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  1. One idea which had been floated around this board years earlier is the extension of Q77's southern terminal to 147th Avenue, where connections would be available to the Q111 & Q114. It currently ends at 145th Road, where no other connecting routes are nearby. When this idea was brought up years ago, it was mentioned that (at that time) Springfield Boulevard between 145th Road and 147th Avenue was relatively narrow compared to north of 145th Road, which would have meant increased congestion along that segment of the road. However, it seems that this segment of Springfield Boulevard has been widened over the last five years or so. Furthermore, I saw this Q77 extension request mentioned in statements of Community District Needs for Queens Community District 13 in recent years. Thus, I have a feeling that the extension of Q77 to 147th Avenue is not a matter of if, but when. Does anyone else agree with this feeling?
  2. I would never recommending actually sleeping inside the station, especially during the late night/early morning hours. If you're waiting for a train, stay vigilant until you actually board the train - in fact, sleeping while waiting for the train could possibly cause you to miss your train due to oversleeping.
  3. The report on the third track project did note that some buildings will be taken out as part of this project, which can understandably generate opposition. For those of you who were around back then, I would like to ask: when grade separation projects were done on the Babylon Branch and elsewhere on the Main Line/Port Jefferson Branch, were there buildings that were taken out because of these grade separations?
  4. I have noticed that SBS machines have instructions posted in both English & Spanish, with the ones for Q44 having Chinese & Korean as well (due to the fact that Q44 traverses through neighborhoods where many people can read Chinese and/or Korean but not English). However, I have also noticed that although the B44 traverses through neighborhoods where there are many Russians, the B44 machines do not have Russian-language instructions, despite the fact that the MTA has some literature published in Russian. I wonder why that is - could it be because most Russians living in NYC can read English, while many Chinese/Koreans cannot?
  5. Increasing G service won't provide a one-seat ride to Manhattan which the F provides. Back in 1968, when F express service was first implemented along the Culver Line, the GG had a rush-hour extension to cover for the stations that the F skipped between Jay and Church. However, this still drew complaints from the affected local stations about the lack of a one-seat ride to Manhattan, so by 1976, F express service north of Church Ave was discontinued. Thus, an increase in G service in conjunction with the current F express proposal would essentially create the same kind of situation that existed from 1968-1976.
  6. Back in 1968, when F express service was first implemented along the Culver Line, express service along the northern segment (Jay-Church) lasted only four years before being pulled in 1972 due to rider complaints from local stations along that stretch. A revival of this express service in 1976 lasted less than a year. Thus, I believe that if the MTA's current proposal were to be implemented, it will probably be discontinued within five years of its implementation.
  7. In recent years I've heard about public interest in reactivating the express tracks along the Culver Line in Brooklyn for revenue service. I recently found out that those are far from the only unused express tracks within the entire subway system, so I've been wondering: [1] Why is there so much public interest in the Culver express tracks and little or no interest in other unused express tracks? [2] If the public succeeds in getting the Culver express tracks reactivated for revenue service, will other unused express tracks follow suit later on? (BTW, my own personal opinion about Culver express service is as follows: If any existing runs are to be converted to express runs, they must be adequately replaced with additional local runs; otherwise, there will be many dissatisfied passengers at the local stations. A renovation of the Bergen Street express platforms may also be in order if express service were to be revived.)
  8. Great News for West Hempstead Branch riders: after four years of being left out in the cold, weekend service will finally be revived effective November 22. It will run with the same frequency it did when it last existed (every 2 hours). Now all that's left is for weekend service to Greenport to be revived year-round (it currently does not run in the winter)...
  9. Based on the developments of the past couple of years, it would seem to me that a greater amount of the 2010 service cuts have been (or will be) reversed than the ones back in 1995 were. Is this perception accurate? If so, why does this seem to be the case?
  10. Now that the Q33 will officially be kicked out of LGA Airport proper, I guess this further strengthens the prospect of the Q23 not entering LGA proper in the foreseeable future, right?
  11. Actually, my point was this: since NICE replaced LIB, I have seen people reporting on this and other forums that some runs are missing, some drivers are skipping stops, including stops at colleges & universities. Are these things really happening, and if so, how often? Back when LIB was running, I probably would not have asked this question, but now, under current circumstances, I want to double check what's going on before I make my decision as to whether or not to rely on NICE buses to go to/from NCC and/or OW.
  12. Given what I've heard about some buses skipping stops, including stops at colleges/universities, I've been wondering about one thing: How reliable is service to/from Nassau Community College & SUNY Old Westbury? Starting at the end of this month, and over the course of at least one year, I plan to take courses at these institutions, and I wonder what is the possibility that I would be stranded? My family currently has two cars, and both my parents might need to use them on demand, so would it be better for my family to acquire a third car instead?
  13. Good riddance to him, but I'm unsure whether to invest hope in whoever ends up succeeding him...
  14. Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu to my favorite celebrity, Noriko Sakai!
  15. Five years ago today, something happened that made me emotionally sensitive to the issue of health care reform in this country. Back in November 2007, a 17-year-old girl who I'll refer to as "Jane" (it pains me emotionally to mention her real name) received a bone marrow transplant in response to leukemia. That soon led to complications resulting in liver failure. A transplant organ was prepared and ready, but inexplicably, Jane's health insurer denied coverage for the liver transplant because it was considered by them as experimental - despite very good prognoses of survival by Jane's doctors. Eventually, after some intense lobbying by various people, the insurer finally capitulated. By then, however, Jane's condition had deteriorated to the point where she was removed from life support, and she died several hours later - exactly five years ago today. To this day, whenever I hear about the topic of health care reform, I am reminded of this tragedy.
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