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  1. wait, you go to Hills?

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    2. error46146


      just curious how's everything going on in that hellhole lol i havent even been to 108th or anywhere in the area ever since I graduated

    3. error46146


      its been over one whole year, and come to think of it really still feels like yesterday, sleeping through 1st period LOL

    4. IntExp


      Haha, lucky you! I might have seen you somehow, since my sophomore year was loaded with senior classes. Wolin is gone! (But now everyone cuts the line at lunch), and some teachers at out cause they gave birth over the summer. The freshmen are more annoying then ever, the school is packed now, administration f'ed over everyone's programs, as always. Hills as usual, LOL! What program were you in, BTW? Brown, Sagan, Zoned, or Art?

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