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  1. Hey all! I saw this yesterday on a Brighton express train. I forgot if it was an R68 or R68A. Anyway, I thought it was weird. It looks like it had a ripped bullet that was ripped in half with a bullet right behind it. Anyone know about this? Thanks!
  2. I was walking in Times Square yesterday (I hate tourists... ugh!) And something caught my eye out of the window of the ASICS store on 42nd Street. They have a real MTA train inside the store! I want to say it's probably a R30. It's painted in silver with the blue racing stipe. It's cut in half, but it's basically untouched from the day it retired, with graffiti inside and outside the car, and they kept the old ads. They even left the chairs and straphangers. If anyone's interested, the address of the store is: 120 West 42nd Street (sorry if this was posted before- I didn't feel like reading through 832 pages of random thoughts!) Happy New Years, Mike
  3. I had an overrun this morning on the F, at Briarwood. He had to get out of his cab, out of the train and press the button. Then we just sat there for 3 minutes with the doors closed. Not sure why
  4. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the big deal with having balloon animals in the subway system
  5. Great post! I miss those R40 Slants running the West End line! I grew up on the West End, and as a little kid, riding those trains and looking out the RFW was part of the excitement of going to Yankee games, or going into The CIty
  6. Sooooooo....... Any word about that R-46 train?
  7. One of your best posts! I'm not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical clicking on the last video that I'd be bored because it's a personal video, but I was pleasantly surprised! I liked the song you chose, and the mix with trains kept my attention. Great job, Daniel!! Don't stop posting Subway pics... hopefully this is just a very small break
  8. Exclamation points are the new periods, I guess
  9. Technically, aren't the R46 not SMEE since they have the digital screens?
  10. Love these cars. Definitely my favorites, up there with the R40 Slants
  11. I was calling the guy in the video an idiot. I most definitely didn't call TeeLow an idiot. The only reason I quoted him was because he said he heard of people surfing on top of trains, but never saw it, so I posted a video that was on youtube of someone surfing on top of a train

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