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  1. I am not sure what you are saying but it sounds like the note your doctor gave you says that you are under care for hypertension (BP) and lipid (cholesterol) which I don,t think they care because I am also on cholesterol medication and the doctor said so is half the nation. The cri ? I don,t understand unless you mean CRP (c-reactive protein) which is a measure to determine cardiac risk but I don,t think the MTA cares and most people don,t know what is is. Again good luck as the problem you mention why you are on hold in the 1st place is the BP issue and not as you thought blood sugar. Hopefully you have your doctors answer.
  2. I live not far from Zerega and as you can see in the video their is back in angle parking along the street from the sanitation area to in front of the MTA training building and further down the road. Parking starts at 5am. the signs states no standing from 10pm to 5am. If you get their early you can find parking on the side streets.
  3. I am surprised too that they did not clear you on the 2nd reading. When I first did the medical my BP reading was 150/90 and was told it was at the limit. I thought it was over for sure but I was put on hold not for BP but for a hospital admission a few years back and the doctor just wanted to clear some information on that. He mention the BP but said he was more concerned about the hospital report. Now when I went back with the papers he wanted I knew they will check BP again and they did before I saw the doctor and this time I felt a little more mentally relaxed now that I read the report. My BP this time came out 130/70 and the doctor pass me on after he read the report. Have your doctor test you for whatever you need and give you a note that you are under his or her care. One other thing the doctor told me and I was also told by BO,s on the job that the MTA will test you every 6 months for BP if you have a issue with it or if you take BP medication which I do. All the best and hope it works for you , Good Luck.
  4. Do not worry about your medical just go in and be yourself I know nothing about blood sugar levels. You will have to talk to somebody else about that, but you mention d/q I assume you are talking about being disqualified. Your blood pressure is OK you will be tested for vision, hearing, and EKG. If that's OK the nurse or doctor may not make an issue. If your blood sugar is in question you may have to talk to the doctor which is between you and him and nobody else. Take it from me I was placed on medical hold for a hospital procedure several years ago and was cleared after a few days after my medical when I gave the doctor what he wanted to see. I also spoke to others on medical hold that were cleared , so it is not the kiss of death. Good luck with your medical.
  5. It,s a phone call the reason you are asked to put your phone number on top of the letter you received to report for drug test. As far as to report for medical hears my chronological report. Exam 8006, List# 420,s, 1st drug test March 18,2011, 2nd drug test July 8, 3rd drug test July 20th, Medical July 26th,Put on medical hold, Taken off hold medical hold August 1st, Processed to report on August 15. I hope this useful good luck. One thing to note when I was taken off medical hold and went to human resources and explained I was taken off medical hold the lady at the counter said she had to call to find out if classes for Aug. 15 are still available and then told me their are still openings and if I want to start and I just said yes. I should have asked but I assume their are more classes coming after Aug 15.
  6. I do not know if they actually check hospital records but I called a co-worker from my last job. His wife is a nurse with a Manhattan hospital and she told me she checked with some doctors and told me all hospitals keep records forever. How far back I do not know I guess with today's electronic age it seems it,s very possible. As for them making you wait a few months I did talk to some people there who said they were on hold from back in March and felt if not on hold they could of started back in March. Remember from what I understand when you are on hold your spot is not saved and if the vacancies are filled before you clear you have to start all over again and wait till they start hiring again. Test are good for until you start , drug test 30 days medical 90 days.
  7. I do not no about the nurse but the doctor was OK. Last week I was put on medical hold because I answered yes to a medical question about being admitted to a hospital. Feelings were mixed as some told me bad move just answer no, others told me you did the right thing because it,s good to get everything cleared up. I felt I had no choice because the 2nd question was about medications which I currently am on. Therefore I would have had to answer no to technically 4 hospital admissions and 2 medications,and the medications alone may have raised a question. The doctor thanked me for being honest as he said this is a job involving the safety of people and they have to make sure you are medically OK to drive a bus. I brought in the report of the last admission today (Mon 8/1/)and was taken off medical hold and was processed to report on Aug 15. It may have taken a few more days to clear but if I do get pass training and processed further at least I feel I got a skeleton out of my closet. Good luck to all on Aug. 15.
  8. I thought I could write in and say I will be joining you Acela and by the way good luck on Aug 15th at Zerega. I live in the Bronx so I am not far away from that place, in fact I pass it quite often. Did medical today and tried to find out others list numbers and found out that all had lower numbers than me. There were not a lot of people their today just mostly medical. Some were on medical hold from back in March and some had to do medical again and it also seemed that all I spoke to had the same thing I went through with having to get their names restored to the list. As for myself I was placed on medical hold because of a hospital stint from 2006 that I thought would not be a big deal but guess again. The MTA doctor gave me some papers to give to the doctor from back then and wants a report and told me as soon as I get it to bring it in ASAP. Luckily today when I got home around 11:30 I found the doctors office I was thinking if he was not around anymore this could be a problem but I lucked out.I ran over there and gave it to the ladies working there and my record was still on file so they told me the doctor will fill out the report but it may take a few days and will call me when it is ready to pick up.I will say on top of it because if the doctor takes forever now I have a problem. I guess another detour just hope it is not long.
  9. I was busy this weekend and had trouble getting on line Sunday night but I did get the phone call Friday afternoon to come in on Tuesday (tomorrow morning) for medical and prepare for a long day. I will post tomorrow night about any news.
  10. OK there is the update, you are right about the August 1st class but the problem was that those classes are filled. I always get their early so this morning before 7:30 around 7:20 they started to call some names which included myself. Turns out that we were called in for medical because they wanted to put us in the Aug. 1st class but because it,s filled we needed to do another drug test. The reason is we are now slated for Aug. 15 classes and the drug test from July 8 will be expired, the reason to do drug test today and they will call again for medical. The bummer is you prepare for the long day and brought some food and before you know it you are out of their before 9:00. Really went fast today but then again when I got home at least I had something to eat already with my coffee. As others have posted on this forum be patient your time will come.
  11. I received the phone call Fri. afternoon to report this Wed. 7-20 for medical and bring in paperwork from back in March. At least this time I made it a little further and will try to see what numbers they are around to. Again I am in the 420,s range exam 8006.
  12. seal all the people I spoke to on Fri.seemed to be before me in the 300,s and were from called in from March like myself. All were in the mid 300,s range but their was a lot more people so I don,t know for sure. Some were also on medical hold from March and were getting cleared. For me this time it did go a little faster with the paper work and I was told that back in March when they reach the amount of vacancies every thing stops. When I asked about myself from letter from DCAS saying I did not show for medical I was told that it was DCAS that did that. (Sounds like he said she said ) I asked if they would at least leave a message if I am not home and I was told that they would. Hopefully I will here something and this list moves for for all those waiting.
  13. Outstanding certification means that your name and list number has been sent over to the MTA from DCAS which administers the exams in this case exam 8006 for BO and establishes the list by score.The last appointed list number according to the DCAS automated phone number was 461.This is the number that they stopped at back in March and now that they started calling again I believe all those after 461 to whatever amount they need will be called in. Keep in mine that their are some of us pre-461,s that have lower numbers but were not called back for medical back in March because the openings that they needed became full and we had to have our names and list numbers restored to the list. Good Luck , if you get called in to the drug test and don,t hear anything in a few weeks about the medical which is the next step give them a call because you could be passed over if you do not have your name restored to the DCAS list.
  14. Sorry for the late response I have not checked my messages. You probably got a response from another member. I do not know of any websites I just got mine from the DMV commercial drivers manual . Just take your time reading and studying it and when you feel ready go to the DMV and take the test. You also need a passenger endorsement as well so you need to take that test also. If you already done this good as I said sorry for the late response.

  15. Their seems to be a problem with some people with small dogs. Maybe they feel that their some kind of living toy because I see a lot of people with them in Home Depot, Path-mark, Kmart and of course buses and trains.As a dog owner and I have two, both big (mixed golden retriever/husky and black german shepard /chow) and have a responsibly that comes with owning a dog too much to mention here. The other day I walked one of my dogs to the park and as always they are leashed for their protection because some people with small dogs don,t seem to do so and it,s the law in all public parks unless noted in the park rules about the times. The bottom line is these two small dogs come up unleashed to me and one of my dogs and starts barking and jumping on me and my dog. These two ladies come yelling to their dogs but I,m the one holding on to the leash because I can see my dog is getting annoyed and ready to make a meal out of one of these small dogs. The bus operator acted accordingly and has a responsibility of the safety to the passengers as this was not a person with a disability and the need of a guide dog. Maybe this person is the one who needs to be on the leash. Just hope she is OK and the MTA sticks up for her.
  16. It seems that the TA (exams 5025 and 8006) don,t notify you of the BOSS results. You are being called in and that's all that matters because it seems that we all passed on those exams . The OA (MABOSTA) does notify you as on this forum people have reported failing or passing this test. I for one can vouch for that because I applied for both 8006(TA) and 2901 (OA) and failed on 2901. Strange because same questions same answers. Good Luck.
  17. I will be joining you also on July 8th. I received my letter today to report for 2nd drug test. Looks like all pre-461 who had their names restored to the list from last time is starting to move ,and also all those after 461 too. Sealteam1962 you hit it on the money just like you said and what they(MTA) told me back in April that they will call again in June. One thing to note I was told back in April if you need to update any information such as phone numbers or previous employment info. you can do so then. As for not getting called back like last time and being told because no more vacancies I will be joining Boxeraf at that dinner but add some tequila. PS no mention of BOSS.
  18. You will need the CDL permit when you start training.
  19. I also had to have my name restored to the list at DCAS.I was originally called for drug test back in 3-18-11 , list# in 420,s exam 8006 and was not called back because the list was frozen with all vacancies filled so I was told. When I received my restoration letter on 5-18-11 from DCAS it is stated failed to report for medical but I was told from 180 Livingston that I was never called and that is just a code for them. I was told I will receive a letter for a new drug test when MTA starts hiring again at that time it was June or July. Hopefully whenever it starts this time around all us pre-461 will get a call back for medical after the drug test .
  20. Thanks for the advice seal believe me I wanted to go down a while ago when I called about not hearing anything after the drug test back in 3-18-11. As I posted earlier I was told to be reinstated to the list and receive a letter from MTA about having to do this because of no more vacancies. I called DCAS before I went down and the person on the phone I spoke to seemed also puzzled about that and said just to come down with the letter. I just received the restoration letter from DCAS and it says I was approved back to the list on 5-16-11 and the reason I was off-sided was failed to report for medical. Now I,m getting a little pissed off because I never receive any call or notice about medical and if that's the case why not tell me when I called in the first place instead of the no vacancies thing.Well I called MTA in Brooklyn to asked about when I was supposed to come in for medical that I missed because this is whats on the DCAS letter, I was told that only a code that's used and means that I did not miss anything because they never call anyway and will receive a letter to come in for drug testing again when hiring starts again??? Sounds like my number either was not reached or my background check took too long and the vacancies were filled. I also called the DCAS automated phone and it now tells me I,m not on outstanding cert. and no longer on the list and need to be reinstated but I believe that's outdated because I have the letter,also the last eligible cert. is 461 so they did update and that # is higher than mine so I will just hang in and wait and if I get passed I should have the right to know why instead of a runaround.
  21. Do not get down on yourself just do the best you can it,s within you. I myself have never drove a bus and if my time comes I do not know how I will react to training. Good Luck and all the best.
  22. That,s what I thought but this makes me wonder? What I thought could happen did happen as I posted here once on the 2nd BOSS exam. Received notice on MABOSTA 2901 that reads that we are unable to offer you the position of Bus Operator at this time due to my responses to the BOSS. Now I felt I answered the questions honestly as best I could and realized that you have to pay attention because they are the same questions worded differently to catch your responses. I remember the same questions and answered the same on the 8006 BOSS 2 years ago and as I never receive a notice on BOSS from that exam (I do not believe anyone on 8006 receive a notice)I did receive a letter to come in for drug and interview and as posted on another thread currently had to get reinstated to the list because of no current vacancies. All said I assumed I passed that BOSS exam. My MABOSTA list# was very high so they said they will not be hiring to 2012 and with my # looks like a few more years that why I looking to 8006 which I will stay on top.
  23. Roadtimes did you receive a notice from DCAS to confirm that you are reinstated to the list. This is what the clerk told me when I went down two weeks ago to get reinstated to the list. I have not received a notice to date and will call them this week, all I got was a receipt from the clerk. The #,s for DCAS certifications again is 212-669-2431, 2439, 2450, 2459. Thanks for your post.
  24. If the cutoff # is 461 does this mean that when they start again that,s the number they start with. My list # was in the 420,s and received a letter to be reinstated to the list through DCAS another member( BOXERAF)also received the same letter and his # was in the 340,s.Before I went down to DCAS I called to see if I need to bring any papers and the lady on the phone said to me what,s going on over there, another one, why are they calling you to come in then tell you you have to be reinstated because there are no more vacancies. After I went down I made out the form and put down the reason from the letter and the lady told me I will receive a notice of confirmation to be reinstated. I asked this lady about the notice from the MTA but she said she did not know. To date I have not received a notice from DCAS ,I will wait another week then call them.This is where I am currently waiting.
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