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  1. lol... Would be funny if that's the case... Would be better if we didn't have to guess in the first place...
  2. I'm confused... You say that he always leaves early, but left at 9:41 tonight? Why is that? In other words, I don't follow what you're writing. What caused him to leave one minute late tonight?
  3. For the BxM6-BxM10, bus stop removals in the Bronx. BxM1, BxM2, BxM4, BxM11 - The routing and the elimination of stops.
  4. Queens is up next... I can tell you that there was a lot of negative feedback about the proposed Bronx express bus changes, so we shall see how things go.
  5. Yeah 2nd is fine off-peak and weekends. We're talking about rush hour in this case. ------ -A few updates: We have a lot more BxM4 riders in the group. They are all aware of the proposal to eliminate the BxM4 south of Woodlawn. A petition was already circulated and sent to an elected official. We'll now await the draft plan that should be released October 15th and go from there.
  6. They're all bad, and 2nd is pretty bad too. I assume you're referring to the BxM1. We've used all of them over the years, and 5th can great some days and bad other days. 2nd can be slammed at times. It's a little better now with the SAS project complete, but we've been stuck over there plenty of times in the past.
  7. And what's the alternative? Second isn't any better, and neither is Lex.
  8. Apparently we do. The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.
  9. With the help of Alan Maisel's office, we have convinced the to enact a temporary detour for the BM1, BM2, BM3, and BM4 lines to avoid ongoing construction at Ocean Av and Cortelyou Rd.
  10. I need to look into that and see how service has been in general. I will be going to Queens regularly now with the QM5 and QM6, but I used the QM2 a few weekends ago, and the trip took forever going to Whitestone. We took 59th Street over and it took a while.
  11. You've been going on about this ad nauseam. If it bothers that much, you should speak with your elected officials about it. That's what they're there for.
  12. The fareboxes are the only thing that they may share with the . The routing and all of that is decided by Academy.
  13. Not following... What does any of that have to do with drivers getting a ticket? If they operating in a manner that precipitates them receiving a ticket, then whether they are with Academy or the is irrevelant.
  14. Just got word that it should be REGULAR express bus service starting around 4:15pm today.
  15. Crowded is not standing though. That's what would have to happen. The QM5 got the 5:10 trip because it was standing room only on the first 5:30 bus, so they shifted some trips around and basically cut back on service during the 6 am hour, thus keeping the change cost neutral. If there is crowding on the earlier buses, please let me know which ones and which lines, and I will have it looked into. It was the same thing with the BxM8. They look at the Metrocard swipes. That's how they can tell if there is ongoing overcrowding. With the BxM8, they sent out someone to tell passengers that they knew about the overcrowding, and they were adjusting the schedule to add an earlier bus, so they cut a later bus to create a 5:30 trip, making it cost neutral.
  16. The trackers should be working on the bus. I will post the bus# in my group.
  17. Not probably... It is... lol The QM3 only makes sense if you are further north and east of Penn Station in Manhattan. That's why the QM3 runs along Northern, otherwise it would be in direct competition with the LIRR. That said, there has been a push for more express bus service in Northeast Queens, so the QM3 could get more trips as part of the Outer Borough Transit Fund. https://qns.com/story/2019/04/03/northeast-queens-lawmakers-announce-upcoming-transit-improvements-for-outer-borough-commuters/?fbclid=IwAR3gAcJoqPaMnIncYbuzbUD5vxD7nn-xMomvYmycJIx70VD0n6r32gchXUE
  18. Exactly. If the LIRR is a mess, then those people will take the QM3 instead, but that isn't often. There are also some Long Islanders that will drive to the QM3, but not that many of them.
  19. Because the QM3 riders... A lot of them alternate between the QM3 and other express bus lines like the QM5 which is much more frequent and runs 7 days a week. The other riders use the LIRR, which is quicker. Most of the usage comes from Little Neck and Douglaston, and neither area is that dense population wise. I have a few QM3 riders in my group. They pretty much know each other and work further away from Penn Station, so it makes sense to get the QM3. A lot of residents there opt for the LIRR though, which is seen as the more professional thing to take, and the trains are more frequent too. The QM3 runs every 30 minutes in the AM and PM.
  20. Reading is fundamental. That is the AVERAGE weekday ridership, not the yearly ridership. There are only 3 buses in each direction, and there are only 57 seats per bus. You do the math from there. Some trips obviously had more riders and some less, but on average, per weekday, there are 117 riders. That works out to about ~20 passengers per bus.
  21. I couldn't believe it. I went to step on the bus thinking oh he's holding the bus for us how nice of him, only for him to put his hand out and refuse to let me board. He goes, "don't you see the officer right there?" I'm thinking what in the hell does the traffic officer have to do with me getting on, and why is your door open if you aren't accepting passengers? Then as I'm standing there puzzled, some guy in plain clothes comes out of nowhere and he tells me, he's an employee. I'm still standing there in shock. Should be interesting to see what happens, because quite a few people were pissed when I posted that in the group, and there are plenty of eyes looking. They confirmed on Twitter that they got my complaint and would investigate, and apologized that I couldn't board the bus. If he had pulled out it would be one thing, but he sat there in that spot for several lights. Just crazy.
  22. OMG!! Tempers are definitely up tonight.... In my group people have been waiting for an express bus for almost 40 minutes. LONNNNGGGG lines too. I waited an hour for one the other night because the stupid driver had his door open but wouldn't let us board. I figured, ok fine, another bus is coming... I waited from 6:26 until 7:26!! I took photos and filed a formal complaint and then Tweeted the too. Next time he'll think twice. We couldn't get on, but some guy in plain clothes he lets on out of nowhere, telling us he was an employee. Total BS... He was in the same spot shown in the photos, but with his door open, and sat there for several lights. Douche bag... Why not let us on?? You can see where the bus stop is too...
  23. Yeah.... They have frozen zones in place. My contact is out of College Point, but he is retired. I can still chat with him though.

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