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  1. Well I apologize. I was working on a quarter of a brain then. lol
  2. No thats not true at all. Thats so beyond false its ridiclulous. (<-- Don't care if that statement made sense.) I don't even think its worth telling you the real reason they went down and not out especially after a baseless lie like that. C'mon now. Some of the reasons they went down was because they cheated EPA some how back in 1999/2000. DDC, Cummins and CAT also. International was invovled somehow too but I forget the full story. Cummins is they only company that came out of it by themself with no real partnership with another company. Like DDC and Mercedes. And a few other reasons they left the city bus market back in 2005. They were still making the S60 engines and later DD13 and others. "we" assuming NYCMTA, was not the reason, sure their might have been a lawsuit, but it didn't cause DD to go out of business. You can't come onto a public website with lies like that and expect not to get called out. People come on here for the truth and honest facts. Lets keep it that way please! The credibility of you and this site goes down because of lies like that.
  3. Best bus ride ever! Child hood memories for some. I hope they don't complain when the bus fares go up
  4. Is it possible to rearrange the seating in the rear section of the OG VIIs, to the 2nd/3rd Gen rear seating arrangment? Is there any TA out there that have perimeter seating (or inward facing seats, instead of the forward facing seats) in the OG buses, back section?
  5. Orion left the market with a good proven porduct (shitty start, but something Houston Metro, TTC, NYC/MTA was willing to continue ordering, big three bus companies). What makes MTS think they can enter it? I'm sorry but I'm loosing hope in this company. I feel like a fool for actually believing in the hype. The longer I have to wait for simple updates the more I lose hope. I'll give them credit for trying, but sometimes the writing is written on the wall. They will be more succesful having a musuem, and maybe relocating to Michigan where RTS was orginally made. IIRC.
  6. Indeed. I'm very Happy for Nova, I never use to like them, but for some reason they are getting on my good side, I just can't explain it. Too bad for MTS, but I don't think they are going to make it, IMHO. Its not like they gave Nova a run for their money, especially if CTA unanimously approved the purchase. Nova got rid of Orion, and is now turning there focus on NFI, this is a dangerous bus company. Lmfao!
  7. Its good, because if this bus fails in anyway shape or form, this person will have a black cloud over his head where ever he goes, even if he leaves Nova. So in some ways he's putting pressure on himself, which in turns should put pressure on whoever is actually building the bus. It goes down the list of command. It should anyways....hopefully....
  8. Confidence. This is a person I want to be in charge in building my buses. Other companies don't talk like this. Hopefully Novas Buses are built up to his standard and cocky-ness. Apparently they're good with warranty, parts and customer service too, Something Orion failed in! Especially when it came to parts. But I'm sure other TA experienced it differently.
  9. Nova is really breaking in the US market. And after looking at TTCs Nova LFSA, they are now my favorite Articulated bus. I've been a NFI Fan all my life, but Nova seems to be breaking in my Brain Market too. lol
  10. I doubt its TTC. They don't like being test dummies. they've been burned too many times
  11. Booo! I was hoping for NFI. I'm so jeolous of the XD60 MTA has, I want that up here!

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