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  1. I don't know why people can't READ BEFORE posting. It's ridiculous. I had to delete 10 threads about the SAME thing with the SAME article linked. Then you have people posting on each of them. It just creates a mess.
  2. Tonight’s workshop in Flushing was a disgrace! People showed up to discuss their lines and were told to make comments online. What’s the point of coming for if you can’t discuss the lines you use!?? Some people left in frustration.
  3. At smaller depots like Yonkers, they actually have some B/Os that help with cleaning them and mopping them. They dry the buses on the outside by hand, but they also only have ~80 express buses, so it's a very small depot and no overnight service.
  4. Yeah from what I've seen from the outside, the buses look ok. The artics though... That's another matter. lol
  5. Those buses are garbage though, but that doesn't excuse them sending out like that. I think Gun Hill just has some of the busiest lines like the Bx12 and they run the buses into the ground, then send them elsewhere, including Kingsbridge. I will say this... One way to get changes done is to complain to the big wigs. Go to the board meetings and make a stink. That usually gets some results, since those board meetings have media there as well. The board members also get to see how many official complaints come in. If there's a huge spike, then questions start coming up. Yesterday, one board member asked Craig Cipriano about the "442% increase" on some Brooklyn bus lines. He said he had to get back him. LMAO.
  6. I have come to learn that it all depends on who is managing things. Like with every place, some people DO care and try hard. I speak with some people on the inside regularly (people in management, as well as some bus drivers from a few depots) who really care about the passengers, and others... The problem with the is everything is very "compartmentalized". If you're in one position in one department, you don't go making waves elsewhere. I saw this when I interned for them for a few summers in one of their offices as well. If you come in, keep your mouth shut and do whatever it is you're supposed to do, you can work there for many years and even be promoted and retire. I was talking with someone about the situation out on Staten Island. They said things will never change out there unless there's a big shake up with management, and it's true. The only way that Kingsbridge and some of the other depots would improve is if some heads rolled. The has been cleaning house here and there, and there have been some improvements believe it or not. Takes a long time in some cases though.
  7. For a while I needed the BxM3 along Sedgwick on Sundays. Waiting there, the Bx3s always arrived in twos. That's the thing. There isn't a time when buses aren't bunched out of that depot. Sometimes I get to see the buses when I wait for the express bus or the Metro-North shuttle bus. They pass by my stop because the buses are so packed that they can't pick-up any more. Crazy. In the redesign at the workshop I attended, several of us agreed that the Bx1 should be extended up to 246th and Henry Hudson Parkway. That would alleviate some of the load off of the Bx7.
  8. On occasion I would take the Bx1 to 231st and Broadway if I needed a Metrocard, and yeah, there are definitely missing trips. I also have taken the train a handful of times over the years when I was in the South Bronx, thinking it would be quicker than taking the express bus back into the City to transfer, and boy was I wrong. Once you get off at Mosholu Parkway, the Bx1 is hit or miss, and I prefer that over the slow Bx10 with those smaller buses. Never again... None of the local buses are good... Bx1, Bx7, Bx10... So many complaints in my neighborhood. They put a dispatcher down at 231st and Broadway. Service still stinks. When I have to be places like Inwood or Hudson Heights, I just opt for an Uber home, as was the case last night. 10 minutes versus almost an hour by the time I take the train a few stops, then wait 20+ minutes for the Bx7 and crawl along Broadway and finally make it up the hills to Riverdale. They really need artics because the buses come all bunched and packed together, and with the train dumping loads of people at 231st and Broadway, the buses are always packed.
  9. Their buses go through some of the least savory areas, which is one problem. Second they are heavily used, and third, it seems maintenance likes to mess around. I used to see all of their 40 footer buses with the "New York City Transit" changed to "New or CIty Transit". Clearly someone thought that was funny. I guess that's what they waste their time on as opposed to maintaining the buses.
  10. Lol It’s already a mess as it is with buses all over the street around there. That’s another depot that needs to be rehabbed. I don’t think it’s been touched in who knows how long.
  11. OMG... Baisley Park... Let me tell you... Someone showed me photos of that depot using hybrids on the QM4. I almost hit the roof! I made a phone call and showed someone the picture. They made a phone call and got a few MCIs transferred there. There have been no hybrids on the QM4 since then. lol That said, they operate with very few express bus spares. Unfortunately they no longer have the QM4 now. Just the QM21, so they have even less spares now. The same buses are out almost every weekday on the QM21. We got one of their buses a few years ago. 3361 I believe... I got it on the BxM1. I was like what... is... this? They don’t clean or do anything. I have seen some crazy stuff from passengers and otherwise. This was from a passenger on the X27 when I first started my advocacy group: This same bus went right back into service some weeks later, still with the same problem. Smh
  12. OMG Kingsbridge is horrible... I have seen some of their buses in badddd shape... That’s another issue. You have some depots with really crappy maintenance and believe me word gets out. The depots with better maintenance have to clean up the slack. Hell we have been sent some express buses from Spring Creek that are garbage. Yonkers Depot does a great job overall for a small depot. Most things are reported and fixed ASAP, but every depot is different.
  13. One day I was privy to some information without being too particular, but it was pretty crazy the amount of the buses that were out for repair. The other thing is sometimes buses will be reported as “fixed” when they have to be pulled AGAIN for the same problem. Given that some depots are better than others with maintenance, you have situations where buses are sent to other depots to help out. Hell College Point is a good example. They get really backed up sometimes and send express buses elsewhere.
  14. How do you know they are excessive, and why do you care so much anyway? I speak with people on the inside. You can go from having what looks like an excessive amount of spares to having barely enough buses to make service. Have a few accidents and let maintenance get backed up and that can happen fast. Without naming the depots, there’s one that I know for a fact operates some nights with barely enough buses. Scary in fact. With what I have been privy to, I can tell you that the knows who has what and gets reports on how many buses are out to be repaired and all of that. In short, what looks like excess may not be.
  15. Meant to write express train... Damn auto correct...
  16. Latest developments: We have representation now from the North Shore Towers, which is a big QM6 ridership generator. We have asked management to spread our QM6 flier throughout the co-op development to inform all residents. -The has agreed to add more open houses for Queens. One in Bellerose and another in Bayside, but there have been requests for more given how horrendous the Queens redesign is for the express bus network.
  17. Train Time and the e-Tix app are pretty much integrated anyway. I've found the MNRR app to be more reliable. I've had a few instances on weekends when I've been trying to catch an express bus train back to Penn Station, and the stupid LIRR e-Tix app was trying to charge me for a PEAK ticket! Only after several tries would it take me to the City Ticket option.
  18. No changes until at least 2021. At that point they stated that they MAY re-evaluate the situation. What they want to focus on is what ridership looks like.
  19. Yeah yeah yeah. Same old song and dance with you.
  20. What I will do is put on BusTime and see if a bus is coming. On 57th Street, I can usually see one coming west of 8th Avenue, so if I'm waiting on 7th, I'll wait if I'm not in a hurry, but if I'm coming from say 9th and 57th, I'll just walk it out most of the time and peak periods, forget it.
  21. Well we created fliers for all of the Queens express buses with who to contact based off of districts and which elected official covers what. Lots of people in our group have been calling, and we got coverage from Patch.com and Qns.com: https://patch.com/new-york/bayside/northeast-queens-residents-decry-mtas-proposed-express-bus-cuts https://qns.com/story/2020/01/15/mta-bus-redesign-proposal-means-service-cutbacks-for-express-bus-riders-in-bayside-and-whitestone/?fbclid=IwAR3jlCi5Tp4Xi8XMTSHbZ7YjJC3Y7luF9hQlZ1zRHIibHLgc9ohCf-iNqfU Here's the jpg version if you want to give handouts or hang it anywhere: There's a high resolution PDF version as well: https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/Express Bus Advocacy Group - QM1%2C QM3%2C QM4%2C QM5%2C QM6%2C QM7%2C QM8%2C QM31%2C QM35%2C QM36%2C QM44 Express Bus Cuts Flier.pdf?token=AWwVZRXA1B_XmqzbVS4008xgKkpVBN0LKBRNlvyuOw7x_FCGfHd3VMK8SVFu8kRNsm9SzSoSHOZ_FOxbFwaXl3qv7XJvfvYey_9RujenRI0diqAOjCubLg88w8mAQIg5BpQDyhJ1Bjty9yZ07K8EYuVd
  22. Yeah I mentioned it in the November meeting, and everyone looked at me like I had four heads. lol The vibe I got was that's a good idea, but in terms of it being implemented, it would have to approved by the Board, so I will mention it again when I speak at the next Public Hearing.
  23. I was near 34th Street yesterday. I didn't bother with it. It's really not that frequent. If I can walk, I just do that. If it's coming I'll take it, but the waits are usually a good 20 minutes. Not worth it.
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