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  1. I notice CP Depot has started using some of the LGA buses on Q65.
  2. Are you sure Q19 Main Street to Astoria isn’t 193?
  3. Yes. Because that’s exactly what I did.
  4. What is it with you and the express drivers? They must have a vendetta against you.
  5. Good luck on being fitted for uniforms. First off the order will be incorrect. Secondly, they won’t fit.
  6. Yeah, I’ve been slowing down for lights. Driving 15 MPH and looking at my paddle at stops. Just to make time points.
  7. Have to make those time points. They’ve been telling us to slow down and pay attention to time points.
  8. Congrats. And which depot are you going to tomorrow?
  9. Where are you going for line training?
  10. Starting on monday? So today and tomorrow we can just F Off.
  11. Congratulations on moving ahead and my advice would be enjoy your life until training gets started. It was the most intense 7 days of my life. I cried on day 3. Get plenty of rest. And if I could offer one tip for the 7 day training is go slowly. Drive very slow and take your turns even slower. Good Luck.
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