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  1. Finished up a spreadsheet detailing the whereabouts of SORTA's 1995-2001 Gilligs. Let me know if you're interested in seeing it.

  2. Could have sworn I posted in here a couple of years ago, but apparently it's gone. Oh well. I got this on my last visit to NYC in 2003. As of a couple of years ago, this car was still in service, but I don't remember what it was renumbered to and thus can't tell if it's still active or not. This came from Chicago - it was a bit of a trip to find the CTA "gift shop" but ended up being well worth it. This sign is in amazing shape - near-mint, I'd say - and was around $35. All-metal with very sharp edges! I think I have a few maps from defunct SORTA/TANK routes lying around as well...don't know where they are off hand.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NRTT_tHkhk Also: hello again. Haven't been around here in a long time.
  4. This platform does the opposite of reaching to the heavens. Which trains, should you desire to see the lower level of Nevins?
  5. This just about covers the abandoned section of the NYC subway. Abandoned Stations
  6. Fat-**** furries forever

  7. I'm so sorry, but I wish you knew how hard I laughed at this.
  8. Here's a fanciful question for you: What if the MTA switched out all active rolling stock with London Underground 1995/6 stock?

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