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  1. He's not kidding! I sent back 2 commando sweaters and 2 baseball caps because they didn't have the MTA logo on them 2 months ago and still haven't gotten anything back!
  2. WTG! Best of luck to you! I got in the December class and my first practical is less than 2 weeks away (still nervous about it).
  3. I'm currently in T/O schoolcar, but God-forbid anything goes wrong (practical failed, signal exam failed), I will keep conductor as my "doomsday option."
  4. Exam 8094 (bus op exam was 8006 - already got 3 of those letters, but refused)
  5. I also got my letter with that same line (990 range.) I am currently in schoolcar for T/O, and I hope to pass that training program; however if that doesn't go well, maybe I can give C/R a shot.
  6. Day 2 of training - picked and received the B division. It filled up before they were finished. Tomorrow we begin at PS 248.
  7. Congrats! I'm in the 12/17 class myself - I'll B c'ying ya in 2 weeks!
  8. I live in Jackson Heights, Queens - so my preference will most likely go with the B division.
  9. Those of you's who just got called back for medical - good luck to you, hope you'll be joining me on 12/17!
  10. I got a bit of a scare today - as you know I was sworn in yesterday for the T/O position. However this morning I got a phone call at 7:10AM talking about something I put on my 21-page application - I got a ticket for a lit cigarette on the el in '98 and they wanted proof I paid it off. So I went down with my disposition letter from TAB and I had to redo one part of the original application (the one they sent for the drug test). I know everything's fine now, but it just had be a bit shaken and has been renting space in my head! Hopefully I won't get another call like that and I'm still on for 12/17/12 (gave my letter of resignation/2 weeks notice at work today.)
  11. Low 150s on the list - medical has been cleared, I have been sworn in as if this afternoon - 12/17/12 - IT BEGINS! To quote Stewie Griffin: Victory is Mine!
  12. Same here bro! Just gotta get the letter from my doc and hand it in! I wonder if I'll have to do another drug test.

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