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  1. Random thought: How would you collect 5,000 metrocards in 1 week? And what would you do w/ them? Artist Steve Shaheen makes a bench out of 5,000 metrocards.... interview here
  2. My goodness, Bill, your picture is INCREDIBLE. I feel like there are countless hours I've spent at that station (mostly as a waywards early twenties person on the G train to B'burg). I feel like this picture sums up a whole part of my life that I've left behind.


    The subway (and New York) has the power to do that to you.



  3. Sure, you can use the G train photo on your site. For the credit you can just put "Bill T."


    As for a story, don't really have any 'story' behind the photo; I was on my way to Bed-stuy and decided to snap a nice photo of the G train coming in. The end lol


    It always makes me happy to hear that people appreciate my photos and are willing to spread it around so more people can see and enjoy; that's why I go out and do this in the first place :) :)

  4. Hey...


    Your G train photo (of the train rushing through Metropolitan) is probably my favorite train photo I've ever seen ever.


    Thank you.


    Can I post it on my blog?



    How can I properly credit you? Is there any story you would like to add to the photo?



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