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  1. Hi Mac claire I remember the DD neoplains there was a gold one there too it was a single deck short job # was 711 had golden nugget on the side there was also an MCI there at the time with a green BALLYS CASINO in gold letters painted on the side and it was a stick never seen any MCI's except for that one w/ a manuel trans. Vassel Monzchyn was the one who fired me he was a **** I also went to High School w/ his son who was also a ******* ****.

  2. AA just use a regular E mail have been unable to respond links not working and it took me an hour to get on the sight sets I have R21, R17, R12, R26, R WF36, R32 DAP, R40 slants all are proto 2 except for one R12 set I have repainted some R21 and R12 cars (2) R21s are in white scheme and (1) in silver (2) R12s are in silver (1) in red and R12 motor car is in work yellow but I did not finish let me know what your looking for my Email is dgert 440 @frontiernet.net

  3. We were there at the same time for a while. The double decker Neoplans and MCI's made most of the fleet. I remember Jerry, Barbara Stern and I forget the VP's name back then. They had this nasty guy named Phil and a cool guy named Bob Montgomery, both were dispatchers at the front desk.


    Were you there when that brand new MCI with Brooklyn seniors flipped on the GSP? The driver was Al Wiggins.

  4. I also worked for Leisure Line in 1985 I was a serviceman/cleaner I later on I started w/ NJ Transit 1986 -89 drove trucks for a few yrs then started w/ NYCTA 1993 to present

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