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  1. I heard from a driver I know that there were numerous homeless people riding the express bus last night. I didn't realize it was free overnight?!? Said the smell was horrible. Can't imagine being on an express bus with the same air circulating with homeless people getting on with no masks.
  2. Apparently this overnight work is overtime and a lot of drivers aren't taking the work....
  3. Unbelievable... Disgusting to change the sign like that and then pretend they are not in service. I would get screenshots of it beforehand just in case, but they can check BusTrek and see.
  4. I'm not opposed to some express buses running overnight, as some lines are must or would perform well. I think running all of them during normal times though would be overkill. There are definitely some lines that do quite well late at night and could perhaps have service extended longer. Here are the candidates based on observations and usage: BxM2 - The 12am and 12:30am buses tend to well. Part of the reason is the train is knocked out a lot and in some cases, the BxM1 stops running earlier (on Saturdays and Sundays this is the case), and the express bus is much faster than the subway late at night. I can recall back in the day getting home from Midtown late nights coming from the bar in about 35-40 minutes. Impossible to do with the train, plus the local bus, but comparable to Metro-North with the shuttle bus. I wouldn't give it 24/7 service, but perhaps a bus or more back to Riverdale would do ok, but nothing more than that. BxM4 - Same thing here. The late buses to Woodlawn do quite well for whatever reason. I have seen several BxM4s quite crowded late at night. This was one reason BxM4 riders were so vocal about not having their service cut. Many riders live right along the Grand Concourse, and the BxM4 is alot more accessible than the subway, especially for the disabled and the elderly population, of which there are a lot. It's also a safety factor. Many of the co-ops along Grand Concourse note the BxM4 express bus as an amenity. Given the hilly nature of the areas off of the Concourse, it would be a pain dealing with the subway at any time. BxM7 - Co-Op City should definitely have 24/7 service. Lots of residents work overnight and depend on the service. BxM6 - Parkchester is a similar demographic to Co-Op City. Transit workers, nurses... People that work overnight. I have taken late BxM6 buses back to Manhattan, and while never packed, there are always good crowds on them late at night to Manhattan and also back to Parkchester. The BxM6 is a lot faster than the train too. Not sure I'd give it 24/7 service, but a bus or two wouldn't break the bank back to Parkchester. BxM9 - This line should also have 24/7 service. Throggs Neck is truly a transit desert, and the greater Throggs Neck area overall is quite remote. Silver Beach, Edgewater Park and several other smaller communities all lie within the greater Throggs Neck area, plus you have people from nearby Country Club and the Spencer Estates areas that alternate between the BxM8 and BxM9. The end of the BxM9 is quite walkable to the BxM8, as I have done it several times. BxM10 - This is another line that is quite bus late at night, mainly because the Albert Einstein College of Medicine campus. The express buses back to City can become quite crowded. It is probably one of the best performing reverse peak express bus lines in the City outside of Staten Island lines, and right up there with lines like the BxM7, as many of the students and medical staff from Manhattan prefer the express bus over the subway, which often knocked out anyway. X27 and X28 - I would run a few extra express buses back to Brooklyn so that service ended around 1am or 1:30am and that would suffice. BM1 - BM3: You could run service until midnight back to Brooklyn and that would suffice. SIM3C - I would make this line 24/7. Long overdue. The SIM33C runs late enough the week but could run later on weekends, so I'd add a few extra buses SIM4C - I would make this line 24/7 as well. SIM2 - I would restore off-peak service to hourly service to allow ridership to grow. It would take a large burden off of the SIM1C, For the QM2, QM5 and QM6, I would either restore some service or leave it as is, and run the QM15 until midnight. Most of these additions would not require a large amount of service. A bus here and there, and most would be hourly or every half hour.
  5. I personally wrote asking about all of the Bronx express buses yesterday, but we've had a number of missing BxM1 and BxM2 buses, with an hour or more of a gap waiting. Just now I waited. There was no 11:30 and no 12pm BxM2. Happened last Friday too. They aren't running a modified schedule, though they should for the BxM1, BxM2, BxM3, BxM4, BxM11 and BxM18.
  6. That's about right. 30 minutes or better on the express side and 20 or better on the local side.
  7. Yeah, we discussed the North Shore express bus situation in one of the meetings I had. They are doing as I said... Scaling back express bus service on the North Shore where possible and trying to push those people to the ferry. Meanwhile more people are heading down to Hylan Blvd for the SIM1C.
  8. Overcrowding conditions continue to be monitored on the SIM1C. As far as I know, they have been addressed, though there are still instances of crowded express buses here and there on Staten Island. The reality is the SIM1C will work for most, even those of the North Shore late at night. While not ideal, once off of the SIM1C, it is a 15-20 minute ride if you get picked up or get an Uber.
  9. So that all of the speculation can cease... The Bronx: Bx1, Bx4, Bx9, Bx15, Bx19, Bx21, Bx24, Bx28, Bx39, Bx40, BxM1, BxM2, BxM4, BxM7 and BxM11. Manhattan: M2, M3, M4, M7, M15, M20, M34SBS, M60SBS, M102 and M104. Brooklyn: B1, B8, B11, B15, B25, B36, B38, B39, B44, B45, B46, B48, B61, B62, B63, B68, B82, BM2, BM3 and X28. Queens: Q4, Q22, Q24, Q32, Q43, Q44SBS, Q46, Q53SBS, Q56, Q60, Q65, Q66, Q102, QM6, X68 and QM17.
  10. I can confirm that the above express lines will be running. I don't have schedules yet, but those are the lines for sure.
  11. It's only a guess at the moment. Even some people on the inside don't know. lol Pretty wild...
  12. Nevertheless their buses overall look like crap. Their express buses are so run down already compared to the ones I ride regularly.
  13. Supposedly, there will be a number posted. I posted what info I received in my group. As SevenEleven said, they should have more details next week. The good news is that the express buses will continue to run as they have. We have been monitoring the cleanliness of the express buses. If there any issues, do let me know.
  14. That should be reported. That is unacceptable. I had a union rep in my advocacy group that was trying to condone such disgusting behavior from College Point, and we gave him the boot.
  15. Yup! If you look carefully on some of those local buses with the screens, if they are malfunctioning, it shows an old Windows operating system. I was shocked... Like how are you using an operating system that old? Sure it still works, but Christ. My guess is they have some sort of contractual agreement or something.
  16. I got the impression that there's some sort of contractual agreement or something that may be prohibiting them from making certain scheduling changes. The person I spoke with wasn't at liberty to say, but just said there were certain things that didn't allow them to make certain changes. One thing I do know is that some depots pushed back on the run times when Vision Zero kicked in. The drivers were constantly late with non synced traffic lights and slower speeds, and it negatively impacted service, so on some lines, I do know that they pushed back the run times. Something else to consider... From the comptroller's audit, they agreed to make their run times more realistic. Pushing back the run times also makes on-time performance look better.
  17. I still use the express bus here and there and yes I have experienced the same thing. Some drivers don't want to pick up anybody and get an attitude when people board. Got into a heated discussion in my group yesterday about it. Passenger complained that his QM20 bus went by Not in Service with passengers on the bus, and then turned his sign on and went to Queens. He and a lady had to wait for the next bus.
  18. Truth be told, the planners usually handle the oversight of things like BusTime issues, and then changes are executed by someone else on the tech side. I don't know the full ins and outs of how complicated BusTime is to modify, but I do know that the schedules, stops, etc are loaded into each line. Any modification can mess up a line to where buses cannot be tracked, which is exactly what happened with some lines that went to modified schedules until they updated them. Yes, but think about it. There are about 55 express bus lines and I don't know how many local bus lines. Trying to keep up with changes in real time for buses is no easy task. Constantly maintaining and upgrading costs $$$, which is the main issue here. Remember that the tried for years to contract a bus tracking system and fired the contractor who could not get the job done so they went in-house. Not making excuses, but I believe the plan is to address some of the things you noted later on as these buses are switched over to OMNY. The does not want to waste money updating something that is running on dated software as it is. Some of these programs are STILL running on things like Windows from 10+ years ago... You should look into reaching out on one of the internships if you want to get that involved.
  19. Not really. I know some essential workers in my group that are first responders or work with the homeless. They now get a bus once an hour and yes, they are running out of their office not to miss that bus because the schedules were not re-written looking at BusTrek data.
  20. I have asked about run times and why some of them haven't been changed in years. I wasn't given the exact reason, but supposedly there are limitations in some cases on what can and can't be done. I'm sure some of it is $ related too.
  21. Yeah because our wonderful mayor is doing a horrendous job addressing the homeless problem. According to him, there isn't a homeless problem in the subways, and apparently there isn't one above ground either. https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-de-blasio-homeless-subway-20200423-v74454vxt5bjtd6rwiqm7sp3ke-story.html
  22. lol Despite what you may think, on there isn't a big group of people to handle things like BusTime. I originally spoke with the BusTime team (the people that created it). They stuck around for a bit to oversee any bugs and issues, but BusTime was created in-house. When there is an issue, there isn't a dedicated staff to deal with making changes (believe me, a few things have come up and I figured that out quickly). Changes are noted, and they get to them when they can. There's only a handful of people that deal with BusTime issues. They note the problems and then they are fixed whenever they can get to them. The problem with the is everything is compartmentalized. Drivers generally aren't going to get too involved with certain things. Unfortunately, the and the DOT are not always on the same page. They are two different agencies with a variety of stakeholders, and while they should work more closely together, unfortunately, with everything that happens, things move VERY slowly. The usual turnaround time for things like bus stop replacement can take months. I have spoken with both the and DOT reps about who does what. We had a huge meeting with dispatchers, superintendents, two DOT reps and several planners. A lot of it comes down to budgetary constraints and a lack of manpower. The DOT is responsible for things road repair, milling, resurfacing, bus stop and bus shelter issues and fixing a bunch of other things traffic related, and a lot of the work is contracted out and the DOT just oversees some things. There is simply not enough people to go around to handle everything (it would be too expensive for a budget standpoint) and so things like bus stops can take a back seat unless it's really important and some calls are made. What exactly is the problem? If it is express bus related, I'm happy to reach out and assist.
  23. That is true in SOME cases. MNRR and LIRR was indeed reduced because of decreased ridership. The subways and buses are another story.
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