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  1. This is what was proposed.... http://www.mta.info/press-release/mta-headquarters/mta-releases-proposed-2020-2024-capital-plan-directing-historic-level Things like new buses, train cars, etc. for starters. In any event, they'll have an ongoing revenue source via congestion pricing in addition to other revenue sources, not to mention they'll be asking for another fare hike next year since they are mandated still by law to increase the fare every two years. With the amount of cash coming in at this point, it's time for them to start making due with what they have. Their capital costs are out of control, as is their operational budget.
  2. Please. They're getting 52.5 BILLION for their capital plan, plus BILLIONS from congestion pricing, plus $50 million that's earmarked for improving transit in transit deserts.
  3. Yes it has to be a big effort. It was very successful in the Bronx. The MTA basically told me they weren’t going to leave me along until I came in to meet because people they were getting so many complaints about the redesign proposals. We have a lot of Queens riders so hopefully we can get the same kind of turn out. It’s a question of who to contact as well.
  4. That's what said and who in the hell uses Grand Av to for express bus service? I just don't get any of that... We'll come up with a flier the way that we did for the Bronx and start outreach ASAP. The whole thing is outrageous.
  5. You think? They pretty much gutted weekend service almost entirely. There is NO Sunday express bus service anywhere in Queens! None!! No more QM3 at all!! Then they provide this rindy dink Downtown service, with some lines have THREE trips!! Worthless!! The Middle Village/Glendale split really is stupid. They split up the QM25 and have it serving Brooklyn, where there is already subway service and put an express bus on Grand Av. Talk about stupid...
  6. No it doesn't. I've used it so I know... Additionally, that isn't the only part of peoples' commutes, so a true express would be great.
  7. QMs should be running regular service Monday and Tuesday since they are Bus. @checkmatechamp13 and myself had a discussion with the this week in fact about providing more notice with the holiday schedules in general, but this is all they have up and this isn't for Bus: https://new.mta.info/schedules/bus/special We also have some dispatchers in my group, so the information that I posted seems to be accurate, which is regular service for Bus express buses. I can't speak for the local buses though, since we don't cover them. Some NYCT express bus routes have holiday schedules as noted above. The SIMs will have extra getaway service as well.
  8. As I said earlier, which stops in the Bronx aren't "major" ones? They all are... Doesn't mean that faster service isn't needed. It takes FOREVER from Woodlawn or Mosholu Parkway down to just 125th.
  9. Which train stop isn't a high ridership one? Very few of them aren't, such as 138th Street. This is just an example of what happens when no investment in expansion to subway service in the outer boroughs have complicated issues that have been building for years.
  10. I don’t know about all of that, but I have tried it from Mosholu Parkway and it is brutal. It takes forever. I don’t consider it a real option, especially compared to the . For those of us in Riverdale, we don’t have a real East Side subway. The Bx1 takes a while and the is very slow. By comparison, I’d rather put up with the numerous transfers necessary from it to reach the East Side or just take an Uber to Metro-North or the shuttle bus, which is much faster.
  11. I thought someone posted about this in my group. I’m guessing they do Santa things with it.
  12. Well that's the problem. The needs to make up their mind. Either they want the SBS buses moving or they don't. They do a lot of things that don't make sense. For example, the whole situation with transferring from SIM express buses... A memo went out saying that express buses were open door. Well that policy still stands from what I know, yet some drivers refuse to acknowledge it. You can't run a system efficiently when there is no consistency, and with management doing their own thing, the drivers have nothing to follow.
  13. This really has nothing to do with any of what you're saying. My original point was about dragging the line and sitting at stops. No one was confused about payment. The driver just kept sitting and driving slow at every stop. If he's that early just sit and one stop and go from there. Dragging the line with no traffic in sight.
  14. Use a route? You mean too lazy to READ what is shown at the ticket machines. That's the real problem. As I said consistency would be great. The whole point of SBS is to keep the buses moving as quickly as possible, which includes how long buses sit at stops, otherwise there's no point. If the M14 ran once every 30 minutes like the M34 does at times, I could understand it, but the M14 runs often times two buses back-to-back. No point in having a bus sit around for a line with buses every few minutes.
  15. Clearly you have a reading problem. What I said was I heard that SBS drivers were told to keep moving and not sit at stops and that I would like to see some consistency, so my point was if they are supposed to hold at stops because they are early fine, but stick with one policy. This comment is ONLY for SBS drivers. I know the policy for other lines. Some drivers keep it moving and don't wait. Others will hold at every stop like the guy I had. The whole point of SBS is to keep the bus moving, or at least that was my understanding.
  16. I'm aware, but it seems as if there's conflicting information. Originally I heard that SBS drivers were told to keep moving. Don't wait around for passengers getting tickets, etc. Would be nice to see consistency. The M14SBS has a bus coming quite frequently so people can catch the next one.
  17. I had one on the M14SBS a few weekends ago. Figured I'd try it out again since the City, the DOT and the have been RAVING about it. Got on at 6th and 14th. Only had to go to 3rd and 14th and was going to just get in an Uber from there since they have so many restrictions now in terms of cars using 14th Street. Well we made every effin stop and sat and sat. After we got past Union Square, I got off and just walked the rest of the way and got an Uber from there.
  18. Advertising? That is not a word in the vocabulary when it comes to express bus service or even local buses, save SBS service of course. I’ve mentioned it now twice in the last to two meetings. The planners all look lost when I bring it up. Pretty comical to say the least.
  19. That’s exactly what we talked about in the last meeting and how they offered ZERO promotions to increase off-peak ridership. The room went silent.
  20. Commutes Roiled By 4-Hour Queensboro Plaza Subway Signal Snafu A signal malfunction at Queensboro Plaza snarled commutes for four hours Monday, right after the MTA touted improved service on the 7 line. By Maya Kaufman, Patch Staff Dec 17, 2019 9:23 am ET | Updated Dec 17, 2019 10:02 am ET A signal malfunction at Queensboro Plaza snarled subway service for four hours Monday, right after the MTA touted improved service on the 7. (Photo: Maya Kaufman/Patch) LONG ISLAND CITY, QUEENS — A signal malfunction at Queensboro Plaza snarled train service on the 7, N and W lines for more than four hours Monday evening, just after the MTA touted the 7 train as this year's most-improved subway line. The signal issue started causing delays and service changes about 5 p.m. Monday, near the start of evening rush hour. Some trains crawled along the tracks, while others were rerouted to different lines. "We don't anticipate that the delays will substantially disrupt service, but we'll let you know if so," the MTA tweeted an hour after the agency first reported the signal malfunction. Subway riders angrily contested the MTA's take, complaining on Twitter that they had indeed experienced substantial delays. Twitter posts: https://patch.com/new-york/astoria-long-island-city/4-hour-queensboro-plaza-subway-signal-snafu-roils-monday-commute?fbclid=IwAR3mhuLgsrVn7HfV8YHJemwFQosw_Blp3wtxtLcxHIaz6qWQ77_iT_MSosw It wasn't until 9:45 p.m. that the MTA reported the issue resolved, according to social media posts. The MTA said subway officials are investigating the signal malfunction's root cause. "Whatever it may be, we can assure you our teams are working on new innovative ways to combat these issues as part of our modernization plan," the transit authority tweeted at one incensed rider. The hours-long delay happened just after the MTA had touted the 7 train as this year's most-improved subway line. The 7 train's running time was about 3.5 minutes faster last month than it was in November 2018, and about 4.5 minutes faster for the express line, according to a new MTA metric called "running time," which measures how long trains take to travel between stations. The transit authority noted in a press release Monday that it installed a new signal system along the 7 line at the end of last year, but officials didn't directly credit that for the improvements. Running times were faster on every line in November compared to the same time a year ago, according to the MTA, which claims numbered lines ran about 2.5 minutes faster and lettered lines ran 1.5 minutes faster. MTA officials also said there were fewer major incidents and train delays on weekdays last month compared to November 2018. "The data doesn't lie," MTA Chairman and CEO Patrick Foye said in a statement. "Our subway service has truly turned around." Source: https://patch.com/new-york/astoria-long-island-city/4-hour-queensboro-plaza-subway-signal-snafu-roils-monday-commute?fbclid=IwAR3mhuLgsrVn7HfV8YHJemwFQosw_Blp3wtxtLcxHIaz6qWQ77_iT_MSosw
  21. Their numbers were quite similar for the Bronx express bus lines too. People in the room started booing at the Town Hall Meeting. They also don’t say how they compiled the information. This is an agency that marks a trip as “completed” if a bus is sent out. Doesn’t mean the trip has to be made... It’s a joke. Not only that, but their metrics are off the charts. With all of the missing buses, there is no way in hell that you have a performance rate over 90%. Data is fudged.
  22. To be honest, he was at the Town Hall meeting we had in Riverdale, and between himself, Jessica Cignarella (another planner) and Cipriano, they struggled to answer basic questions. Some people in the audience asked where was the first BxM2 stop. He provided the wrong information. The level of professionalism in terms of him being prepared was ridiculous. If he can’t even answer what bus stops will exist and confirm the routing, I can’t trust anything he says. I met with him and another head planner the Wednesday before the Town Hall meeting and I understand that they were told about the Town Hall meeting at the last minute, but still. They had the information right in the front of them. I think they were shocked and a bit scared by how many angry people showed up when the weather was so bad out AND there wasn’t even a week’s notice, but still. You show up and bring your A game. We sure as hell did. People in my advocacy group spread word quickly and all around the neighborhood we put up posters. Their data doesn’t seem accurate, simply because I ride the buses at the times they mentioned, and no way were buses getting four riders a bus. Now are all 57 seats filled off-peak? Usually not... I would say the buses easily get half of that or more depending on the time of day. That is certainly a lot more than their figures showed.
  23. That will likely happen, as BP will only have the QM21. They won’t need many buses for that. It won’t last long because the plans on gutting off-peak and weekend service, so be ready for a fight. The QM4 is already being targeted. There was a meeting tonight...
  24. You don't have a clue of what time I leave nor what the circumstances are to be opening your mouth to lecture me about "leaving earlier". You need to get a grip. I can certainly blame the service because when I don't take the subway, I arrive ON-TIME every time, with time to spare! The issue is the trains run very infrequently compared to the schedules, and are often too crowded to get on, so I have to wait several trains to get on one, and/or there is a long wait in between trains that shouldn't be. I cannot leave any earlier than I do, as I need the train from my office, so that is not an option, and the commute to and from Manhattan should not take over an hour. We are talking about going from Midtown to the Washington Heights/Hudson Heights area. I have one hour to and from, with about a 20 minute cushion. According to the schedule, from Columbus Circle to 168th should take anywhere from 15-20 minutes, but I can spend 20 minutes just getting a train, not to mention the issues with the few stops getting to the train. I get the or from Bryant Park or Rockefeller center to 59th Street, and that too can be an issue as the trains are too crowded to get on. In short, when I push back where I need to be by an extra 30 minutes and give myself an hour and 30 minutes, then I can get there, but getting there in an hour is hit or miss with the subway, so I have stopped doing that where possible. My answer to "doing everything in my power" is don't take the subway, and I arrive on-time. Simple as that. I also don't understand what having an unlimited Metrocard is supposed to do? I have one and so? The only subway option to where I am going is the train. Maybe you don't have a life. Maybe that's why you can afford to spend hours on the subway going one way, but I have things to do and places to be.
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