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  1. Does anyone know what happened to 1325 out of CP? I see major damage to the right side.
  2. Logan Bus Company is always hiring. I could put you in touch with the hiring manager.
  3. Yeah it’s been at CP for a while. However 2895 was headed to scrap yesterday I do believe.
  4. I believe it’s a 5 year wait before trying again.
  5. You definitely need to complete the probation period.
  6. The raise showed up on my next paycheck. I didn’t have to go to the office or anything special.
  7. Probation is over thank God. I had an undercover ride however. I didn’t even know he was on my bus until I pulled into my last stop. After the passengers were off the bus he came up and introduced himself and told me I did well. He only mentioned that I can’t drive with the jacket I had on as it wasn’t Authority issued.
  8. 1322 is here at CP. Already has depot decals. They are moving fast.
  9. I haven’t seen those. Will let you know when they show up.

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