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  1. Will the MTA ever change the color of the wheels? With the current livery of the buses, the white wheels look out of place
  2. There is no diesel only mode on our hybrids. The diesel engine only runs the ACTM (hybrid generator) and other accessories. The "diesel only mode" you guys are referring to may be the PCS emergency override switch.
  3. Being that the MTA is slowly moving away from the "blue and white with a stripe" livery, does anyone think that the road trucks, tow trucks, and other support vehicles will share the new navy blue and gold livery (similar to state trooper vehicles)?
  4. The MTA should pay us more if they want us to stay in the city. We make a good single persons wage. When you throw a family into the mix, it becomes harder to stay here space wise and financially. That's why so many of us move outside of the city
  5. Will Casey Stengel be relocated or rebuilt before/after It's closure? Will jamaica be rebuilt with extra capacity to share the queens division load if Stengel is completely history??
  6. If they don't want to pay for sub par service, they shouldn't use said sub par service.
  7. Definitely not true. College Point and any other depot with a paint booth will paint sections or panels on buses as after an accident repair. Scheduled overhaul painting is done exclusively at Zerega and Grand Ave CMF (mostly at grand ave cmf). Even buses overhauled at ENY go to grand for paint.
  8. Random thought #1. .people don't want to go up 2 steps in the rear of low floor buses, so what would encourage them to climb nearly a whole flight in a double decker bus? Random thought #2...will all of the express buses share the new livery eventually??
  9. I heard that they're gonna try double decker express buses in Staten Island again...this time around, I believe they will fit inside of a depot at least (Charleston has higher doors that Yukon and Castleton.)
  10. The idea is to have the operational fleet (standards in all boroughs, both standards and attics in manhattan) completely chained before the snow starts falling. With some depots having a few hundred buses, they naturally need to start earlier.
  11. You sure you running the right pressure in your tires? Overfilled tires ride harder that properly filled tires.
  12. Does anyone know if that big open lot behind gun hill depot is being used for anything? Looks like there's a building on the property in Google maps, but it almost looks abandoned. That could be a short term fix for if MTV really closes. They could pave over that lot (looks like space for about 200 buses), take a majority of the KB routes, than KB would be the artic depot for northern manhattan. MCH and 100st would split up MTV's routes, and Quill would be the other artic/crosstown depot for southern manhattan
  13. I think it's more the wooden floors that are giving off that "aged bus" smell
  14. Why are the 12xx's getting done, but not the 2011 BTE units (80xx nova's, 70xx orions, and 48xx new flyers)??

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