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  1. Can anybody give me a number who I can call and speak to about me taking off this list for unknown reason?? I been a B/O going on 5 years and found out I was disqualified from this exam. If anyone have info where I can call and find out why can you please inbox me a number.
  2. I'm talking about the city as far as (Manhattan) depots, their isn't anymore TA in the city hale is a OA depot. I'm TA in a OA depot bruh..
  3. Hale is a OA depot there isn't a TA depot in the city anymore after 126 close down.
  4. Good afternoon my fellow Co workers and members can anyone help me I'm currently on the train op exam, where I just called and found out that they marked me ineligible for the position. Those anybody know who can I speak to cause dcas is not giving me rep to talk to, was wondering if anybody have a direct number I can call so I can talk to somebody ??
  5. Ok that's good to know I'm under tier 6 pension.
  6. I was going to ask the same question what jay had ask you he beat me to it, but so far I like what your talking about and I bet it's less stressful in TO VS being in that seat, most of the times I really don't let ppl get to me cause at the end of the day it's not my bus or farebox. The only thing I may hate is giving up the hours, the set run I have and going back to the xx list. The info that you just provided for the most part will make me put in for the exam and I think me and jay have a good advantage espacally when it comes to distenation points thur out the city question on the exam since we operators, well I know I do I was at MTA Bus for 2 years, 1 year in queens LGA and did a year in EC doing the express lines, now I'm with TA going in 3 years so I know my way around the city. I was called for conductor but turn it down about 2 months ago due to the fact I'm already in surface but for TO ill def put in for it due to the knowledge I got for you. Question?? I heard the pension is 30/62 now, will I be put under that pension plan or will I remain under the 25/55 since I'm already in TA ????
  7. Thanks for the info because I'm really thinking about taking the promo exam as well, but the OT in surface is crazy as Jaydubs stated I'm too TA working out of a OA depot. I think I'll take the exam and weigh my option when that time comes around. But any more info from the guys underground can put out would be great so I can get a more inside idea on how it works.
  8. Receive my latter to go down to Livingston on the 5th of this month just to give you guys a update, list number 29XX. More then likely not going for it since I'm a Bus Op. With TA already.
  9. because maybe he wants the civil service status which OA don't have and wants to have NYCERS pension as well.
  10. Mostly he's OA working out of a TA depot since he said he's line training out a TA depot, you can't line train if your MTA Bus.
  11. sorry that was a typo we don't have 4967 but the list I put out stands.
  12. Yo WTF LMAO this Sh^T gots to stop.
  13. Dude what are you talking about Bx 23 is a MTA Bus route which GH depot is under NYCT depot. So no way the Bx 23 going to GH depot it's EC route and will remind that way.
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