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  1. If you were tipped, you would be super friendly too... I always got off at the stops listed, so it wouldn't be a big loss for me.
  2. Yeah well if people are familiar with how OMNY works, then they won't know. Most of the riding public wouldn't have a clue.
  3. Those were recent changes though and sometimes a decision made collectively between the and the DOT.
  4. He clearly does not. Those sorts of things always exempt buses. There's a similar thing on Columbus Avenue near Lincoln Center. The express bus and local buses are exempt in that case too.
  5. That's one reason, yes. I discussed OMNY with the earlier this year. They want to roll it out in phases, and test security, durability and doing that in phases allows them to address any issues that may arise. In this case you can also have a lot of people complaining about not getting a transfer. Since so few buses and subway stations have OMNY in Manhattan, it wouldn't be a good PR look. They want people to use OMNY, and if your original experience isn't good with it, well that's not good. A lot of money is being invested in this new payment program, so having a good perception about the brand is important.
  6. The commuter rails have high subsidies too.
  7. Well don't bank of it happening anytime soon. The QM5 got it because of overcrowding on the 5:30 bus. Unless the QM20 is suffering from overcrowding on the first bus, it won't happen in the near future, not unless they decide to shuffle buses around to keep it cost neutral. If you got an earlier bus, they would cut another QM20 somewhere else.
  8. I don't think the would go for that, but they can certainly reinstate the discount. I'll be speaking further with the Senator's office later this week about this.
  9. The Express Bus Advocacy Group supports this measure and will be speaking further with Senator Gounardes, who is in our group. In the meantime, we have a petition circulating: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/fair-fares-for-express-bus-riders.html?fbclid=IwAR03pho_ZiqWU8DWqSUyvtW1qJL-g50sd5h-zAKLRGvYgzuqlTfnKSuZ0IQ
  10. NYC students spend $2,700 a year on express buses to get to school, state senator is pushing for discounted MetroCards for those kids By MICHAEL ELSEN-ROONEY | NEW YORK DAILY NEWS |AUG 06, 2019 | 6:39 PM An Express Bus works its way through traffic in Times Square. (Handschuh, David) City school kids shouldn’t have to break the bank to get to school and one Brooklyn lawmaker is asking the city to change that. In a letter sent to the Education Department and the MTA on Tuesday, State Senator Andrew Gounardes said about 2,600 children take express buses — that are not covered by free MetroCards — to get the school each day. “Every student deserves a world-class education, and simply getting to and from school should be no barrier,” said Gounardes, a democrat who represents much of southern Brooklyn. “Express buses are often the only good option for these students to get to school,” he added. Gounardes said kids should get a discount, but did not specify how much. In May, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted to give city students living more than half a mile from their schools free MetroCards to cover train and local bus trips. But the passes don’t cover the express buses, which travel longer routes between boroughs and cost $6.75 each way. More than 1,600 people have signed a petition started in January by Brooklyn mothers Antoinette Rowdis and Antoinetta Cutrona calling for subsidized express bus fares. Both women live in Dyker Heights and send their sons on express buses to high schools in Manhattan. Cutrona said the petition is particularly important to families from neighborhoods with fewer train options, like Staten Island and Howard Beach and Breezy Point in Queens. MTA officials defended the current system, arguing that local buses travel everywhere express buses do and come more frequently. The agency’s “fiscal challenges” preclude expanding the funding, a spokesman said. An Education Department spokeswoman said the agency would review the proposal with the MTA. Gounardes estimated students who take express buses spend $2,700 a year, which would put the annual cost of fully funding the fares at $7 million. [More Education] NYC education panel agrees to changes to diversify education curriculum after contentious meeting » Cutrona said she’d settle for a discount. “These kids have been overlooked,” she said. Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/education/ny-express-bus-student-funding-20190806-p7yqythexfh7xibljy6uqgoz6y-story.html?fbclid=IwAR1rNFI--l0kvbOgcmLauCv02ahWn7CK8zePUAKUsy9pWkw6EuTUiBLiIVs
  11. We have a petition out to restore the senior discount, student discount and the commuter monthly pass. There's also another article I am posting from Senator Andrew Gounardes who is in our group (it will have its own thread). We will be discussing these things in the near future, as he too supports reinstating the student discount: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/fair-fares-for-express-bus-riders.html?fbclid=IwAR03pho_ZiqWU8DWqSUyvtW1qJL-g50sd5h-zAKLRGvYgzuqlTfnKSuZ0IQ
  12. Another FYI... The 5:10 will likely be serving Fresh Meadows as well very soon... As you know, that Fresh Meadows complex is quite large, and more and more QM5s are running via Fresh Meadows. We also make sure to check to see that it runs. We have David Weprin on our side too. He's a bulldog. There's a lady that takes the QM5 and she told all of the folks in her co-op about that 5:10 trip once we posted the flier in our group and told her she was free to print it and hand it out.
  13. I don't know if I showed them here but we created QM5 and QM7 fliers for riders in our group and they spread the word WELL before the did to let people know about that 5:10 trip. Here is the flier:
  14. The QM5 and QM7 runs I believe were cost neutral. They shifted a few trips around. It's not like they added money to run the service. The same would be done with the QM20. There is no money for more service for now, so until congestion pricing is sorted out that $50 million dollar Outer Borough Transit Fund can't be used for more express bus service or rail service in the transit deserts until then.
  15. Yeah and I think money is part of the problem and the SBS program in general is being re-evaluated. I was very critical of SBS in my DOT meeting, and it was clear that one of the DOT reps thinks highly of the "SBS brand" as she kept saying. I don't like the whole priority that the SBS lines get. They get the nice countdown clocks. Why can't other bus lines get those? The DOT made it clear that they had no plans of putting those clocks on non SBS lines which I have a problem with. I suppose because they are federally funded, the SBS lines get special treatment. Nonsense....
  16. Temporarily or permanently? Last I heard, one of the Advocacy groups was taking the issue up in court. You should provide sources for such things, as I heard about the lawsuit on Fox 5 this morning and last night as well.
  17. Heh, the Bx3 is a joke. For a while I was tutoring this kid over by Sedgwick in Van Cortlandt Village. When I was done, I would take the BxM3 to the City. Waiting there, I was see the Bx3 always running in packs, and this was on a Sunday with light traffic. If you have buses bunching like that early in the afternoon with light traffic, clearly there's a problem. You know how stingy the is with service, so if they are running every 6 minutes, it's because they get good loads, but what you described is a big problem, and it is quite annoying to get on a bus that is suddenly short-turned, and they do it with multiple buses too. It's just crazy. They spent $150 million dollars on a new Bus Command Center. They've had BusTrek now for years, and the dispatching of buses is still a total sh*t show.
  18. Metro-North riders have deep pockets and it has been a trend going back for years with some of the old-timers. Usually around Xmas time, the regulars will give the driver a card with money and or wine or something nice, but there is usually a card with money for sure, at least with some of them anyway. In return, that means that when they are running late and can't reach the stop, they expect the driver to look out for them and pick them up at non-stops, or they hold the bus at the stop when they are running behind if the driver seems them coming, which I have seen from time-to-time. I'm a regular, but I've only had one driver that I was really cool with at most, and he has been gone for years. He is the only one that I would give a bottle of wine or something to, but for the others... No way am I tipping. They are PAID to provide the service, and likely paid well at that. I am not tipping for you to do your job. I had one driver that clearly thought he was deserving of a tip from me. I looked at him like HELL NO dude! Now this driver I have had for years, and he was VERY nasty with me one morning. I sometimes get him in the afternoons as well if I get an earlier Metro-North train home. One morning, I got on the bus closer to the Spuyten Duyvil station, and there were no seats left, so I had to stand. It was winter, and he had the heat blasting on another level. No windows open for any air. With my coat and my laptop bag, I was becoming overheated, so I told him I was getting off at the next available stop because there was too much heat on the bus. He got an attitude, and gave me this whole speech about how I had to take the bus to the train station in order to get off. That's when I got nasty back. I haven't spoken to him since. I just pay, and keep it moving. He has since tried to speak with me, but I don't say anything because he is very rude with other customers as well, and I filed a complaint. One morning we were by the Henry Hudson Parkway and West 246th street stop. Another regular boards. Before he could put his things down on the chair to get his wallet out, the driver starts complaining about how he needed to pay his fare. The guy snapped back and said, "Don't you see that my hands are full!?!?" Then that's when he shut up. I mean really... Metro-North riders are generally regular customers with passes, so they are not going around fare beating. The guy is on a power trip and needs his ego checked.
  19. I personally don't mind another vendor coming in. There have been a few times where there was no shuttle bus during periods when it is the only one to run, forcing us to take an Uber to the station, and many of the drivers are not exactly friendly, and some even expect tips during the holidays. GTFOH.
  20. Latest updates: -One year anniversary of the Staten Island Express Bus Redesign approaching -Updating our express bus shelter/bus stop list. -Continuing circulating the "Fair Fares" petition.
  21. This actually impacts my commute. I have to be in Hudson Heights at least twice a week and had been researching other ways to get there (I may still opt for them given how poorly the train runs), but the shuttle bus will only be once every 20 minutes and there's only ONE bus. Ridiculous... I need to be over by Cabrini Blvd so I'm considering getting off at 190th and backtracking with either the shuttle bus or the M4. The other option is Metro-North or the BxM1 express bus to Inwood to an Uber.
  22. Exactly.... It's total BS... We still have to be on the lookout for express bus cuts, which they will try to slide through via the redesigns. They did it on Staten Island and now they are trying it with the Bronx. Queens and Brooklyn will be up next... That is one reason we are watching several lines like hawks because we want to ensure that they provide the service so that ridership grows and then they can't argue that oh ridership is declining so we have to cut such and such lines, which I suspect they want to do with the QM1. As you know more and more QM5s run via Fresh Meadows.

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