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  1. To add insult to injury it looks like 19145 was sent back up the Expressway to Camden also. Noticed it back on the 409 over the weekend. It looks like we are down to just 3 old buses left in SJ one for each garage. 7516 (TWP) 7442 (EHT) and 7645 ( Camden). Hopefully relief comes by the Spring/Summer season.
  2. It looks like 5201's replacement finally arrived at Turnersville ( Washington Twp). 5283 is currently on the 400 this afternoon.
  3. South Jersey still needs about 15 more new buses as well. Egg Harbor Twp is short about 6, Turnersville could probably use 8 more ( at least) Camden only needs 2 maybe even just 1. NABIs are being used on MCI routes again which in turn is also stretching the NABI supply thin.
  4. I grew up and lived in the Camden/South Jersey area up until 2012 but come home for the Holidays ( like now). This assessment is very true. I wonder why the 419 is still in service. Yes the RiverLine runs parallel to this route. The RiverLine is much faster and this bus route was scaled back a few years ago (as it used to go all the way to Burlington). I personally think it should be eliminated. It connects with the 452 ( within the Camden City Limits) which is much busier and runs a bit more frequent. The 419 runs earlier and later when the RiverLine stops running ( which is baffling) since ridership is low during that time anyhow. Why not add those hours to the 452 and cut this route completely? But I also think on the same foot the 409 should be scaled back to only Bordentown or Florence as well as opposed to Trenton. I think if that was done, on-time performance on the 409 would improve drastically. If you have to go to Trenton, your only option should be RIverline. I am also confused as to how the 413 was EXTENDED from Burlington to Florence when again, the RiverLine can connect you North of Burlington. The 413 is already a lengthy route and has become very busy since it stops at both the Cherry Hill and Moorestown Malls now. It is used often since it is like a mall express bus as it does not cut through all of East Camden like the 404, 405 and 407. I can imagine on time performance is lack luster again on the 413 now too. NJ Transit definitely should do a thorough assessment in Burlington County of those three routes.
  5. Wow I forgot about 8021 and 8271, yes there is a huge bus shortage then down here in SJ. Hopefully some of those 16000 demos or a few new 21000s make it to NJ and help out both Egg Harbor Twp and Turnersville. I know they just retired 7515, I saw 7516 on the 42 freeway this week while I was driving back from Deptford but I am sure its days are numbered as well.
  6. I have been back in NJ for almost a week now. I haven't seen 5283 or 5284 on any Washington Twp bus route. Newton Avenue ( Camden) has been loaning them an NABI almost everyday for the 400 and 403. Also curious why Camden bus 19145 is down the Shore @ Egg Harbor Twp. They usually have the abundance of MCIs. Camden and Turnersville have borrowed from them several times this year ( especially Turnersville). I know 18080 and 18105 were at Newton Avenue for a while ( presumably for maintenance) but I have noticed they're back down the Shore now and in service.
  7. 7526 is retired from Washington Twp...They are down to 3 oldies now 7512, 7515 and 7516. Noticed 19145 running in Atlantic County on Routes 553 and 559, this is a Camden bus, not sure yet if it is a loan or transfer. A couple of EHT buses were up the Expressway at the Camden garage recently (18080 and 18105).
  8. Noticed a couple of 16Ks tracking in Minnesota (16097-98) didn't know there were some missing buses. Any idea if they're making the trip Eastbound and to what garages??
  9. Send 5920-5923 down the Turnpike to Camden to fill in the gap. Newton Avenue already has 5907-5918 and 5924-35. Newton Avenue can then send 5368-5371 down the Pike to Turnersville ( Washington Twp) so they can stop using those new MCIs on the 400 and 403.
  10. South Jersey bus shortage/swap now effecting both Washington Twp and Newton Avenue: Unusual sight on Mybus now: 5326 on the 409- Usually Turnersville garage doesn't help Camden garage with NABIS especially on an MCI route. All week the 409 has had a Camden NABI in the evening (5900 or 6000) Not unusual but still ironic (this evening especially) 19138 on the 406- Ironic because 5326 could have just done that 406 run this evening. Turnersville ( Washington Twp) uses NABIs on their MCI routes often. The 406 and the 412 are usually the first victims for NABIs when there's no MCI available. I wonder when 18044 and 19137 will be completed with repairs. I guess they will continue to struggle until the new Electric buses come sometime next year.
  11. Yes it doesn't seem to be getting any better from what I've noticed plus adding 3 New buses are still down due to collisions 18018 and 18044 Turnersville and 19137 from Camden. I have noticed that the North Jersey Transplant 7645 is still around too, it was on the 414 and 317 last week in the evening. It will ease up a little bit at the end of the summer once the 316 stops for the season.
  12. I agree with you with the MCI lines becoming Exact Fare routes. The 400 and 403 are very busy lines and the NABIs don't have as many seats, it was nice to see them on there frequently before those lines became Exact Fare back in 2010. NJ Transit is the only agency I know that still utilizes Full Service Fare routes. With the way things are going with the virus, Exact Fare would be safer as cash handling could likely contribute to the spread of it. I also think NJ Transit should consider mobile and Cashless Fares. I live in the Bay Area now, all of our agencies use Cashless and mobile fares, I rarely notice people getting on the buses with cash. And three of our agencies use MCI D4500 buses, they have fareboxes on them in addition to FOBs to tag for cashless fares.
  13. I guess Newton Avenue ( Camden) is doing the same thing as Washington Twp; throwing any bus on any run.. While the new MCIs have been used for 400 and 403 trips ( at least once a day). Today I noticed Camden do the same thing. 19150 is on the 455 to Paulsboro now ( about to end the run for the night) 19127 was on the 405/407 this morning. Just strange to see MCIs on other Newton Avenue routes especially on the 455 which doesn't even serve the city of Camden. All of Camden's routes are Exact Fare except the 316, 317 and 409 The 400, 403, 459 and 463 are Exact Fare lines out of Turnersville. I think all of them except for the 463 has seen an MCI bus appear on a run in recent weeks. I wonder if this will continue once fares are being collected again.
  14. Trenton NABI 5522 is in Jersey CIty right now on the 81, that is an odd loan.
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