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  1. i went 2 livingston this past wednesday for pre employment & was told that i have to wait until one of my accidents clear up in order to be eligible for the position.....i was told by da staff @ HR that i can reinstate myself once the accidents clear since the list is good until 8/2013......i applied for the 2301 exam as a back up plan.....but just in case when my accidents do clear would i still be eligible for hire or would they say im disqualified can any1 answer this????
  2. Got the letter to report to on wednesday on the 31 The list is moving fast guys ....my # is in the 900's Wish me Good luck taking it day by day.:tup:
  3. Im Feeling This Post Loco Good One!:tup:
  4. Hope that is true, where did you get that info from if u dnt mind me asking??
  5. Congrats tim & wish u good luck transit bx, i have one random questions how come mta doesnt send out results of the boss exam for those on 8006. Is it a OA thing?? & for those on 8006 is it even necessary to pass the boss because i took it 2 yrs ago & didnt get nothing.:tup:
  6. yea thats all we can do is be patient wiithin time it will come , thanks for the info fbd:tup:
  7. ok can someone expalin & clarify this whole certification thing, i was previously on outstanding certification but now it says that im not, & also what confuses is that it said there been 1,500 certified, my list number is in the 900's when i didnt get called yet for processing medical/etc....so how can i be certified , i might be buggin just dnt know thats why im asking ?:tup:
  8. Thanks 4 the info jay reason i ask bout the other class was because i heard something bout a class started on monday for exam 2901 i think or 2801 idk one of those ....but i jus figured that all the classes is by exams , but guess i was wrong seems like the mix classes up with different exams.....thanks anyway...best of luck @ gun hill
  9. Dont Worry bro u'll be fine...Those 37 that qualified were they all fom 8006 or do they split u guys up from different exams...& also the class that started monday thats not from 8006 is it??
  10. Hey Big Congrats To u jaydubs i see u change your logo to the depot sign, brought some excitement to me seein that i could imagine how u feel bro thats wats up Congrats once again ....good 2 hear sum1 hired from the same list im on...how many people was in your class @ zerega do u remember??
  11. supposedly ta is stating that there cant be no more than 2 accidents in the last 3 years & i have three accidents which 2 of them are not my fault...i mean can i really be blamed for 4 something that was 100% the next person fault they saying its "my accident".......this is the only & 1 thing that is messin me up like i said in the last thread i have not even 1 point, never had suspensions, nor moving violations. Just had to post this, this news really got me out the mood.:mad:
  12. thanks for the info jmazz hopefully it wont be a big issue far as bein appointed, i leave it all to god,once again thanks...
  13. Can Someone that KNOWS tell me how many accidents TA accept for you to get appointed i have a clean record no points no moving violations but i have no fault accidents on my record & im worried i would get disqualified for that..please help with any info regarding this...i have everything to they are asking for jus this one thing is buggin me..
  14. Does anyone knows how many accidents are allowed to be appointed & do u need to have a diploma or any type of education to also be hired???
  15. Thanks 4 the welcome FBD & aloso good luck to you glad to be here o these forums/threads however u guys call it..im taking it day by day im patiently waiting to get called....once again good luck to all...one more thing fbd what is your list number?? if u dnt mind me asking??
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