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  1. Newton Avenue only has 4 D4000s left: 7520, 7545, 7563 and 7564- all others have been retired. They also have 19126 Washington Twp and EHT: I believe 18093 went back to EHT, it is on the 559 today enroute to Lakewood.
  2. So Newton Avenue just got a fresh batch of MCID4500 CTs ( 26 to be exact) plus the 4 from last year and there are still about 8 old MCIs still in service. I don't get why on the weekends, there are NABIs assigned to the 409. It just makes no sense. It seems like now it only happens on Saturday and Sunday morning trips. Is this a training issue in which many of the weekend drivers maybe aren't trained on the new MCIs?
  3. THey actually have up to 19151, that was on the 317 yesterday.
  4. I think 19124 is at the Meadowlands garage, it is on the 320 tonight per MyBusnow.
  5. Up to 19144 is at Newton Avenue; Camden ( I think). 19144 on the 409 . In fact tonight, all of the 409 buses out tonight are all new coaches, the oldest bus that is running tonight is 18129(which is hardly old). No 75s in sight.
  6. Oh cool. Thanks, I am guessing maybe the GPS tracker on it isn't working then because it has not been visible on MyBus now for weeks.
  7. Newton Avenue is now up to 19138 doing a 409 run now. It is nice to see that all three South Jersey garages now with lots of new coaches. I can't wait to fly back to NJ and see them all encompassing Downtown Camden and Market St in Center City Philadelphia.
  8. It looks like Newton Ave (Camden) is getting their next batch of new buses, 19126 is on the 317 and 19128 is on the 418 Express. However does anyone know what happened to 18126 ? That has been MIA ( Off MyBus now) for almost 2 months.
  9. Please add 7512 to Newton Avenue Camden ( I thought it was retired after being MIA for about 4 months). It is back out was on the 317 this evening. Also add 7526 back to Washington Twp; last year when Washington Twp got their 18Ks, this was sent to Camden but then it was Swapped with 7523. Lastly Washington Twp sent two of their buses to Hamilton Twp ( Mercer County) 5347 and 5352 were seen on various Trenton area routes lately( not sure if these are loaners or permanent) It makes no sense because Washington Twp is still short buses, they're always borrowing from Newton Avenue and EHT.
  10. Oh wow!!!!This is some surprising news, I know someone on here mentioned that a lot of Camden Drivers don't like the new buses as they're used to driving 40 footers. Also found out that they weren't using them on the 409 too much due to issues with tight turns. The 4 new buses Camden has now ( 18126-18129) are not used too often. This week, only two have been spotted on MyBus Now (18126 and 18128) and they have both been used on the 317 only.
  11. UPDATES at the three South Jersey garages: 7520, 7523 and 7528 are all at Newton Avenue 7548, 7549, 7556, 7558 and 7611 are all retired from Newton Avenue 18093 is at Washington Twp ( loaned from EHT to assist with AC Rail shutdown) 6007 and 6008 are no longer at Newton Avenue ( transferred to Academy 22 Hillside)
  12. It looks like they're back on the road now. 18128 on the 317 heading to Asbury Park and 18129 is on the 409 enroute from Trenton as of tonight.
  13. What happened to the new ones from Camden ( 18126-18129)? They've been MIA for almost 2 weeks now. I also see 7526 was returned to Washington Twp, it was used on the 401, 406 and 551 recently.
  14. Washington Twp garage is out with the backward assignments again: This whole week during the evening rush; the 403 and 459 which are EXACT FARE lines have been receiving new 18000s while Two Full Service MCI lines 406 and 412 are using NABIs. This evening has been no exception: 403:18044 enroute to Camden 459: 18006 enroute to Voorhees 412:5346 headed towards Glassboro 406: 5357 towards Berlin. Ironically 5357 was on the 459 earlier in the day. I wonder why NJ Transit doesn't operate like a lot of the West Coast agencies. For instance, Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority has their drivers switch shifts at the end of the line. The drivers switch, the relieving driver takes over the bus while the finishing driver usually gets in an agency car or SUV and drives back to the garage. I think that will help with the bus shortage and maybe there wouldn't be so many odd bus assignments.

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