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  1. I ran into a bunch of new T/O's @ Main Street earlier. They have so many classes the TSS's for this class told me they hold their class in the evening. There was 9 people in this class. Well anyways whoever is in that one congrats to u all. Looks like ya'll doing very well. I had to follow the school car out of TSQ n whoever was operating was out!!! Keep up the good work!
  2. Yo!!!! I'm effin' done in this forum chit is cray!!!
  3. Well congrats you guys picked your assigned divisions n now let the games n fun begin!!! Ya'll should b getting fitted for your uniforms if that wasn't done already and a whole lot more things that r coming yawls way. Keep us updated if you can!!
  4. I'd like to know how I could gain access 2 "the crew room"? Fellow train operator here in the A Divsion.
  5. Don't worry about any videos just try n get the job...lmao. One step @ a time!!!
  6. Yea what he said...lmao Stop telling them everything!!!!...lmfao
  7. What u just said is true. But I wouldn't worry about that stuff now. Just take one day @ a time n ya'll r gonna b fine.

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