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  1. Random - But I wonder why the R160s and R179 program lists the northern terminal as 168 ST/MANHTN as opposed to WASH HTS-168 ST the way the R46 is coded. There isn't a 168 Street station anywhere else in the system, so why the MANHTN part?
  2. Maybe the poster is referring to less frequent service at that station because the tph would have to be cut in half to cover the Express and Local service, since it may be difficult to add service due to capacity on Lex. If thats not what the poster is referring to, SRO conditions at Fordham already exist, so I am unsure what they mean.
  3. SRO conditions because less frequency of trains running?
  4. Correct. Switches would have to be moved to resemble current operations at Parkchester.
  5. If a full blown rush hour peak direction express service were to be tried on the using relay operations similar to Parkchester.. it could look like this: Woodlawn Express: Woodlawn, Mosholu Pkwy, Bedford Pk Blvd, Kingsbridge Rd, Fordham Rd, 183rd St, Burnside Av, 149-GC, 125th. Woodlawn Local: Burnside Av, 176th St, Mt Eden Av, 170th St, 167th St, 161st St-Yankee Stadium, 149-GC, 125th. Thoughts?
  6. I only take two trains. express from Grand Central to 3rd Avenue-149th Street and then the to Simpson Street. I wouldn't call my observation complaining. I just stated what I observed. I choose that route because to me it makes more sense. I can see, however, how one may choose to take the to Hunts Point, and then walking north to Simpson Street, just not what I do.
  7. Yes. That would make sense if I lived right near the subway station. However, I have to take the Bx5 bus to Story Avenue after the subway. The first stop on the Bx5 (which is a very crowded, high ridership route, however, had terrible service) is Simpson Street. My chances of getting on the bus and getting a seat are MUCH higher at Simpson Street than at Hunt Point. Usually, once the Bx5 gets to Hunts Point Av, which is the second stop, the bus is packed, and many are not able to board at Hunts Point. So Simpson Street is the better option. Late at night, after rush hour, if I am on the East Side, I will take the to Hunts Point, but that doesn't happen often.
  8. Here is my current experience. I work on the east side. 1st Avenue & 32nd Street. I live in Soundview, and the stop I use is the Simpson Street station. My evening rush hour commute involves walking to Grand Central and take the to 3rd Avenue-149th Street where I transfer to the local to Simpson Street. From what I've observed, there are much more trains running to Eastchester than there are trains to Wakefield. Often times, I have seen up to three trains come through 3rd Avenue-149th Street bound for Dyre before a train shows up. By then, the platform at 3rd Avenue-149th Street is crowded, and so is the train with all the passengers who need the local stations between Jackson Av & West Farms, PLUS north of East 180th. Meanwhile, the express trains bound for Dyre are no where near as crowded as the . It would be nice, for passenger distribution, to have the make the local stops between 3rd Avenue-149th Street & East 180th Street. This would solve the merger problem at East 180th between to Wakefield and to Eastchester. Both trains can arrive and depart at East 180th without crossing each other, during both southbound AM service and northbound PM service. However, I can imagine that the Dyre Avenue branch residents won't be happy about adding 7 additional stops to their commute.
  9. Something similar was done on the Bronx bound and trains when they had R142As. Instead of northbound trains in Manhattan announcing, "This is a Bronx Bound Local train" the announcements played, "This is a Pelham Bay Park bound train making Express stops in the Bronx" or "This is a Parkchester bound local train". I think this was done to make it clear for passengers whether the train was the Parkchester Local or Pelham Express. Something similar can be done on the where once southbound trains enter Brooklyn, they can announce, "This is a Far Rockaway Bound Express Train" etc.
  10. I must've missed it several times because I don't see where in the above slides this is mentioned. Would you like to point it out?
  11. This project will take 36 months to complete. How will the be able to handle the crowds as it will serve as the sole 42nd Street crosstown service?
  12. Yes - Upon closer look I could see where the stickers were added.
  13. I tried the link but its not working 😞
  14. You're right. If you look extremely closely, I can see where there transfer sticker is placed over the original transfers.
  15. As a Soundview resident I am definitely happy to see that the Bx6 SBS is being proposed to be extended down Story Avenue. Bx5 service is terrible mostly due to the traffic jam on Bruckner Blvd & Bronx River Avenue. To make matters worst, the moving company Roadway stores their trucks on a lot on Bronx River Avenue & Story Avenue, and their AM operations often block ALL traffic going south and north on Bronx River Avenue. And as if that is NOT enough, when the Bruckner Expwy is jammed, many drivers cut through Story Avenue which creates even more traffic. I've seen traffic from Bronx River Av & Bruckner Blvd be backed up all the way to Boynton Avenue & Story Avenue. Also - there are two new affordable housing buildings that are slated to open this summer along Story Avenue and two more that are being planned on Story Avenue between Boynton and Morrison Avs. The current Bx5 cannot handle the crowds as it is now, imagine when the new buildings open and the other two are built. All of this to say that Story Avenue will definitely benefit from the additional Bx6 SBS service, but DOT MUST figure something out with Bx River Av & Bruckner Blvd in order for this to work. If there were money somewhere, they should look at a flyover bridge over the Bronx River connecting Lafayette Avenues or connecting Story Avenue to Garrison Avenue avoiding Bruckner Blvd all together.
  16. Are you sure this strip map is from 2002. Back in 2002, the Barclays Center was not yet built. That opened in 2012. And the train was a service that was still in operation. train service was discontinued in 2005.
  17. The amount of people on the subways who are homeless and also experiencing mental health problems is becoming unbearable. I've noticed that I can't go from point A to B on the train without having the 'pleasure' of encountering one of these people. It is truly unfortunate.
  18. Caught the 10-Car R179 A train at 168 Street bound for 207 St. Maybe they corrected whatever issues were happening?
  19. Random - How come the interior door lights (I don't know what the technical term for it is) on the R179 are so obnoxiously big compared to what they usually look like? The only other car that also has obnoxiously big interior door lights are the R46.
  20. Any updates on the location of the 10-car R179?
  21. I wish they would have at least re-grout the walls to really give the station that sparkly new look. Other than that... looks really nice to me!
  22. I agree. Her announcements are clear, even though some people say that she sounds like she is yelling.
  23. Given the different voices were hear on the NTT of the NYC Subway, it's a given that some may find certain voices more pleasant than others. This is the breakdown of announcements by lines: - Diane Thompson - Jessica Ettinger-Gottesman - Kathleen Campion - Catherine Cowdery I'm not sure why I find that the announcements on the are different from the rest of those that are announced by Catherine Cowdery. Does anyone else pick up on that? Anyway, if it were up to me, I would have Jessica Ettinger-Gottesman be the ONLY voice for the entire subway system, while Charlie Pellet announces transfer points and 'Stand Clear Of ThE Closing Doors Please'. I think that Jessica's announcements are the most crisp and clear announcements. What do you all think? Who is your favorite voice? And... What is up with those R143, those announcements are played so low it is almost impossible to hear. Is that something that the C/O can adjust?
  24. You are absolutely correct. There is a timer just north of the southbound track. As you said, the train nearly comes to a complete stop right before it enters the station, and then crawls in. I remember a few years ago, those southbound trains would fly into 125 Street Station, while the and crawled in. I believe the and crawl in due to the switch to the middle express track just south of the station.
  25. Perhaps the driver let people off at that stop based on a personal choice? But I've been on several BxM6 buses where the driver drops off at that corner. And yes, any line can have delays, but the delays on Lexington Avenue are like a regular everyday thing for lack f better words.

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