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  1. Bravo check with red hook on the road,they have a school and will help you get your cdl b license at there expense.I think you just have to attend the program and stay in good standing.The general knowledge is definitely the most challenging of the written but by the grace of God I passed it 1st time around.I failed passenger 1st try and airbrakes.
  2. Hello Yankee321,first of all on behalf of myself and other members we would like to welcome you to the forum.Secondly I would personally like to congratulate you on your recent accomplishment,God is good.I would also like to reccomend you to a school called redhook on the road.They will help you get your cdl or let me say, pay for you to get your cdl if you meet the requirements.I got mine through a voucher at workforce 1 back in 2010.Last I heard workforce 1 discontinued that service back in 2011.If I were you I would check to see if they put it back.I also have a cdl b,with tanker,passenger,schoolbus and taxi limousine endorsements.I would definitely try to get every endorsement in the b class except for the hazmat.I now live in Delaware,school bus companies out here will train you out here for free and let you use there bus if you come in with a class d.Unlike New york pity dmv doesn't charge you for a road test until you pass and then it's only the licence fee,no more than 40 dollars.Also you now have a class c licence,I would try to get a job with an ambulette company like exclusive ambulette,which would sponsor you for your TLC paratransit.You can even get a job with access a ride,just to get the driving experience and an eye catcher on your resume.here are the links. http://newyork.earnbenefits.org/page.php?pageID=286 http://www.bwiny.org/pages/rhotr.html http://www.exclusiveambulette.com/index_home.htm http://www.indeed.com/q-Access-A-Ride-l-Queens-County,-NY-jobs.html
  3. Hello fellow Bus drivers and drivers to be,I feel the MTA didn't anticipate so many successfully completing the boss.I think this is why they are offering part time.Obama Care I believe is the major culprit,I'm hearing it's going to mandate companies to offer coverage for all fulltime workers.The health care is optional in your choosing,but it's a mandate to choose.Everyone is going to be penalized for no health care at all ,including companies.
  4. Thanks to Obama care,it looks like part time is becoming the new norm.Totally agree with Qboro,not TWU spokes man Gannon.
  5. Thank you for the encouraging reminder All day,you are very correct.When I first received my cdl B I started out driving ambulettes in New York because nobody was willing to take a chance with me to drive anyting bigger.All though ambulettes are a class C vehicle it got me a step closer to something bigger,School Buses,eventually if it's Gods will,i will be pushing a Charter bus somewhere.The company I'm currently working for has them.They offered me a position working in the yard during my breaks to clean them,which I humbly accepted.I get to move them around and get familiar with them.Yes so the good Lord is definitely taking me where I need to be step by step.The bible also tells us do not despise humble beginnings.The company I work for the owners are very humble and old fashioned,but great people.They help me get back my S endorsement.If anyones ever in the Delaware area and would like a job,I can recommend them and probably get them where I'm at.You got school bus companies here that's willing to take people with a clean D license and help them get there B for free.You just got to take the general knowledge,school bus,and passenger written at motor v which will cost you 20 bucks totally.They will let you use there bus for the road test.Unlike New York where it will cost you out your own pocket.
  6. Grey Hound is always hiring so is trailways,I put an application in still waitng.Stay persistant,diligent,agressive and prayerful in your job searches.There are usually more than 1 door to enter a house just let the key be options.Right now in Delaware driving school buses,it's a humble modest living but I'm grateful for the experience being added to my resume.My stock is going up,lol.
  7. Hello Charly 70,first of all congrats on your success in completing the Boss.As I can already see you acknowledge the goodness and power of God which will continue to be gracious and merciful to you as long as we keep him first.I appreciate the gratitude you've shown me in your last post,as I would like to be helpful as much as I can.The S endorsement is the only endorsement that won't follow you from state to state but is always good to have as states are always looking for school bus driver.Welcome to the site there are a host of good people that are very helpful and informative.
  8. Congrats gflex,not sure.Don't worry just pray and leave it in God hands.I really wish you the best.
  9. Congratulations Racindave,a step closer.
  10. Not 100% sure, but it might be a typo.The only thing I can really remember affiliating the r and a together with the transit authority is rapid.
  11. Congrats and all Glory to God to those who passed.Really excited for all of you,can't wait till someone post going for there medical from the class of 2301.God bless you all with much success.

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