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  1. I've got the HTC Incredible and it is an...ahem, incredible phone. I was actually torn over the Evo and Incredible, but I went with the lighter Incredible & Verizon and I'm really satisfied with my choice. The phone is great, call quality is excellent, Internet speed never fails, videos and games load quickly, and the camera isn't shabby at all.
  2. Like geoking66 stated, Woodside and Forest Hills developed before Rego Park and Elmhurst, and like TwoTimer said, the tracks were laid before the malls were built. Woodhaven's actually a pretty efficient station as a local: it gets a good amount of ridership without being overly congested so as to disrupt train service. Leave it as be. :tup:
  3. I feel that the (M34) should be changed eastbound. Instead of heading straight towards the FDR: Eastbound buses make a right on 2 Avenue, make a left at 26th Street, make another left on 1 Avenue, travel up back to 34 Street, with its terminal at 34 St/1 Av. The reason for this is because the large number of ppl who work in the medical offices and hospitals along that stretch of 1 Av between 23 and 34 Streets have no reliable means of getting to the subway. The closest is obviously Lexington and they have some options in the M16, M21, M23 and of course the M15/SBS, but I just feel that the M34 should be extended down just those couple of blocks to serve a larger population.
  4. Thank you. As someone who takes the Queens Blvd daily, I cannot stress that people grossly overestimate the population that uses Woodhaven Blvd. Now I know some of y'all are just gonna hit up the numbers and stats, but I'm going to ignore all that and tell you to have a nice day. While Woodhaven serves a large population, if anyone would care to realize, Grand Avenue actually serves a similarly-sized crowd. Why don't I hear anyone crying for a Grand Av Express stop? Oh, it's not right in the middle of a nice express stretch! Oh, it doesn't serve two large shopping malls! Oh, it's not the transfer point for 87 busses! Yeah ok Look, Woodhaven sees its crowds but its not like people are struggling to fit on the or and consistently having to wait for the next train. It's not like people are falling off the platform, either. Weekend service isn't that bad, trust me. Don't get fooled because adjacent stations don't have that many people waiting on the platform. Or is it because y'all think the shopping bags count as riders... Furthermore, Woodhaven is like 74th, in that if you convert it into an express stop, the would be much more crowded, experience much more delays, and the I would seriously doubt the usefulness/efficiency of the Queens Blvd Express anymore. Why would you interrupt an express stretch? The usually overtake the locals at/near Woodhaven -- that's where it reaches peak speeds. I think some of you need to actually ride the system before making judgment calls. I definitely would not let Woodhaven become an express station. Feel free to reply with an opposing opinion -- I'd like to hear what you think.
  5. Making 74th express wouldn't be ideal b/c all of the express trains would absolutely be crushloaded, all the time. I would leave 74th and 61st as currently is.
  6. Coldplay's new single, "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall". The new album is scheduled to be released this summer. I don't care what anyone says about Coldplay or this song. It's a bit different than your typical Coldplay song - more pop/synthesized-based - but upon hearing it, I immediately liked it a lot. It's very catchy as well.
  7. I highly doubt the subway map is trustworthy given its scale. (*Looks at Manhattan*)
  8. Hey IRT, thanks so much for the signature! Only problem is, when I try putting it in my signature, it's not animating. wonder if you could help?
  9. I was looking through this thread, and these signatures seem really cool. Can I get an Orange LED sign reading: Frame 1 Q53 ROCKAWAY PARK Q53 BEACH 116 ST STA Frame 2 Q53 EXPRESS Thank you!

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