM11 at 7:20am has been moved to 7:17am These minor adjustments should help alleviate the overcrowding by moving the buses ahead of school traffic. They will be monitored closely. 2. USPS trucks blocking pick-up and drop-off stops at West 230th and Broadway. -We continue to monitor this situation. Various drivers and passengers have complained about bus stops being clogged with USPS trucks for days at a time. This problem has worsened going back to 2019. We reached out yesterday regarding this and noticed no trucks last night and this morning, so hopefully it stops. 3. Greg Mocker - Greg Mocker, the renown transit reporter from PIX11 joined our group yesterday. He has asked to do an interview with us. We will look to arrange something perhaps in February when we speak at the upcoming Bronx Hearing at 1040 Grand Concourse on February 20th.
  13. Do you realize how narrow some of the streets are in Riverdale? Not only that, some of these are private streets, and/or have no sidewalks. I live within walking distance to Wave Hill. People would not want a bus running in that area. I do go back and forth between Hudson Heights and Riverdale, but when I do, I just grab an Uber. 10 minute ride. Riverdale and Hudson Heights have similar demographics. Both hilly areas overlooking the Hudson, but most just drive between the two neighborhoods. I know people on Cabrini Blvd near 186th, and on Fort Washington near 190th.
  14. Assemblyman Braunstein Challenges MTA Chairman Foye About Express Bus Cuts https://www.facebook.com/EdBraunstein/videos/2545124139059586/
  15. Yeah you first need to have a group going. Media will come eventually. You have to know when to pick and choose media attention.
  16. Mary Pearson is in the group. She and I speak regularly: https://issuu.com/cctimes/docs/cct_012520/10?fbclid=IwAR1nLqDLaapq7XbqsMpjsytMM-q1TNBRk837J7GLY9Rqpr1wqfjlfwUl1C4
  17. We were mentioned in the Co-op City Times today:
  18. Talking about it for a year certainly wasn't doing anything either though. Any private company doing that would've been in serious trouble.
  19. You are reaching because you made it sound like Cuomo got rid of Moerdler because of some vendetta. Moedler's term was up for over a year and he was asked to stay on not once but TWICE under Cuomo, so that is a big reach. His term was up in 2016. He stayed on for an extra two years until his replacement was found. Terms are four years, so he was on the board two years after his term expired.
  20. You're reaching now. Charles Moerdler left because his term finished. Source: https://riverdalepress.com/stories/cuomos-mta-revamp-nudges-moerdler-off-transit-board,68630? What Cuomo did any governor would do, which is appoint people that HE wants on the board. No different than anyone else.
  21. 1. What does losing student Metrocards have to do with fare beating? 2. When you are losing hundreds of millions of dollars annually and you're not even sure how much, saying that it's been going on for the longest time doesn't make it ok because it's been happening. I don't think you're old enough to even understand the big picture and how ridiculous the whole thing is. The situation is comparable to ANY place where you are running something where money is involved. Doesn't matter how big it is. You can't address anything if you don't even know how much money you are losing. That's the point, and yes, Byford is the one that was hired to address such issues with his team.
  22. Yeah well my issue is the has had financial woes for years. I don't understand why all of a sudden anything would be different with Byford on the scene. It's not as if Prendergast was so incompetent. Suddenly he arrives, and oh we must provide more funding for the and oh Cuomo is soooo terrible. It's like everyone was trying to find excuses to give him a pass. Well sorry I'm not. Excluding Staten Island, he has been responsible for overseeing these redesigns, and all of them call for massive service cuts, so he doesn't get a pass from me because he's a likeable guy. Doing everything with a smile doesn't make the situation better.
  23. They are losing money because they haven't had a plan to address the rampant fare beating. First off, they didn't even know how much money they were losing. I run a department and if my department was losing money, the first thing I would be examining was why and how much. You can't even address anything until you deal with that first, and who do you think is at least partially responsible for that? Mr. Byford and his team, so this idea that they were losing money and he's completely exempt of any blame is a joke. He's the guy at the top and while he may have Cuomo to answer to, Cuomo's response made it clear that the bleeding needed to be stopped of losing revenue. My issue is the response was a year too late. There are other issues I take with Byford and yes with Byford, not with Cuomo. Blaming Cuomo for everything is a joke. The received the largest capital plan recently EVER of $52.5 billion dollars, with billions more set to arrive via congestion pricing, so money had been approved and more was coming.
  24. Oh please. Listen, was he more customer focused than previous big wigs? No question. Was he knowledgeable? Sure. However, to paint him as a messiah is a bit over the top. I'm not of the belief that he would've stayed that much longer even if Cuomo wasn't around. He may have listened more than others, but that doesn't make everything ok. We are facing fare hikes every two years now with no end in sight. My bus service was the pits under his leadership until I became sick of the lip service and started my own advocacy group. He made it sound like bus ridership tanked just because to justify proposed service cuts, which I found disgusting. No, it was tanking because of POOR service, and ongoing cuts to provide the basics, like providing the service that's on the schedule. The agency continues to hemorrhage funds via fare beating with no solution in sight, and it looks as if that situation will only worsen, so my response to him resigning is mixed. Over the top... It's nauseating.
  25. I don't know why people can't READ BEFORE posting. It's ridiculous. I had to delete 10 threads about the SAME thing with the SAME article linked. Then you have people posting on each of them. It just creates a mess.
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