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  1. Based on their renderings,there will be one large entrance located diagonally across the street from Javits Center.
  2. IMO, you got to take some risks sometimes, and if you know you can safely do it, well why not? Not to be confused with YOLO.
  3. Got ya, I hope it won't cost arm and a leg to get it fixed.
  4. What's up with your cam? Left half of the image is blurred, same is seen in the other thread.
  5. The third one was taken from the adjacent Denniston Drive, which is pretty high, the fourth one I climbed a tree to get that high.
  6. It took me whole day to get around the area on my feet, in which case the infrequent service was to my advantage. But yes, with the bike it would have been much easier. I need to get one.
  7. There is track work on CPW SB, which forces all CPW trains onto one local track, I think there is very little room to spare with all that switching and 10mph runs between 86 and 59th.
  8. Last time I went to Port Jervis, I've witnessed something really great, the Moodna Viaduct. Time to check upon it. Bonus Enjoy the View Thanks
  9. The surviving Els aren't going anywhere, it is much cheaper to upkeep them or even upgrade them, than to build subway line from scratch. For example; the Market-Frankford line was upgraded for mere ~ 1 billion dollars, much cheaper if it was built as subway and also much nicer than the Els around here. Regarding employees, well, not everyone has to work for TA, if some can't work underground, they can find job elsewhere, its not that they are forced to work there.
  10. There was something in this shot, than convinced me to post it, I don't remember what.
  11. Just to clarify, the last three are from Fordham.
  12. Heard a rumor that ACS 64 will be coming down to WAS today, and having a free day I decided to try my luck catching it at Cos Cob HHP8 It goes without saying that I didn't spot the elusive Sprinter, but I found something better instead.
  13. Glad you made it to the BRIGHTon line. Solid shots, esp. Flushing.
  14. There are too many to list them all, below are major categories. A hole in the ground with fence around it - majority of NYC subway entrances A little better variant has some sort of roof on top - New entrance to South Ferry Built into the larger structure - The fancy entrance to Times Square, or some of the shop entrances at 47-50th Standalone structure - Southern entrance to West Side IRT 96th St, new exit at Barclay's Center. Some fancy variants can be seen here https://www.google.com/search?q=moscow+metro+entrances&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=rQc5UpfaC5au4AOd_4GgCg Hope that helps.
  15. Those things live forever, there are plenty of film SLRs available on craigslist or ebay, and they are dirt cheap. What is not cheap is film processing, you either have to learn how to use darkroom or pay CVS of B&H for processing.
  16. Thats the thing with film, you only have one chance to get the shot, of course I could have edited it in Photoshop after processing, but there is no authenticity in that.
  17. Well the search was successful, should I mention it took place a couple of weeks ago.
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