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  1. The buses for Calgary will be built in Montreal. They are adding a filling station but for future builds after the Calgary, date unknown. That is the hope, as well as other authorities.
  2. Jean-Pierre Baracat appointed new President of Nova Bus Nova Bus is pleased to announce the appointment of Jean-Pierre Baracat as President of Nova Bus, effective immediately. He will report to Stefan Tilk, Senior Vice President, Volvo Bus and President, Americas. He succeeds Gilles Dion, who will now take on a consulting role as Vice President and Executive Advisor, Partnership and Strategy for Volvo Bus Americas. Mr. Baracat joined Nova Bus in 1994, taking on increasingly challenging management roles, the latest as Vice President, Business Development since 2004. Mr. Baracat holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and is a member of the Quebec Order of Engineers (OIQ). "I am honored to be entrusted with this responsibility, and I thank Volvo Bus for their confidence," said Mr. Baracat. "After all these years, I am still passionate about my work. Public transit is a complex and fascinating field with a promising future, and I look forward to building on the company’s success and helping our team deliver value and service to our business partners and the industry," he added. Gilles Dion, Vice President and Executive Advisor, Partnership and Strategy for Volvo Bus Americas After nine years as head of Nova Bus and the recent award of major strategic U.S. and Canadian contracts, Mr. Dion will now take on the consulting role of Vice President and Executive Advisor, Partnership and Strategy for Volvo Bus Americas. In making the announcement, Mr. Tilk said: "I would like to thank Gilles for his passion and dedication to Nova Bus and Volvo Bus. I am very pleased that we can continue to rely on his experience in a new role." Mr. Tilk continued: "From the Volvo Group’s point of view, we foresee this new orientation as a strong commitment towards our strategic objectives that will bring new perspectives for the great opportunities ahead of Nova Bus for 2013 and beyond. Mr. Baracat is a seasoned executive, and I am confident that he will successfully lead the company in the next phases of its growth and development." http://www.novabus.com/media/latest-news/jean-pierre-baracat-named-new-president-of-nova-bus.html
  3. METRO HOUSTON, TX, SELECTS THE LFS ARTIC After a successful 6-month trial period with two 40-ft LFS buses, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County selected Nova Bus to provide 70 articulated buses. http://www.novabus.c...tober-2012.html
  4. CAPITAL METRO PARTNERS WITH NOVA BUS In the attached local TV news report, Peter Rogoff, Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), was in Austin to deliver a $38 million grant for the new MetroRapid bus project run by the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The project will bring new Nova Bus vehicles (purchasing options for up to 80) and 77 new stations to the city areas with the highest and most dense ridership. All buses will be equipped with a signal priority technology that will allow them to extend green lights as they approach intersections. Bus Rapid Transit combines the best of rail and bus services. It is an affordable transportation solution with a proven track record and quick start of operations. “We will have dedicated bus lanes in the downtown area and it will make the transit trips much faster and easier to use for the community,” mentioned Linda Watson, President and CEO of Capital Metro in an interview with local TV news. To optimize the fuel efficiency of their vehicles, Capital Metro has opted for the Nova eCooling system, Nova Bus’ proprietary electric engine cooling system. The vehicles also come with a wealth of competitive advantages such as the proven HePEX system, made of cross-linked polyethylene tubing that is light, easy to maintain and corrosion resistant. The HePEX system will mean significant reduction in life cycle cost in terms of materials and labor for Capital Metro. In the same news report, Peter Rogoff concluded: “When seeing the wheel congestion figures that come out the surveys we do across America, it is very clear that this kind of solution can be a cost-effective way of enabling people to keep money in their pocket rather than handlling it at the gas pump”. This project investment will be conducive to the economic development of the City of Austin and attractive to new riders. Capital Metro expects 20,000 boardings a day when the service starts in 2014. http://www.novabus.com/october-2012/capital-metro-partners-with-nova-bus.html
  5. The SEPTA buses are not even scheduled to be built this year. Where did you get that information? And just so you know it's Plattsburgh.
  6. Where did you hear this? That doesn't make sense, I could understand for possibly the older buses, but not the new. I believe they have a composite floor compared to the older wood subfloor.
  7. I heard from a friend that a Nova LFS HEV just returned from NYC. Apparently it has been down there for about a month and I was just wondering if anyone got to see it or ride it? I saw it in the parking lot at Nova the other day and then found out it had just returned from NYC.
  8. I don't foresee this happening before the beginning of 2013 but it should be early 2013.
  9. Nova Bus partners with Cummins to field test 2013 engines Nova Bus is leading the way by field testing model year 2013 Cummins engines in collaboration with one of the largest transit systems in North America. In addition to meeting EPA 2013 requirements, these Cummins engines meet the 2014 Fuel Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Regulations in 2013, a full year early. The first vehicle tested is a clean-diesel LFS Artic. Nova Bus took part in the installation and integration of all adapted elements and components into the vehicle and confirmed functionality with suppliers, thus qualifying the LFS Artic for official field testing. Over the past few months, Nova Bus has also been conducting field tests on a 40-foot diesel-fueled Nova LFS with a model year 2013 Cummins ISL9 engine. Cummins model year 2013 engines will see both performance and fuel economy improvements for customers. The proven base components including the industry-leading XPI fuel system and VGT™ Turbocharger work in unison with the Cummins Aftertreatment System (featuring SCR technology) to provide customers with the power, torque and throttle response they demand. Also, the model year 2013 Cummins ISL9 will see a 1% fuel economy improvement when compared with the industry-leading fuel economy of today’s current product ISL9. The 2013 EPA regulations call for the addition of On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) for transit buses. On-Board Diagnostics are designed to monitor the performance of vehicles’ emission systems to help detect issues, recognize faults and ensure optimal performance. Nova Bus already offers cost-efficient buses and solutions that enable transit authorities to reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs and harmful environmental emissions. Nova Bus is intent on integrating EPA 2013 requirements to the performance and productivity customers have come to expect from the Nova LFS. - 30 - St-Eustache, August 22, 2012 For further information, please contact Nadine Bernard, 450-974-6053, nadine.bernard@volvo.com http://www.novabus.com/media/latest-news/nova-bus-partners-with-cummins-to-field-test-2013-engines.html
  10. THE NOVA LFS 1:50 SCALE MODEL IS NOW AVAILABLE Nova Bus is proud to introduce the exclusive die-cast 1:50 scale (9 ¾“ x 2”) Nova LFS model. This limited edition has been designed to incorporate as much detail as possible and is wrapped with the same cutting-edge style as the full-size version. Click here to order your scale model today! http://www.novabus.com/index.html
  11. Nova awarded contract with Toronto Transit Commission. I could not access the actual tender but would guess this is for some 30 buses based upon the value. P32PM12729 SUPPLY OF 60' ARTICULATED DIESEL BUSES Value $24,392,745.00 Date Awarded Aug 2, 2012 Awarded to NOVA BUS CORP. http://www.ttc.ca/TTC_Business/Materials_and_procurement/Contract_Awards.jsp
  12. CyRide partners with Nova Bus Nova Bus is pleased to announce that CyRide of Ames, Iowa, has selected Nova Bus for the purchase of two articulated LFS Smart Buses. The buses will be assembled in Nova Bus’ Upstate New York plant and delivered in October 2012. CyRide has decided to expand their fleet profile by introducing the articulated LFS Smart Bus to transport the steadily increasing ridership of the City of Ames and Iowa State University. The LFS Artic is based on the LFS platform and combines a proven track record with the ability to handle high-volume routes. “We are thrilled to partner with CyRide. It’s a new market for us and we look forward to providing them with the latest LFS Smart Bus, a great solution for transit authorities looking for the best life cycle costs and smart cost savings,” said Gilles Dion, President and CEO of Nova Bus. The LFS Smart Bus has become a must have. Like many other Nova Bus business partners, CyRide has opted for Nova Bus’ proprietary advanced Electric Cooling System that provides up to 18% in fuel savings and significantly reduces maintenance costs and GHG emissions. The LFS Smart Bus also comes packed with all the standard features that ensure the high performance and competitive life cycle costs for which the Nova LFS is known. CyRide vehicles will also feature the proven hePEX system, which replaces copper piping with cross-linked polyethylene tubing that is light, easy to maintain and corrosion resistant. The hePEX system significantly reduces life cycle costs in terms of materials and labor. Nova Bus keeps a strong focus on reducing vehicle weight and improving energy efficiency. HePEX tubes are 3 times lighter than copper, which contributes to a notable reduction in vehicle weight. The stainless steel structure, designed for the harshest operating conditions, was an important element for CyRide, as were the overall design and workmanship of Nova Bus vehicles and the company’s customer focus and ability to deliver promptly. http://www.novabus.com/media/latest-news/cyride-partners-with-nova-bus.html
  13. Clemson Area Transit has chosen the LFS Smart Bus Clemson Area Transit has recently taken delivery of four Nova LFS Smart Buses to add to its fleet. Built in Nova Bus’ Upstate New York plant, the Clemson Area Transit LFS Smart Buses include the Nova Bus proprietary integrated advanced electric cooling system that delivers up to 18% fuel savings and significantly reduces GHG emissions. LFS Smart Buses also come with a wealth of standard features that ensure high performance and a competitive life cycle cost. In addition, the Nova LFS is the lightest bus in the industry, which translates into another opportunity for cost reduction for Clemson Area Transit. Gilles Dion, President and CEO of Nova Bus, expressed pride that Clemson Area Transit had selected Nova Bus as its preferred bus supplier, saying “At Nova Bus, we always work to understand the challenges our business partners face. We are pleased to welcome Clemson Area Transit among our business partners and to provide them with solutions that meet their specific needs.” Nova Bus was selected primarily for its product design, vehicle performance, delivery schedule and field support. “The high level of service and a winning attitude by the Nova Bus management team were the determining factors in choosing this partnership,” said Al Babinicz, President and CEO of Clemson Area Transit. http://www.novabus.com/media/latest-news/clemson-area-transit-has-chosen-the-lfs-smart-bus.html
  14. Nova Bus has redsigned their website. www.novabus.com New partnership between MVTA and Nova Bus Minnesota Valley Transit Authority has placed an order for seven 40-ft Nova LFX Smart Buses for its BRT services. “We are proud to have the opportunity to call MVTA our new business partner. It’s a new market for us, and we look forward to providing them with distinctive vehicles that feature cutting edge design, cost savings, and the perfect balance of style, function and maintainability,” said Gilles Dion, President and CEO of Nova Bus. MVTA has opted for the LFX Smart Bus, which includes the Nova eCooling system, the Nova Bus proprietary integrated electric engine cooling that can improve fuel economy by up to 18%. The stainless steel structure designed for highly variable operating conditions was also a must for MVTA to handle Minnesota’s climate. For its BRT services, MVTA and its partners wanted sleek curb appeal with the ability to quickly handle large passenger loads at elevated platforms. The single roofline, flush windows, new interior design and large capacity doors of the Nova LFX represented an ideal match. The selected configuration features disc brakes, composite flooring and all LED lighting options for improved safety and cost savings. The addition of larger windows, clear escape hatches and LCD screens enhance the customer experience and provide greater opportunities for additional marketing revenues. "The MVTA is very excited to add this bus to our fleet. We believe it will be well received by our station-to-station BRT customers, providing a great ride on this new type of service," said MVTA Chair Gary Hansen of Eagan. http://www.novabus.com/medias/latest-news/new-partnership-between-mvta-and-nova-bus.html
  15. http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20120315_SEPTA_plannning_to_buy_245_new_hybrid_buses.html

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