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  1. Random thought: How would you collect 5,000 metrocards in 1 week? And what would you do w/ them? Artist Steve Shaheen makes a bench out of 5,000 metrocards.... interview here
  2. My goodness, Bill, your picture is INCREDIBLE. I feel like there are countless hours I've spent at that station (mostly as a waywards early twenties person on the G train to B'burg). I feel like this picture sums up a whole part of my life that I've left behind.


    The subway (and New York) has the power to do that to you.



  3. Hey...


    Your G train photo (of the train rushing through Metropolitan) is probably my favorite train photo I've ever seen ever.


    Thank you.


    Can I post it on my blog?



    How can I properly credit you? Is there any story you would like to add to the photo?



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