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  1. Thanks everyone. I'm out of town for a couple of weeks, but will look into all this further when I get back.
  2. Thanks Y2Julio. Hmmm... according to that I wouldn't be eligible because I live in Long Island. I will contact them anyway and see if they have other suggestions. I knew they offered the 4 week course, but thought they may allow me to do a shortened version because I already have a CDL. It won't hurt to ask.
  3. Thanks Burrstone for the tip about the hourly rate. I would avoid that obviously. The company I spoke with that gave me the $348 price - $250 of that is for the road test service - going with me there for the test. The rest is for the one hour instruction that they require. I posted another thread and got a tip on a place that offers free training and a vehicle for low income and unemployed people. I am going to call them tomorrow. I have been unemployed since August and am not eligible for unemployment benefits, so if I can get this done for free or cheaply, I will take that option. Companies can charge what they want, but if I can find a better deal or a free service that I am eligible for, then I will take it. I specifically asked the supervisor at the DMV if I would need to take the written tests and she said no. But if that is not the case, I will find out when I go to change my license over. When I changed my CA CDL to a NY CDL years ago, I did not need to take any written tests. Perhaps she said that I didn't need to take them as I am transferring over to the same Class license that I already have. The only difference is that I need the endorsement for the additional pax. I live in the Town of Babylon. What is the name of the place in W. Babylon? I called the Commercial Driver Training place in W. Babylon and they said they only have full size school buses. I understand what you're saying about testing in a school bus to give me more work opportunities later, but I'm not looking to make a career out of driving school buses or larger coaches. My job in Alaska is not just driving, but also guiding tour groups. I am a driver/guide. For me the guiding part is why I am doing the job. I wouldn't do it just to drive a coach....
  4. Thanks Donald. I will call Red Hook tomorrow and see what my options are. I'd just need some practice (perhaps a few hours) with the vehicle before the test as it will be a bit longer and wider than the 15 passenger vans I've driven in the past. Free sounds very good to me!
  5. I need to transfer my CA Class B CDL to a NY Class B. My CA has a restriction up to 15 pax and I need my NY license to allow 20 pax for a job in Alaska this summer. In the past I have always taken my driving tests in vehicles provided by my employers... but that is not possible here in NY because my employer is not here. Does anyone know where I can get a vehicle preferably in Suffolk or Nassau to test in and get some practice driving beforehand, that won't cost be $350? The one driving school I found in the city charges $350 for 1 hour of instruction and road test services... Thanks for any help.
  6. I just got back from the DMV and spoke with a supervisor there who told me that I wouldn't want to change my class B to a class C as it is a lesser license. So I need to transfer to a NY class B license and get a permit to drive the larger vehicle. I need to take a driving test in the vehicle and I'd then get an endorsement allowing me to drive 16+ on my Class B... I do not have to retake any of the written tests. My problem now is getting a vehicle to test in. The vehicle I'll be driving in Alaska is actually only a 20 pax - I had initially thought it was a 25 pax. I called one driving school in the city that does road test services and 1 hour instruction for $348... Does anyone know if there is a CDL school in western Suffolk or in Nassau that would have a 20 pax bus that I could test in? Any other suggestions as to where I could get a hold of a vehicle - preferably not costing me $350? I don't have any plans to ever drive a school bus and this summer could possibly be the last time I even need a CDL - so I don't want to test in something larger when it isn't necessary. Thanks for your help.
  7. California. I was working for a tour company there and California required me to have a CA CDL. I took the test in a 15 pax van. The vehicle size I'd be driving in AK is the largest pictured on this site: http://www.ny-exec-transportation.com/ All these regulations between different states is confusing to me, but it's looking like I will need to get a Class C license if I get it in NY... which creates the problem that I need a vehicle to practice in and test in and probably someone to go with me since I wouldn't be licensed in the vehicle... if that is the case, I may decide to go to Alaska early and get it there... Unfortunately, I'd need to get to Canada 2 weeks early to get that done because the closest place to get the license in AK from Whitehorse is Skagway which is a 3 hour drive one-way. Driving tests are only done on Thurs, so I'd need to make that trip twice as I'd need to take the written first. The good thing there is that I wouldn't need to rent a vehicle and I'd have someone to go with me. Either way it's not appealing...
  8. Thanks Burrstone. Yes I do have a P endorsement from CA. It is fairly new that CA requires a CDL to drive 15 passenger vans commercially. From what I read online, it appears that I wouldn't need the CDL at all to drive up to 15 in NY, but I may be wrong. I am originally from NY and have been here for a little over a year, minus the 1 month I worked in Alaska. I have not worked in NY since I am back and have no plans to drive commercially here. The Alaska job is for a Canadian Tour Operator and the vehicle holds 25. The company says it's as easy to drive as the vans, just a little bigger. I will have plenty of time to practice on it when I get to Canada before driving it to Alaska. If I am able to get the Class B switched to NY w/o the restriction indicated on the license then that may be a loophole that would keep me legal to drive the larger vehicle in Alaska, but I wouldn't be legal to drive it in NY. Isn't a Class B in NY limited to 15 or less and a Class C for 15 or more? If the restriction is indicated on Class B, then I would really need to get a Class C in NY, but Class B is all Alaska requires. If I do need to get a Class C in NY, do you know where I can go to get practice driving a vehicle and having one to test on, without having to go through a driving course? In the past, my employers have always provided their vehicles to me to test in, but I won't be employed in NY... This is a seasonal job by the way, so I'll be returning to NY after.
  9. Does anyone have a Class B CDL with the P endorsement? Is there a restriction indicated on the back limiting you to 15 passengers? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Truckie. If I change my CA Class B CDL to a NY Class B CDL, do you know if there will be a restriction actually written on the license to limit me to 15 passengers? If that isn't specifically written on the license, then it will be acceptable in Alaska. I do not plan to drive a commercial vehicle in NY so I'm really just looking to meet the requirements to drive in Alaska.
  11. I currently have a CA Class B CDL which was all I needed in the past to drive a 15 passenger van for several tour operators. The CA CDL has the restriction marked on the back of the license saying "Limited to bus designed to carry not more than 15 passengers..." My question is whether this restriction will be marked on the back of the NY Class B CDL. I'm asking because I have a job in Alaska this summer where I will be driving a vehicle that holds up to 25 pax and a Class B license from any state is sufficient as long as the passenger restriction is not on the license. I am currently living in NY and the company in AK suggested I get my license in order before I get there because of time constraints. I have a friend who had the same CA CDL and he changed his to a CO CDL and the restriction wasn't carried over, so he was able to drive the larger vehicle without having to get re-tested on everything. Would this be the same with a NY CDL? Thanks for any insight...

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