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  1. So I went in today for pre employment and did the Drug Test. They said expect to hear from them in 3-90 days.
  2. So will Logan Bus Company in Ozone Park.
  3. Ok. So I got home today and found a letter in my mailbox for PE and that I should report 02/22/19 @ 7:30 so that can’t happen obviously. What’s my next move?
  4. Are you saying a list number of 8000 is low?
  5. I got my letter today to take the exam in 03.14
  6. I tried to commit suicide 8 years ago and I can tell you it's one of the biggest regrets I have. I have moved on from those problems that were weighing me down. I know how it feels to be alone, but you have more to live for. I hope you get to read these posts before you do something that there is no coming back from. Just take a deep breath and realize that you are more precious than anyone else is worth. You are valuable and loved. Although it may not always seem like that. But I am sure there is someone that loves you deeply and will be hurt.
  7. I passed. So I have a class b with P&S endorsement.
  8. Well the time has come. I'm taking my Class B road test tomorrow in Maspeth. I've heard lots of horror stories about maspeth. So I'm extremely nervous.
  9. Hello all. My name is Andrew and my wife and I are looking to open a school bus company. She already has a cdl with school bus endorsement. I was wondering if anyone knew the process to start a school bus company. Thanks.

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