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  1. Well if they do it, I expect them to cut something somewhere else. Byford is on record as saying that they are operating with a "shoe string" budget.
  2. Interesting. I use some old school Westone earbuds and the tips keep them nice and snug in the ear. I had a pair of HTC ones from one of my old phones that were still new in the box and I've been ordering those since and they too fit nice and snug.
  3. Come to think of it, I have tried Apple earbuds, and I don't think the fit works at all. They don't fit snug enough, which is likely part of the problem.
  4. Word was just released via Facebook that the Spencer Estates/Country Club waterfront Bronx communities in CB10 will NOT see changes to the Bx8 or Bx24, thanks to strong opposition from the aforementioned area and thanks to Assemblyman Benedetto and Council member Gjonaj whose offices made the announcement.
  5. What I can't figure out is why people are standing so close to the platform edge to begin with...
  6. There are politics with most agencies. That said, the is looking to lower costs, not add to them by running buses into other states. Additionally, I don't think too many Staten Island elected officials are pushing for such connections, not enough to get anything done anyway. Staten Island is still very car centric, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It's hilarious... Years ago when I was living there, I noticed I gained a few pounds, in part because I was getting in cars when I was on the island and not walking.
  7. Too much parking would be lost #1, and #2 the merchants along that corridor would complain to no end at the community board meetings about lost business. The DOT has to work with various stakeholders, which doesn't just include bus riders. It includes drivers, merchants and anyone else impacted by the changes. Ultimately these groups all pay taxes, and taking out all of the public parking would be extreme and would negatively impact a number of businesses. The parking lots are private, not public, and people pay to park there. Not only that, but they are only there for the people patronizing the businesses located in that particular parking lot.
  8. It comes down to demographics and train service. The BMs try to serve areas away from the Q train, so it serves the Eastern parts of Midtown and Downtown since there is no train service there. The X27 and X28 serve different areas of Brooklyn, with a different demographic.
  9. I don't know why, but I couldn't respond to this post from my iPad, so here goes... My response was that the Major Deegan is irrelevant. There are traffic back-ups along 230th as well, so the question is where does the traffic go if they implement this? There is no question that something needs to be done to help the buses move along that corridor, but I don't see any other traffic mitigation plans in place for the overall area.
  10. There are stipulations in place for a reason, otherwise there's no point. If those stipulations aren't followed, it could be mean federal funding being yanked in the future, something the can ill afford. Certain projects are eligible for federal funding (e.g. the SBS lines which are supposedly working as Bus Rapid Transit lines in lieu of actual subways), and the along with NYC in general gets lots of it. It's in their interest that they play nice and abide by the stipulations. We've got a lot of new buses in place now in part with federal funds.
  11. You're not there enough to see the congestion. Something needs to be done. I'm just not sure this goes far enough in addressing what happens with the traffic in the overall area.
  12. It seems as if you are trying to excuse the behavior by claiming that it's "an industry standard", as if that makes it any better. Two wrongs don't make a right. I fully support worker reform in the system, as it is surely needed. At the same time, there are always some bad apples in the bunch, and I fully support weeding them out. They ruin things for the workers that give a damn and try to make things better.
  13. Vehicular trafficking? lol Anyway, that traffic has to go somewhere. It doesn't just disappear.
  14. There are some workers that are abusing sick days, and the knows about it, so they are cracking down on it. Let's put it this way... Certain days see a high number of call-ins for sick days, and it leads to shortages causing trips to go missing... Lots of them. Case-in point... Monday morning, we had THREE missing rush hour buses on the BxM2. The 6:00 which is the first bus of the morning was MIA, then the 7:30, and then the 8:30. May not sound like a big deal, but most of the rush hour service is at best every 15 minutes, or every 30 minutes. The times that the trips went missing buses were scheduled every 30 minutes, so people were royally pissed, especially the Mount Sinai crowd.
  15. Yup. Next time they'll get their **** in order before putting out such information.
  16. As I said before local buses are different. Hourly express bus service is one thing. Hourly local bus service is another. Doesn't make any sense to run a local bus once an hour. Even overnight it's no good. Waits are simply too long...
  17. Well maybe if we didn't spend so much in those damn mezzanines there would be money for other things. Such a waste of space...
  18. -Latest news: ATTENTION X27 and X37 riders: The private express bus service being considered that MAY serve 3rd Avenue now has the proposed stops finalized. Service is STILL PENDING. We need 300 signatures!! Petition will be coming VERY SOON... Please note the following: -Proposed fare would be $5.00 (bills or coins ONLY for now) and $3.00 for seniors -Commuter books would be available ($40.00 for adults, $35.00 for seniors - available on the buses) More to come.... Any questions, let me know. Bay Ridge Proposed bus stops now
  19. I saw that Saturday. I was considering going down to Tribeca. I saw that and said NOPE... No subway for me!! It has really become horrendous. I have really been limiting my use of the subway because of the ongoing issues, and come September it will be even less. I've been studying alternatives to get me to and from Hudson Heights. At night I will simply take an Uber home. Going there from Midtown, I will likely take Metro-North and then grab an Uber the rest of the way. Between the train, and the elevator nonsense, I've had enough.
  20. That's precisely why they are car centric in the first place... Bus service is horrendous...
  21. You can get off and do whatever you want, but the idea is for you to transfer from the BxM18 to another express bus (either a BxM or a QM). If you look at the BxM18 timetable, it notes transferring to other express buses, so if you are asked by the driver, that's what you should say to avoid any problems. I've never seen anyone kicked off before, provided they get off at the listed transfer points, but sometimes assumptions are made that passengers want the wrong bus (it happens a lot with local bus riders accidentally getting on the express buses), so that's my point. If you're asked by chance, just pretend like you're transferring to another express bus.
  22. You are supposed to get off at the one of the transfer points listed or the driver may give you a hard time. The transfer points are Madison and 29th, Madison and 44th and Madison and 56th and it is usually strictly enforced.

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