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  1. Yes man, I did.


    Thanks a lot for asking...I was about to post it up on the thread.

  2. I hoped you passed your cdl driving test scheduled today.

  3. Happy New Year's Day, BigGuyAdem! :cool:

  4. Hey Adem, do you have Facebook?

  5. From scrolling through the many pages, I've come to the conclusion that anything below 96 would pretty much be rejected. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. My guess would be because I scored too low.
  7. Yah, I check DCAS every once in awhile to see what exams they got going. I'm thinking about getting with AAR so we'll see how that works out for now.
  8. So I just called 180 Livingston and they said they didn't even start using the list from test 8094 in Dec '08. I got a 92 and I'm number 5329. LOOL I guess I won't be getting any calls from them. lol
  9. Hey guys. I took this exam in 2008 and got a 96. I can't figure out what number I am on the list since the orignal link is dead. Any idea how to find out what number I am now, and what number they are up to?

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