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  1. It should not be terminated at either location. Where it terminates now there is near a residential area with tons of large buildings nearby that would be forced into two buses to reach the train station. There's a nursing home, as well as a movie theater and other businesses so the bus is a must there. I say this as someone that depended on the B4 growing up. Always people on that bus in that area. There's also the entire commercial area of Emmons Avenue for those that do shopping, dining, etc. that would no longer have bus service.
  2. It’s kind of a moot point now because the Metrocard is dated technology. I was talking about it during a conference call yesterday with the . It came out in the 90s, but the planning and all of that started much earlier. One thing I was discussing was if the technology wasn’t so old that the fareboxes could be programmed to simply deduct the correct fare of $6.75 instead of people dipping and paying say $3.00 or whatever is on one card, only to still be charged $6.75 after dipping a second time. We shall see if the technology is too dated to fix that glitch or not, but on the subway end, all of the talk about OMNY. The has invested a lot in this new payment set up and they are looking at other transit agencies globally and their payment systems. The consensus is that it will bring a ton of flexibility to the system that currently doesn’t with the Metrocard. I may ask for an update on where things are in our next meeting. The last time we discussed it, they were very happy with the progress, and it being on-time for implementation.
  3. There isn’t much to cut, but we’ll be involved in the Queens and Brooklyn ones as well. We were talking via conference call the other day about Queens in fact, as you guys are up next, and we have a lot of QM riders in the group. I haven’t had a chance to read the Queens report, but I believe it is out. I’ll give it a skim when I have a chance. I think they are going to cut a lot in Queens though, so it will be another fight. They already scaled back the QM1 to rush hours only.
  4. @QM1to6Ave As you know, QM1 service at night has been MUCH better. The only trips that go missing now have been when they turn a QM1 into a QM5. Those trips are supposed to run via Fresh Meadows. The only issue I’ve seen is some QM1s disappearing from BusTime. We’ll have some planners in the meeting to see if that can be looked into. Will update you after the meeting.
  5. Uhhhhhh.... My advocacy group doesn't cover local buses, hence why the thread is named "Express Bus Advocacy Group" which is the name of the group... What isn't clear about that??
  6. Not denying that, but still. I've used the stop... I've seen the crowds... Doesn't take away from it needing to be desperately rehabbed.
  7. Latest updates: -Next meeting with the is now scheduled. -Topics include the Bronx Express Bus Redesign, payment issues with the fare box, and bus stop/bus shelter requests, and service issues. If you have service issues, please post them in the next few days and we will review them. Be sure to include the route # and roughly a time when you have had issues.
  8. Speaking of 77th Street, the other thing they did was tile over the existing tile... If you look at some areas, you can clearly see that. 68th Street would need a top to bottom renovation, as it has all sorts of water problems.
  9. Oh please. That subway entrance is a separate matter. They could certainly renovate the station and deal with the subway entrance at a later day. There was a switch problem earlier by Parkchester that practically crippled train service. No idea if that's still going on but there are definitely residual delays.
  10. What are you surprised? Kingsbridge keeps their buses in horrible shape, especially those artics. I jumped on the Bx10 yesterday after voting to catch my Metro-North train since I just missed the shuttle bus and was surprised that the bus wasn’t run down. It was one of the new ones though.
  11. I don't ride the subway at all with any regular frequency these days, especially not in the Bronx... Usually Metro-North... Some of those stations are extremely sketchy and desolate. One night I needed to refill for the next day so I go to refill for an express bus pass. I was at the Pelham Parkway stop. There was some sketchy guy just standing around. Gave me a vibe that did not sit well with me. He definitely looked like he was looking for a victim. I just calmly walked out and on to the express bus, but now I make a mental note of when I need to refill so that I'm not stuck using stations that I don't usually use. You also have people putting devices on the machines to skim cards, so I'm super careful these days.
  12. Wow... They do that kind of crap at 125th. I hate that subway station with a passion. The Meth heads hanging out everywhere. They've got the NYPD down there by the turnstiles, and even then people are standing around like vultures trying to see if they can get people to pay for swipes. It's crazy.
  13. Interesting... Why that station? I would’ve thought it would be a station further south just because of how the underground stations are.
  14. Out of hand how? I don’t use the in the Bronx too often. At Mosholu Parkway I haven’t seen anything, but that’s a very once in a while station that I use... Been well over a year... lol
  15. I posted this in my group earlier today... Pretty funny... This is a sign from the Marathon yesterday. lol
  16. They were out there... Sizable rally down by 2 Broadway, but overall, it seems as if the unions weren’t as vocal as they have been in previous years.
  17. That’s a lot work and money for one day.... I can think of a lot of better things to do...
  18. It goes back to what Larry said... In addition to that, they are trying to change the loading guidelines and adapt a more stingy policy when it comes to providing service. Bus doesn’t use the same loading guidelines as NYCT does. We touched upon that a bit in my first meeting when I was going at it with one of the Bronx planners. Darryl Irick talks about it at one of the Board Meetings, and even though he has retired, the plan is still being carried out (for now). The way to stop it is to get on the elected officials and let them know that it is NOT ok to enact these service cuts, which is exactly what we’ve been doing and will continue to do. Since they are constantly short on drivers, this is another way to address that problem. Simply cut the service, and then you don’t need as many drivers. I’m not exactly sure where in the hell the unions are on this. All I keep hearing the drivers saying is, well maybe your group can help us. Well how about the unions help themselves by making some noise? Everyone is sitting back expecting someone else to save their service. It’s a joke. If my job was potentially on the line, you had better believe that I would be raising hell. I have some people that I need to reach out to in my group that are drivers that can perhaps shed some light on what’s going on there.
  19. We posted the re-route in the group. Buses only skipped two stops. They ran on Madison to 42nd, then came down 42nd to 6th and ran regularly. That said, yes, Queens is going to be a hell of a fight. These proposed cuts are part of a bigger budget cut at the that I talked about previously, and it is clear that they are going to try to sneak them in during the redesigns, and if they are proposing such cuts to the Bronx, they are looking to slaughter service in both Queens and Brooklyn.
  20. MTA PROPOSALS WOULD CUT OUT OFF-PEAK BUSES TO MANHATTAN Riders express outrage at service cuts Posted November 3, 2019 Going to the city in the plush comfort of buses like the BxM1, BxM2 and BxM18 will become impossible in the late afternoon and evening hours if the MTA gets its way in stopping Manhattan-bound service early. JULIUS CONSTANTINE MOTAL / File By KIRSTYN BRENDLEN It’s something Andy Byford has said for months. Bronx buses are some of the slowest in the country, averaging speeds in the borough equivalent to a brisk walk. That’s why the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s bus redesign plan for the Bronx is so important to the New York City Transit Authority president. But since its unveiling last week, reviews have been mixed at best. And for anyone depending on the express bus service of lines like the BxM1, BxM2 or BxM18 — the response is pure outrage. Under the MTA’s proposed restructuring plan, express service will be severely cut, catering the lines more to commuters than simply to people who hope for a fast, above-ground trip into Manhattan. “I moved to Riverdale because I commute to and from Manhattan every day, oftentimes during off-peak hours,” regular express bus rider Vittorio Bugatti said. “I will take the last bus of the evening on Sunday evening. The train is often knocked out, and that is a very quick alternative. No transferring or anything.” But under the proposed changes, southbound service on the BxM1 — which runs from North Riverdale to East 34th Street and Lexington Avenue — will end at 4:45 p.m., on weekdays, while the BxM2 — which runs to 34th Street and Seventh Avenue — ends at 3. The BxM18 would run southbound to Broadway and Battery Place at 5:45 and 7:45 a.m., returning northbound back to Riverdale Avenue and West 261st Street at 4:15 and 7:15 p.m. Pushing against the wind Bus service is already frustrating, Bugatti said, citing regular missed or late express buses as well as poor information about when — or if — those buses will arrive. The cuts mean those still relying on that service are left without a fast route, especially when they’re coming home from work in the evenings. “This service is not exactly cheap,” Bugatti said. “It’s $13.50 every day. They call it a premium service, but we’re not getting that.” It’s because of those problems Bugatti founded a Facebook group focused on express bus advocacy, where commuters commiserate on their shared experiences using the buses while fighting for better service. “The main reason why I started the group was because there was a pattern a couple of years ago where you started to see lots of missing trips,” Bugatti said. “The BxM2 runs roughly every half hour in the morning, so when there’s no bus, you’re stuck waiting for another half an hour, and it makes people late for work.” Many transit observers expected the vast majority of changes to the bus network to affect local routes, which Byford has been the most vocal about during various presentations he’s made about the redesign plan. Winding routes, traffic, and a lack of infrastructure like dedicated bus lanes or advanced traffic signals all contribute to the snail’s pace of buses in the borough, according to the transit executive. But while MTA has branded the plan a “final plan,” it’s not really quite final. The MTA is scheduling community meetings around the Bronx to discuss the changes, and what might be modified ahead of a wide-scale adoption. Speeding up the buses Because bus speed averages between 3 and 7 mph in the borough, the MTA looked at a variety of ideas including increasing bus frequency, creating more direct routes, and developing better spacing between bus stops — code for eliminating such stops. Buses in the southern and eastern parts of the borough saw significant change, but those serving the northwest side of the Bronx will move forward with few changes. The Bx1, Bx7, Bx9 and Bx10 all run every 15 minutes or more frequently on weekdays, according to the report, and that will continue. The Bx20 — which runs only at peak times — also will maintain a roughly every-15-minutes schedule between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m., between and 3:45 and 8 p.m. on weekdays. The routes remain mostly unchanged as well with relatively few stop removals. A stop near 2736 Henry Hudson Parkway serving both the Bx10 and Bx20 will be removed. The Bx9 will lose two stops along Broadway, at Tim Hendrick Place and West 236th Street. Don’t forget the drivers Carol Radel depends on the BxM2 each day, but worries what cuts to evening service will do not just for those working in the city, but others who might not have many other options to get around. “It’s going to be an inconvenience, but I can get around,” she said. “Riverdale in general, for people with limited mobility and seniors, it’s going to be horrible.” There are some other options available as well like the Metro-North, Bugatti said. But returning uptown will require commuters to double back from Grand Central. The 1 train is frequently down on weekends and has few elevators, making it difficult or impossible to access for people with mobility issues. “I’m afraid if these changes actually happen, a lot of people are going to be shut in,” Radel said. “Especially in Riverdale, where there’s so many seniors. If people can’t come visit them, if they can’t come to a show or something, it’s very isolating.” Radel also is concerned about another demographic not talked about a lot with the proposed changes — the bus drivers themselves. Although they’re not responsible for changes, they’re the ones who get the brunt of rider anger. “If there’s a regular driver, people are yelling at them ‘Where were you?’” she said. “People are yelling at you, it’s horrible. I can’t imagine having to deal with that.” If the schedule changes weren’t enough for express buses, routes are changing, too. For example, the BxM18 will no longer travel down Fifth Avenue, instead being redirected to the Henry Hudson Parkway to avoid the congestion of local streets. The BxM2 will take a similar route. That means that some uptown stops along Central Park will be eliminated. The BxM3 will still travel down Fifth Avenue from Yonkers, as will the BxM1. Express riders aren’t accepting these changes quietly. In fact, they’re not accepting them at all. Many already have started protesting the service cuts online, and are organizing to attend community meetings once the MTA starts rolling them out. Bugatti is one of the leaders of that movement, putting together a flyer informing express riders of the changes, and encouraging them to contact their local elected officials to voice their concerns. “It’s definitely a quality of life issue,” Bugatti said. “We have to really push and petition.” Source: https://riverdalepress.com/stories/riders-express-outrage-at-service-cuts,70399
  21. The information given to the OP is correct. Only monthly passes come printed on a "Metrocard" (it's actually a paper one, and not the standard Metrocard) when you get a Uniticket, because the thinking is that monthly commuters will likely use their Metrocard to transfer to the bus or subway afterwards. When I get monthly tickets for Metro-North, I keep a separate Metrocard for the express bus because those paper Metrocards can wear out or bend very easily despite being printed on heavy paper stock, and yes, if you get a monthly with the Uniticket, you can simply flash the pass to the bus driver, showing the part that is shown above where the "HD TD" is stamped. That said, I have not bought a MNRR or LIRR paper ticket in ages!! I use e-Tix app for both. They are on my phone and iPad and come in super handy when I need a ticket and am in a rush. There's even the option for a monthly pass. Cuts down on a lot of waste...
  22. I was interviewed last week in the Riverdale Press regarding the proposed express bus cuts. The story should be online in the next few days.
  23. Your comment wasn't clear. You should've just said that from the start.
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