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  1. Im pretty sure your hearts gonna drop to know that someone like me lives in Todt Hill
  2. AH Shut up .. full of sh*t ...Your personal observation bespeaks a different story. I can just imagine your personal conversations with people who share the same mindset as you.. but what can I say. Ignorance is BLISS
  3. NO in all honesty .. It would be better if you just refrain from posting, because it seems like everything is a complaint, some lousy idea , or a racist comment. If you have nothing positive to say don't say anything at all.. they didn't teach you that in great school? Why is it that you assume that the black folks can't live in Staten Island and if they happen to they must live close to the projects. Get over yourself .. racist prick.
  4. BA to drive a bus... the dumbest sh_t I've ever heard. What is the significance of holding a BA/BS and driving a bus. Driving is a skill that does not require any collegiate experience... Further more u always seem to find a problem with everything .. The training their given is how to operate the bus.. which imo is fine! If you know you going to be driving a route why not do some type of research before getting on the job. Im pretty sure there sufficient map and schedule pamphlets in the depot.
  5. so i know i wasnt bugging , just tp confirm the NG's have Xenox lights now? I was driving past Flatlands by the (B60) Last Stop and spotted that
  6. Just like Seaview Village was a swampy waste land now its line with nice houses.. its technically part of Canarsie and East New York
  7. fare machines up at clarkson & empire...
  8. I dont need you to correct me , im clearly not typing to impress your dumbass. Just remember GHETTOS starting with the Jews brother man.
  9. Your not funny .. But thank goodness your behind a PC , or rather an avatar. Even with the most gentrified parts of the B44 route there is still ppl fare beating. So GHETTO i think not. Your acting as if fare beating doesnt take place in friggin Staten Island sir ! Which isuppose to u isnt GHETTO Just stick to your express buses. Kids cant take those so u have naught to complain about.
  10. MTA better hire some fulltime fare inspectors for this b44 , cause the way things are now with these artics smh , when ppl realize u have to pay before boarding there just going to enter the bus without paying like they are doing now .. just worst when sbs starts.
  11. Woooooow , where did this Xcelsior come from. P.S. anyone has an idea when we will have an updated roster , just curious
  12. thank u , the (B42) is a headache right now with these 40' .. this is a great idea because any time of the day the (b42) is packed. in reality its a 40' bus to 8 train cars with each train can holding 150 ppl . about 65-70% of ppl get to that train via the (b42) in canarsie
  13. it was weird as hell to see 6348 coming from kp on saturday and 6169 going to kp lol .. then when 6348 was going back tp kp it broke down on rutland and rockaway lol
  14. 3909 looks nice ... but what's the point in wasting black paint just go back to the paint scheme used on the 05s originally since there no longer putting the NYCT in the black area.
  15. This is so true , their 05s sound better. Those buses sound poorly built when going over Gates Ave

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