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  1. That may be true but how many drivers will be assaulted within the next 2 years? If it saves one operator's life then its worth it in my opinion
  2. Yes you need to wear that the first day and everyday until you receive your uniform. I just started 4/11/11 and I havent received mine yet but it will be sometime after you qualify. The first day you will be in a classroom where you will be spoken too about what to expect, and fill out paperwork. You will also be assigned an instructor and Depot to report to for training. This is pretty much random selection and you may have to travel to a borough you dont live in. It might be hard for u but its only for the 1st 7 days which starts Tuesday. You will have 2-3 other students training with you on 1 bus. On Tuesday you report to the depot they assigned u at the time your instructor tells u. Make sure u are on time. Try to get there at least 15min early rather than barely making it. The instructor will give u the basics about the bus and show u how to operate it. You will learn how to set up the mirrors and the instructor will probably drive first and show you how to make turns and handle the bus. Then you will take turns driving and doing basic turns. Each day you will be introduced to different things and expected to get better. The key is to pay attention to the instructor and do exactly what he tells you. They will criticize your bad driving habits and tell you what u are doing wrong but dont take it personal. They are trying to help you. Also watch your classmates and learn from their mistakes. I never drove a bus before last Tuesday and I qualified on day 7, the earliest possible day. Its not easy but its not difficult. Just do what your instructor tells you and you'll be ok.

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