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  1. Cipriano has to. More of the bus folks are becoming fed up with subpar service and demanding better. I have met quite a few ordinary commuters like myself since I started my group that have been on him non-stop. He sat in front of me in my second meeting and I didn't hold back on my criticisms of the poor service. Very nice guy from what I see, but I'm sure I rubbed him the wrong way. lol
  2. Yeah well the is a public agency. They have received a lot of bad press over the years for not being good neighbors. It is easy to push for something when it doesn't impact you directly as in having to live with something. Their responsibility is to look at all sides and weigh the pros and cons. All it takes is one person to dig their heels in.
  3. Yes I know. I had a quick conference call with someone at the today. We discussed service. They are doing the best they can. There are simply not enough drivers, so there will be gaps, and there is no way around it. As I said, the overnight work is being done via overtime which is voluntary, so if drivers don't sign up for it, there will be even more gaps in service.
  4. Yeah. I know a lot of Yonkers drivers in my advocacy group. I speak to a few of them regularly. They are very short on drivers as it is. A lot of them are sick and at home in quarantine, some for several weeks at a time. It's not a big depot. There are so many missing trips during the day and they have been open for days. Some guys are doing overtime overnight, but not everyone wants to.
  5. If it was that easy, it would've happened already. The homeless have rights and they can and have sued the City for harassment. That is why it is a tricky situation. That's also why they had cops at the end of the terminals, because then you can remove them from the train since it's a terminal and all people are supposed to get off, otherwise, you can't do much. You have to assume that they entered the system legally (made payment to do so), and thus have a right to use the system.
  6. A few updates regarding overnight express service: -We requested earlier BxM9 service to address the overcrowding problem. Dispatcher came on the 6:15am bus this morning and promised a 5:45am bus would start up next week (passenger on the bus told me Tuesday) -Some express bus lines are now requiring passengers to have ID in order to board to combat the growing homeless problem, as they are trying to ride back and forth just as they do on the subway. I have accounts of at least 35 passengers on one express line the other night. The smell was horrible and many of them had no mask either. In addition to the ID, police are stationed on some lines as well to mitigate the problem. -I have some folks that are riding overnight checking things out and giving me updates. Some QM6 trips have not been stopping along Queens Blvd despite what the maps say. One driver was held by dispatch but did not open the door or pick up anyone, so in case anyone tries to get it along Queens Blvd, it would be best to get at Main Street and Union Turnpike. @BM5 via Woodhaven I just got off of a call regarding some questions/issues I had. If the BxM7 stop situation isn't fixed, I'll reach out about it again, but give them a few days to fix it. All BxM7 buses are stopping along the Bruckner making BxM8 stops, and staying on the Bruckner to Co-Op City.
  7. They inquired about your complaints and I told them about them, so hopefully they prioritize them. Keep filing the complaints, but take video of it too and screenshots of the buses on BusTime to send in as proof.
  8. I said that they will make ALL BxM8 stops along the Bruckner, which has always been the case from the beginning. I didn't say anything about the loop for that reason. Sometimes there are limitations with BusTime that create confusion, and this an example one of that. I alerted them to the issue earlier this morning. I'm not sure how long it will take them to fix it. They had to make modifications to BusTime for the BxM7 overnight service. Without going into the particulars, every time a change is needed, it has to be put in as a request for the people that take care of it, and that's a process. There isn't a huge team that works on this all day.
  9. I don't know what you mean by gaps, but again, this is only temporary overnight service being done on overtime, so there are no gaps to be filled.
  10. Probably because of which drivers are available, and the depot situation down there. They are covering the lines with what drivers are available, which may not be from the home depot.
  11. I forgot that we've been complaining about the need for earlier BxM9 service. I was promised our request would be sent up the chain, so the answer is yes, the BxM7 is making ALL BxM8 stops along the Bruckner.
  12. It's making all BxM8 stops on the Bruckner for sure. I haven't heard anything about it doing the entire BxM8 route. I will check with someone internally to find out though since I was talking with someone earlier about the service.
  13. If there isn't bus service that works for them, customers have the option of contacting the and the will arrange car service for them. There simply is not enough drivers to cover every area #1, and #2, drivers have to sign up to take the work, which is all overtime. If drivers don't sign up for it, the trips won't be filled, which is another problem, hence why they did it this way. They are trying to provide coverage with what drivers they can.
  14. I got so angry reading this. I took to Twitter just now and mentioned your problems. We're demanding that they expedite your complaints and start cracking down on drivers doing this crap. An essential worker especially should not have to deal with this **it. Drivers should be ashamed of themselves doing this, and it is definitely discrimination. Drivers have NO authority to ask ANYONE for any ID or question them about why they are riding. This is explicitly stated on every bus schedule.
  15. I wouldn't have showed him anything. I would've recorded the incident. Disgusting. I went and got groceries yesterday and took the express bus home.
  16. I was talking with someone about this earlier who thinks that the may try to run Ubers and Lyfts to cut bus and train service overnight down the road.
  17. TRANSIT 9:33 PM MTA BUS DRIVERS BRACE FOR SUBWAY SHUTDOWN UNRULINESS SPILLOVER By Jose Martinez@JMARTINEZNYC An MTA worker drives a bus through Flushing, Queens during the coronavirus outbreak, April 27, 2020. Photo: Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY Spitting attacks against MTA bus drivers are up, even as ridership has shrunk during the coronavirus crisis, agency statistics show. Now with overnight subway service to be suspended daily from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. starting Wednesday, bus operators are concerned more unruly passengers will make their way from trains onto their vehicles, which will be out in far greater numbers. “Being a bus driver at 1 a.m., you’re already on edge,” driver Michael Enriquez, 31, told THE CITY. “This amplifies things because it seems the problem is being shifted from the subways to the buses.” Since Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mid-April executive order that all people must wear masks while using the public transportation system, there have been at least eight incidents in which MTA bus operators were harassed or verbally threatened, according to agency spokesperson Andrei Berman. Through the end of March, the MTA logged 31 incidents in which drivers were spit on, up 40% from 22 during the same period last year. “Attacks on our bus drivers are completely reprehensible,” Berman said. “These are the heroes moving essential frontline workers in the fight against this pandemic.” During the overnight subway shutdown, the MTA plans to put an additional 344 buses — free to ride — into service to move the approximately 11,000 riders who have been taking the trains from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. Previously, 235 buses ran during that time. The MTA is also giving pre-dawn riders employed in key service jobs the opportunity to book on-demand rides with taxis and for-hire cars as part of its “Essential Connector” program. “We are a public transportation agency, we want people to be using public transport,” said Sarah Feinberg, interim president of New York City Transit. “But we’re going to make sure we don’t leave people high and dry.” ‘Picking Up the Slack’ The shift of riders to the buses, though, has bus drivers and the Transport Workers Union worried about a potential influx of disturbed passengers. There will be security at each subway station and homeless outreach workers at all terminals, according to MTA Chairman Patrick Foye. Bus employees on Tuesday received a bulletin advising them to report “apparent homeless customers” to the Bus Command Center and “continue in service.” “That has been flagged for us and we have flagged that for NYPD,” Feinberg said. The front of an MTA bus in Brooklyn is blocked off during the coronavirus outbreak, April 26, 2020. Photo: Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY “The MTA and the police are going to have to manage this very carefully,” said Tony Utano, president of TWU Local 100. The NYPD has said it will deploy more than 1,000 police officers to enforce the shutdown of all 472 subway stations, with city social services workers steering those who have been sheltering in the subway toward help. But the NYPD did not respond to questions from THE CITY about staffing level on buses Tuesday, when two men were reportedly stabbed aboard a Manhattan bus at about 3 p.m. Bus drivers are now separated by a chain and three rows of seats from passengers who enter and exit through rear side doors. But that hasn’t provided much protection from aggressive riders, drivers said. Georgetta Sterling, an MTA bus driver for 19 years, said she had to call for police help two weeks ago after a passenger became angry when she asked her to put on a mask. In 2017, Sterling said, a passenger spit on her after she asked the person to fold a stroller. “We were getting the abuse before, and this is just an elevation of that,” Sterling told THE CITY. “We’ll be picking up the slack for the subway and you just don’t know what you’re going to encounter. It’s scary.” Cuomo and MTA officials have said the overnight subway shutdown is expected to last for the duration of the pandemic, further straining an agency that has suffered close to 100 worker COVID-19 deaths. Many of the dead were bus operators. Eddie Muniz, a subway conductor who worked on the overnight shift, said he expects the shutdown won’t be easy for bus drivers. “If they can’t control the problems underground, how are they going to control them above-ground?” Muniz asked. “They need to have some type of place for people to go that isn’t the buses.” Source: https://thecity.nyc/2020/05/bus-drivers-brace-for-subway-shutdown-unruliness-spillover.html?fbclid=IwAR0SqRueG6dHYkuUVgsDPL6OaC9wHwYpNwwctcRnCx-0yr10MG43d7KxHdg
  18. Yeah, I was talking with someone on the inside about this. They said last night they had a serious problem with homeless people riding the express buses. I also spoke with a driver that had the same problem. People coming on the bus asking about bathrooms, smelling to high heavens, with no mask on. Totally unsafe. A lot of drivers don't want the overtime now as a result (all of the overnight work on the express is overtime that was added), but some drivers are turning down the work, per a few drivers I spoke with in my group.
  19. I heard from a driver I know that there were numerous homeless people riding the express bus last night. I didn't realize it was free overnight?!? Said the smell was horrible. Can't imagine being on an express bus with the same air circulating with homeless people getting on with no masks.
  20. Apparently this overnight work is overtime and a lot of drivers aren't taking the work....
  21. Unbelievable... Disgusting to change the sign like that and then pretend they are not in service. I would get screenshots of it beforehand just in case, but they can check BusTrek and see.
  22. I'm not opposed to some express buses running overnight, as some lines are must or would perform well. I think running all of them during normal times though would be overkill. There are definitely some lines that do quite well late at night and could perhaps have service extended longer. Here are the candidates based on observations and usage: BxM2 - The 12am and 12:30am buses tend to well. Part of the reason is the train is knocked out a lot and in some cases, the BxM1 stops running earlier (on Saturdays and Sundays this is the case), and the express bus is much faster than the subway late at night. I can recall back in the day getting home from Midtown late nights coming from the bar in about 35-40 minutes. Impossible to do with the train, plus the local bus, but comparable to Metro-North with the shuttle bus. I wouldn't give it 24/7 service, but perhaps a bus or more back to Riverdale would do ok, but nothing more than that. BxM4 - Same thing here. The late buses to Woodlawn do quite well for whatever reason. I have seen several BxM4s quite crowded late at night. This was one reason BxM4 riders were so vocal about not having their service cut. Many riders live right along the Grand Concourse, and the BxM4 is alot more accessible than the subway, especially for the disabled and the elderly population, of which there are a lot. It's also a safety factor. Many of the co-ops along Grand Concourse note the BxM4 express bus as an amenity. Given the hilly nature of the areas off of the Concourse, it would be a pain dealing with the subway at any time. BxM7 - Co-Op City should definitely have 24/7 service. Lots of residents work overnight and depend on the service. BxM6 - Parkchester is a similar demographic to Co-Op City. Transit workers, nurses... People that work overnight. I have taken late BxM6 buses back to Manhattan, and while never packed, there are always good crowds on them late at night to Manhattan and also back to Parkchester. The BxM6 is a lot faster than the train too. Not sure I'd give it 24/7 service, but a bus or two wouldn't break the bank back to Parkchester. BxM9 - This line should also have 24/7 service. Throggs Neck is truly a transit desert, and the greater Throggs Neck area overall is quite remote. Silver Beach, Edgewater Park and several other smaller communities all lie within the greater Throggs Neck area, plus you have people from nearby Country Club and the Spencer Estates areas that alternate between the BxM8 and BxM9. The end of the BxM9 is quite walkable to the BxM8, as I have done it several times. BxM10 - This is another line that is quite bus late at night, mainly because the Albert Einstein College of Medicine campus. The express buses back to City can become quite crowded. It is probably one of the best performing reverse peak express bus lines in the City outside of Staten Island lines, and right up there with lines like the BxM7, as many of the students and medical staff from Manhattan prefer the express bus over the subway, which often knocked out anyway. X27 and X28 - I would run a few extra express buses back to Brooklyn so that service ended around 1am or 1:30am and that would suffice. BM1 - BM3: You could run service until midnight back to Brooklyn and that would suffice. SIM3C - I would make this line 24/7. Long overdue. The SIM33C runs late enough the week but could run later on weekends, so I'd add a few extra buses SIM4C - I would make this line 24/7 as well. SIM2 - I would restore off-peak service to hourly service to allow ridership to grow. It would take a large burden off of the SIM1C, For the QM2, QM5 and QM6, I would either restore some service or leave it as is, and run the QM15 until midnight. Most of these additions would not require a large amount of service. A bus here and there, and most would be hourly or every half hour.
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