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  1. Southwest will be adding 20plus flights to LGA beginning in June, jobs coming back !!!
  2. They do not need reasons, they have no clue how much it costs taxpayers to run empty buses all day long. As to the " conspiracy and corruption" nonsense, they should do some real reading about Mr. Suozzi and his deals with Greg Meeks.
  3. It means the MTA has become much more accurate in predicting incompetence
  4. "It's painfully evident that the operating company has virtually NO control over employees that are running amok and making a mockery of the company's missions and goals. The company shows generally POOR grasp of the needs of core customer ridership - constantly screwing around with routes and schedules, more misses than hits. One would think that if they're in above their heads, they should GET OUT OF THE RING! But I'm sure there's a lucrative enough reason why they're still sticking around despite all the pummeling from the public and the lack of "official help" from Nassau County. (I'm thinking "off the books"). We are talking about the MTA correct ??
  5. Much better looking front end than our Nova's, great catch.
  6. Bellone did a survey over five years ago when in Babylon, same questions, same results with a Pinelawn road option for BRT. None of this means spit till the MTA goes forward with the plans for a 110 Hub in the next 300 years, they are there, need to be acted upon and financed.
  7. Much needed for sure, hopefully the money will not get derailed (no pun) between Northern and Southern Cal !
  8. That's what my grandfather told me in 1957 about the Second Avenue subway we all know how that turned out !!
  9. I do understand that, Have not seen any in that configuration on any Orion other than the last few produced, and they went upstate. Trust me, I wish they would order them on the LFS, and LFSA's. Are there any other Orions with those "type" LED's in service now?
  10. OK, I'll ask the question, what is with the head lights on 4562 ?? did I miss something ? they look like the last batch Orion produced for the upstate town.
  11. Be sure to get a picture of the new Disney paint scheme, which replaces White with Silver, they look much better !!
  12. Also true, but if the MTA were semi smart, they would try the White LED Luminator's they use in Phoenix, great visibility
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