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  1. Quote From Q23, 207 street and 59 street- Columbus Circle fully local Northern Porton Suspended. South Portion City Hall to Coney Island Runs 59 street Columbus Circle to 205 street all times Runs from 14 street to Coney Island via local Suspended Runs in two sections: Between Jamaica-179 st and 57 street- 6 Avenue via local And W. 4 street (8 Avenue) to Coney Island . Extended to Jay Street-Metrotech Extended to Bay Ridge-95 street Suspended (You forgot this)
  2. I was gonna say Kings Highway But Railfan always beats me to it!
  3. I have my money on that the really meant the , but speaking of the Rockways How much more work is needed to restore the Back to the Rockways?
  4. Yikes I was Wrong! Sorry Railfan you were right. I thought it was Secana Ave. Rail fans Correct!
  5. Still wrong. It is on the line. You are close but not that close.
  6. Well nobody guessed it yet so heres a clue , If you look really closely you will find a clue . The clue your looking for is under a few. New Clue: If you go to The R160 Finds Thread And Find My Post , Look for a specific sign that is true, from there you will find the stop you desire. Its a riddle clue! Try to figure it out!
  7. Great so i get -1 for nothing.... I will go again,
  8. My turn. And dont look for hints around the train!
  9. Look at what i made! But for R188 You can take your time. Take up to a century if you need to make my sign.

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