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  1. I checked this morning to apply for the promotion test and it's been postponed. Also the open competitive test has been cancelled. What happened?? Did they change their minds?
  2. Thanks Etrain, I agree that you should always take a promotional exam when it's offered. I didn't take the TA SLD exam and upset that I didn't. I always say "you never know what the future holds." I'm gonna take the exam for TO because I don't think my sanity will last over 25 years! LOL. The OT is awesome on the surface, nice paying runs, especially in OA depots. But that seat at times can be crazy stressful. The one question Etrain I had was if i do take the promotion, if offered, would I have to wait 3-4 years to reach top pay or do I start at top pay from day one?
  3. To my understanding you are eligible to take the exam barsmen. The last Promotion to Train Operator test given was back in 2009 through DCAS. Exam No. 8562 Here was the eligibility then in 2009: ELIGIBILITY TO TAKE EXAMINATION: This examination is open to each employee of the New York City Transit Authority who on the date of the multiple-choice test: 1. is permanently (not provisionally) employed in, or appears on a Preferred List (see Note, below) for the title of Conductor, Tower Operator, or Bus Operator; or 2. is permanently (not provisionally) employed in, or appears on a Preferred List (see Note, below) for, a competitive class title in the NYC Transit Authority and who has satisfactorily completed the NYCT Transit Certificate Program for Train Operator, and must have three years of satisfactory full-time work experience including at least one year of work with the NYC Transit Authority; or 3. is employed in a labor class or non-competitive class title in the NYC Transit Authority, and who has satisfactorily completed the NYCT Transit Certificate Program for Train Operator, and must have three years of satisfactory full-time work experience including at least one year of work with the NYC Transit Authority; and 4. is not otherwise ineligible. I know that MaBSTOA and MTA Bus are not eligible. I'm assuming the eligibility rules have not changed since, so I beleive you can take the promotion test barsmen.
  4. Hey thanks for the feedback fellas, I really wanted to become a T/O from the beginning. I took the C/R exam and B/O exam the same year and did well on both but the Bus called first. I mean I'm about to hit 5 yrs soon and if I do loose all my seniority that would suck. I'm TA working in an OA depot and the runs in the Bronx are awesome. At Gun Hill and Kingsbridge there are 65 hr runs!! Right now I have a run that pays 49 hrs. with Sunday and Monday RDOs. But I'm already starting the hate that seat on the surface. How is it underground?
  5. I know I'm a B/O but really thinking about taking the promotion test for T/O, filling starts in September. Does anyone out there have any tips, study material etc...that would help me with the exam? I have the Train Operator Test Prep Study Guide, but I'm sure there's other material that I can study to increase my score. I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks
  6. Hey, bus operator from Gun Hill but just wanted to know about the Station Agent exam #5615. My girl wants to take the test but on mta.info says it has been postponed until July. Does anyone know top pay at that position? Thanks -Jason
  7. I know this is off topic but this is a random thoughts thread, I plan to pick out of GH this upcoming general and go to KB. Anyone knows which are the better lines and the ones to avoid. I've only been at GH.
  8. Does anyone know when the next promotion exam to Train Operator is going to be held?
  9. I'm pretty sure that it will not go into effect for the general pick coming up. Like youngblaze said, go to the meeting. I live in Yonkers and don't want to go to Brooklyn or even worse, Staten Island. I'm picking out this year and going to KB. Does anyone know how is Kingsbridge?
  10. When I cleared ealier today another operator told me the same thing. I would like some more info on this myself since I'm TA at a OA depot. I like it at Gun Hill and I live close. Going to Brooklyn is something I would rather not have to do. Does anyone know if there's money in Brooklyn? There's plenty to be made in Gun Hill.
  11. Yes, thanks for the suggestion Snowblock. I will ask for some study materials. But I know there are classes given. Does anyone know where and who to ask? And yes I know i misspelled the topic, typing fast. LOL.
  12. Ok, I have a question. I'm aware of the upcoming promotion to surface dispatcher exam 4700 which filing starts on July 10th. How does one study and prepare for this test. I have the Passbook "Surface Line Dispatcher" by National Learning Corporation, but I don’t believe the information is relevant. I spoke to a MaBSTOA Dispatcher today and was told the book is a waste of time. You need to know formulas, memorandums, how to calculate pay, etc. So I ask the question again, how can I obtain this information? Are there classes? And if so how can I sign up? I would appreciate anyone who can help.
  13. Hey Gun Hill is cool. Routes are cool for the most part, even though this is the end of week 3 for line training and i haven't did every route yet. I start artic training tomorrow, looking forward to that...I guess. Just waiting for graduation and finally being on my own and making a wrong turn along my route. LOL.
  14. I hear u guys, it's unbelievable how may people scored high on this exam. I scored a 97.333% and my list number is 1215! I took the bus operator exam the same year, scored a 90% and was 180 on the list. So many more people takes the the conductor exam in comparison to the others. Thank god I was called for the bus a few months ago. But hey, if the surface doesn't work out, a call to the subway would not be a bad alternative.
  15. well thats the way to look at it. I had to qualify on day 9 also and I used the xtra days to get sharper and qualified with no problem, I'm sure u will also.
  16. so what happened that made ur instructor send u for more training? u must have hit a curb or 2 or drove in a matter that caused him to make u go to day 8 and 9 and if not why not give u a shot at qualifying tomorrow.
  17. Hey I never drove a bus, let alone a large vehicle before this. I was super nervous and still am. They love people like me b/c I don't have any bad habits. All the advice I can give u is to listen to ur instructor and trust him. Personally I think 6 days is not enough time to teach someone to drive a bus especially if u haven't drove a large vehicle b4, but I made it on day 9. The biggest thing for me was using that pivot point and putting in my mind that I'm driving a 40ft bus not a car. But again just listen and follow ur instructors direction and u should have no problem. You've already driven a bus so ur ahead of most.

  18. You guys will do OK. Just make sure on days 5 and 6 in Manhattan that u cover that right especially on left turns, cars love to sneak through but not too close b/c someone always opens that car door w/o looking. There is 1 tough left turn coming out of the Central Park Transverse at 81st street on the west side, give urself a little room and use that pivot point b4 u start ur turn or u will hit the little island. The acute turn at Union Sq and another pivot left on Park ave. South are difficult turns on day 6. Just be aware of these and always scan the mirrors and u should be fine. I hit the curb on both days, sometimes u forget that ur driving a 40 ft bus when making these turns.
  19. Thanks for the tip, the plague, well that sounds pretty bad. i'll make sure to stay away from that. yeah i did get an answer, I sent u a message.
  20. Now i do believe that there were some people in my class from a different exam but not many. Most came from the 8006 exam. And regarding the other class I'm not sure but I would assume that most of them are from 8006 also.
  21. Thanks man, yeah I was excited knowing I was able to pick Gun Hill, looking forward to the start of hopefully a good career. There are 37 that qualified. There is another class that started this Monday.
  22. Cool, great that u guys had good day 1's, and thanks for the info between West farms and Gun Hill, I picked Gun Hill and start line training tomorrow. I was checking the bus map, the routes out of gun hill definitely seem better than west farm. It seems that I made the right choice! AWESOME!!
  23. Yeah I wasn't ready for day 7 due to the curbs I hit on day 5 and 6, but I qualified. I Should find out what depot I'm going to tomorrow and start line training on by friday. Does anyone know anything about Gun Hill or West Farms depots?
  24. Thanks man! Its been a long process, I never went through anything like this for a job before, but hopefully the last process I have to go through. And yeah I did have to wait until day 9 to qualify, the instructor thought that an extra day of training would be good since I hit a curb on both day 5 and 6. You must always use those mirrors. But I'm freakin' excited. The hold thing from the time I got the notice in the mail to now has been so crazy that when the instructor said that he is going to qualify me It really took time for it to all sink in.
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